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Printcd for S. CROWDER, C WARE, and T. PAYAL


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“ Quem tulit ad scenam ventoso gloria curru,
“ Exanimat lentus spectator; sedulus inflat.
“ Sic leve, sic parvum eft, animum quod laudis avarum
“ Subruit, aut reficit.”-

Horat. Epist, I. Lib. 2.

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T is with a great deal of pleasure that I lay

hold this first occasion, which the accidents of my life have given me, of writing to your Lordship: for since, at the same time, I write to all the world, it will be a means of publishing (what I would have every body know) the respect and duty which I owe and pay to you. I have so much in. clination to be yours, that I need no other engagement: but the particular ties by which I am bound to your Lordship and family, have put it out of my power to make you any compliment; since all offers of myself will amount to no more than an honest acknowledgment, and only shew a willingness in me to-be grateful.

I am very near wishing that it were not so much my interest to be your Lordship's servant, that it might be more my merit; not that I would avoid being obliged to you, but I would have my own choice to run me into the debt; that I might have it to boast, I had distinguished a man, to whom I would be glad to be obliged, even without the

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