of a

would have been some apology for it; science of government, while they know that our democratic editors are right but after Lord Rawdon was driven from not its very first rudiments, and build that.. Spunky about their wrongs. Will it fut. almoit the whole of his posts in the coun. pretence upon a superficial sketch taken isfy the American people generally ? By fry, and the people had generally resumed from the common-place books of superior no means. They look to the government iheir arms in favour of America, it had malcontents of the abuses only to which in for a “ corretion of the procedure."more the appearance of the revenge common with every thing of human infi- | Why do the democrats complain, when disappointed savage, than of the political tution government must be liable. In the power of redressing the grievance lies severity of a conqueror.

short, the unprincipled demagogue, that in their own hands ? All parties condemn character which has laid France particu- the British commanders for impressing our larly, and all the finer parts of Europe in

citizens. Nobody attempts to justify thes ruin, perhaps irreparable ruins--which has conduct. Every true American regress Political. let loose the furies of Pandemonium upon

the evil, and depends on the government the civilized world, and spread far and for a remedy. Perhaps measures are al

wide a conflagration that ages will not ex. ready taken by our executive for an exFROM TIE CHARLESTON COURIER.

tinguilh-which is regarded now in every 1 planation. Perhaps foreign miniftershere

enlightened country of Europe, even been furnished ith instructions on the THE term jacobin, is fometimes taken where it was once inost favorably receiv. subject. At any rate, we hope and trud in a more general and extensive sense than ed, with ho, ror and deteftation, and which, that something will be done, by the faver. is meant. It is by no means applicable to hooted with one general shout of execra. ite mode of negociation, or otherwise ; lur the whole body of anti-federaliits; some of tion from the shores of the old world, scat. l surely, if our president cannot devile some whom in the best virtues that honour the ters itself over this free land, spreading the i plan for the security of our vessels and fail. human race'stand as high as any men ex peftilent contagion it is no longer able to ors, the sooner he lays them up in a dry. iting. It is however believed that it is as spread there-- Corrupted itself and cor dock, and betakes himself to the mountains, impallible for a ray of virtue to brighten rupting all about it." 'The Jacobin—this the better. We think the democrats vazhi the gloomy bfom or warm or soften the is the character aimed at, when reproba. to rely with full confidence, on his wil. cold flinty heart of a jacobin, properly so tion is urged with warmth. The anti dom and firmness. It is very unfortunae called, as a mountain of ice to emit heat, federalifts in the lump are not pointed at ; that any thing should have happened to or a fire to flame harmless an inoperative it is their crafty agitators who are objects disturb his " serenity ;” but bis philosoin a barrel olgun-powder. Although dif of censure.

phy will undoubtedly carry himn fately fering in political opinions with anti-fed

through all bis troubles. eralitts, we can respect what we think

Among the instances of impreilinent, their crrors, becaule we can readily con

mentioned in the papers, are ceive them to be sometimes founded in

David Getchell, an American seaman siacerity and good motives. We know

(but unfortanately without a protectior) that in that body there are degrees even of

iaken out of the floop Hiland, Hand, from arror, from the man who first starts off

Philadelphia, while standing out of Dela. from the whole mass of federalism down

Be it our weekly task,

ware Bay, and within one and an half to him who is deceived into the opinion To note the passing tidings of the times.

leagues of Cape Henlopen light-bouse. that pure democracy is the best govern

>>>>>>00<<<<ce meni, To the very last of those we de

Two men and two boys, (all furnished clare that our most inimical feeling is re Dudson, September 13, 1803. with procélions) taken out of the brig gret for their errors. Who are they, then,

Mark and Mory, Mooklar, of this port, , it will be asked, against whom are levelled

Martinico, We are informed that come the shafis of reprobation? We answer,

We observe several accounts of the im of these are foreigners ; but this may be a against their deceivers—against what we

prefinent of American feamen, by British mistike. Wé ihould like to be falissed as call the democratic agents. Ayaint that hips of war. Though none of them come to this fact. wicked, defignincharacter, which by very well substantiated, fill we have rea

Two men (whether foreigners or not, or indefatigable inuntry and activity under for to believe that many infances have

whether furnished with proicElions or nei, the guidance of low cunning, does more

happened ; and we sincerely liope the inen
in power, however inimical they may be to Jane, Jacobs, of Baltimore, on their home.

we do not learn) iaken out of the chooner mirchief in a day than wisdoin can repair in a week-which by the avowed coopera commerce, will nevertheless have lnfficient

ward bound paffage from S. Martins. tion and undiftinguished instrumentality of

humanity to inducethem to take immediate unabashed falshaod, puts truth and all her measures for the security of our leamen.

One man (without a protection) taken

out of the ship Marion, of New York, off army of virtues to rout, and tramples We have observed much nonsensical and

the Capes of Delaware. thein under foot--which pampers up the boyish çasconading on this subje&t, in the people with false notions into a bloated,

Four men, taken out of the brig Belodemocratic newspapers ; as it some great morbid plethora of self opinion, and enobject was to be gained by such tralh. na, Delano, of New. Bedlord, off Tere

riile, deavours to flatter every individual that he But, for our part, we cannot conceive is a king only in order to make him a llave what good purpose it is to answer. Will One man, taken out of the schooner which by ihe dexterous management of

it have any influence on the conduct of the Perseverance, Corle, of New York, of the influence over the public mind thus

British ? Certainly not. They have seen the Bitc of Legane. dishonestly obtained, is gradually inoul. too much hard fighting to be frightened by

We do not

learn whether these lat dering away the cement ofihe conflitution, paper shot ; and they have had too much

were Ame:cans, or whether they had tumbling down all the rarnparts which i:

to do with Frenchimen, to be palavered protections. has in its provident wisdom thrown up for by such trumpery. Will it afford the delence of the citizen's rights, and acjiet to the untortunate seamen who have

We are happy to have it in our power tually fcaring away justice iron is an erable confolation to them, to be informed been impressed ? No. It will be but a mil.

to contradićt ihe statement in the left Bee, pointed fanétuaries; which pretend to the erable consolation to them, to be informed concerning the breaking out of the yellow

any re

fever at Norwich, Connecticut.. The fol. ordered him to receive thirty lashes upon in the first house he could find, which was. lowing is copied from the Norwich Cen- | his bare back, and to be irc prisoned for the

his bare back, and to be imprisoned for the that of Mr. Ifrael Moore, where he lodge rinel of the 30th ult. space of fix months !

ed that night. On the following morn“ The public mind has been something

[Mercantile Advertiser.] ing a warrant was issued by Andrew Ree. agitated and alarmed from exaggerated and

der, E!q. for the apprehension of the pererroneous statements of the Yellow Fever Extra&t of a letter from an officer on board petrator, and by the activity of the people prevailing and being very mortal in this the United States frigate New York, to of the neighbourhood he was taken in ile city. From the editors havirg been led Dr. William Rogers, of Washington course of the day, and a number of ile to conclude, that such exaggerated reports


articles found upon him alledged to have would in some degree prove injurious to April 25th, 1803, off Sardinia—Early in been stolen ; he was of course committed the interests, of the citizens of this, and the morning the gunners mate had been re to Flemington goal to take his trial at the the adjacent towns; he has used the ut. turning the signal Lanthorns into the gun. next court of Cyer and Terminer. most of his endeavours to procure a true ner's store-room, as usual, and also the

[Trenton Federalift.] statement, from which it appears that the match which is kept burning during the first case was that of Capt. William Davi-night. He returned, and the gunner went

LONDON, JULY 21. fon, who took it at New York, fickened immediately down into the cock pit, and The preparations making on the coast of on his passage, and died in a few days after it seems took a light into the fore room to

France for the invasion of this country, are his arrival ; the next was Mr. Timothy see if every thing was properly secured, i extremely formidable; and the better to Filmore, who also look it at New York, when, from the snuff otthe candle or other conceal them, all the English at Calais, fickened and died in the same way ; Mrill wise, fire was communicated to a consider- Boulogne, &c. are ordered to England in John Story, also took it at the above men able quantity of powder, upwards of an hun. 48 hours, or to retire into the interior of tioned city, and died in a few days after dred weight. The explosion took place France, even though they should have relibeing landed from on board a packet.- || precisely at 8 o'clock, those in the cock pit | ded in those towns the most part of their There has been a few other cafes, and suffered beyond conception, though moft lives. fome deaths of the above malady, but it

of them have survived it. The gunner appears fully demonftrated, that there has " Morrill " died the following night and been few or no cases, which can literally I also a boy named Hamilton, Mr. Shults

An annual meeting of the BERKSHIRE be said to have originated in this city. At died in about thirty fix hours. Burrior, cap.

AND COLUMBIA MISSIONARY SOCIETY, present we believe the town to be uncom. tain's clerk died since our arrival here (Mal.

is to be holden at the South School. House, in Stockmonly healthy." ta) Dr. Weems is yet ill, though recover.

bridge, (Mass.) on Tuesday the 20th inst. at 11 ing last ; as likewise are Mr. Alexis mid

o'clock, A. M. A Sermon will be delivered by After the 15th day of February next, by | Ahipman, Kennedy, purser's steward, M'.

one of the Members. The Trustees of the Society a law of the United States, “No copper Gee, marine, Mr. Lewis, midshipman and

meet on the same day, at 9 o'clock, A. M. at the " coins or pieces whatloever; except cents Mr. Israel well. The explofion blew the

house of Deacon STEPHEN Nash, in Stockbridge. " and halt cents Thall pass current as mo. gun deck and quarter deck hatches up

Sept. 1, 1803. “ ney, or shall be paid or offered to be started the magazine, wardroom and cabin paid or received in payment for

bed-heads. Exertion alone laved us. The

any “ debt, demand, claim, matier or thing fire was extinguished in one hour.

be Bnot. .. whatsoever, and all copper coins, which shall be paid or offered to be paid or

HIGHWAY ROBBERY. " received in payment contrary to the

prohibition aforesaid, shall be forfeited, On Monday evening last a daring rob. and every person by whom any of them bery was commitied on the person of a have been lo paid or offered to be paid Durch .gentleman from Surrinam, in the

MARRIED, ** or received in paymeni, shall also forteil upper part of this township, by a person of * the sum of Ten Dollars, and the said the name of Zebulon Phares. The gen

On Thursday last, at Loonenburgh, Mr. JOHN * forfeiture or penalty, shall and may be tleman had lately come into the

FOLGER, to Miss MARIA VAN LOAN, both of that

country " recovered with costs of fuit for the ben. for the benefit of his health, and was

place. "efit of any person or persons by whum his wav to the State of New York, in the " information of the incurring thereot Mail Stage, where Phares came across {t ihall have been given. bim ; who, after introducing himself by

Tbc Bnell. familiar conversation, very kindly invited At the district court of the United States the gentleman to spend a day or two at his for the New York district, held yelerday at house, which he laid was near Trenton ; the state prison, William H. Burbridge to which the gentleman, after some heliwas indicted tor feloniously fealing a let- tation, conlented. On crossing the Delater which was committed to his care, as a ware they let the stage iogether, and walkclerk in the post office in this city ; ined five or six miles into the country, when which letter were three bank notes (one of comirg into a piece of woods in a by 590 dollars, one of 250, and one ol 50) the place, Phares caught the gentleman by the property of Mi. Joon D. Martin, of this ihroat and demanded his money, which he In the township of, on Sunday the ciiy, merchant ; and which notes he was compelled liim to give up, togeiler with a 5. inst. of a consumption, HENRY EREwertoy, charged with deftroying. To the indiet runber of trifling articles which he had £.q tri ni New.York, aged 55 years. He was a kind ment the prisoner plead guilly; and the about him, and a few pieces of wearing h., an ir ci'gent fa' her, ard a sincere friend. cour', is conlideration of his youth, (with li apparel. Wish there he immediately kis lic 13 lift a ujio w, with three small children, and

which perhaps could not have been the genileman and disappeared in the alorse cicle of cance and friends to lament his de.. from the causmity of the offence) || woods. The gentleman fouglie an allylwin 55."

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[blocks in formation]

O! who shall teach me to sustain

A more than manly part,
To go thro' life, nor suffer pain,

Nor joy to touch my heart?

Thou, blest indifference, be my guide,

I court thy gentle reign ;
When Passion turns my steps aside,

Still call me back again.

FILL a thimble full of the powder BONAPARTE seems to have carried you wish to try. Pour it upon a dry | his Quean round with him on his present white paper ; fire the little heap with a tour, as if to try the experiment whether a burning coal, lightly touching the powder. man or a woman could swallow the in If it be excellent, every grain will instant. | flattery. In this, as in every thing elic

, ly rise in smoke, only leaving on the paper || the Conful seems superior. a round spot, pearl colour. If bad it burns the paper. The mean effects between ONE of the French prints, after a long these two extremes will exactly show the and fulsome detail of the inili arv capolis quality. The powder burning paper but of the First Consul, says, “ It is wel litle, may be pronounced better than that known that he has taken the iroit impresa burning it a great deal ; and is it only inable fortreffes.” This reminds us oiite blacken is, of a superior quality to the quack doctor that could cure all incuradio firit.


Teach me to see, thro' Beaury's art,

How oft its trappings hide
A base, a lewd, a treacherous heart,

With thousand ills beside.

Nor lat nay gen'rous soul give way,

Too much to serve my friends ; Let reason still control their sway,

And shew where duty ends.

[blocks in formation]

If to my lot a wife should fall,

May Friendship be our love ; The passion that is transport all

Does seldom lasting prove :

If lasting, 'tis too great for peace,

The pleasure's so profuse ; The heart can never de at ease

Which hab too niuch to lose.

Calm let me estimate this life,

Which I must leave behind,
Nor let fond passions raise a strik,

To disconipose my mind.

• Mr. LAZARUS BEACH, of Danbury

To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and fifty ceres, in Conneticut, presented to the Museune, I payable in quarterly advances. in New York City, a quire of paper, made To Country Subscribers, who receive their paper of the asvejtos, at his paper-mill in Danbu. at the oflice Two Dollars, payable as above, ry, March, 1792, which the hottest fire To those who receive then by the mail, Twa would not consume.”

Dollars, exclusive of postage, payable in advance. Pily a quire or two of this kind of

pa A handsome title page, with an Index or Table per

had not been sent to Georgia, and 11 of Contents, will be given with the last number fed by the democratic legillature of that of each volunie. ftate, tor 1795, as a record-book.

Advertisements inserted in a conspicuous and handsome manner, in the Advertiser which accom

panies the Balance. HĘ that artificially raises his spirits by Complete files of the first volunie, which have drinking, will find theın link and flag in been reserved in good order for binding, are for sal proportion : and then they mud be raised Price of the rolume, bound, Two Dollars and :: again : and so on till he has no spiriis to ty cenis-unbound, Two Dollars. The whole ma raise.

be sent, stitched or in bundies, to any post office :
the state, for 52 cents postage ; or to any post-

fice in the union for 78 cents.
[The subjoined lines, from a late London paper, are
recommended to the perusa) of advertising poets. ]

THE venerable Clerk of a parish in
Somerset shire, who conceives i that the

SAMPSON, CHITTENDEN & CROSTILL, gods have inade bim poetical," always

Warren-Street, Hudson. addresses his Rector in rhyme. The fol

GENERAL 18 EXECUTED lowing is given, not as the brightest speci. WITH ELEGANCE AND ACOURACY

When Nature calls, may I steal by,

As rising from a feast ;
I've had my fill of life, and why

Shquld I disturb the rest ?



ALL you that come near, upon Tom drop a tear,
Trom whom 'twill appear, tingt the rich are poor



[blocks in formation]




Driginal Olays.

mense magnitude of the worth of the ob. ion, are also owned as private property. je&t for which it has been pledged. The-In the name of wonder, what need is

vast extent of Louisiana and the extreme there of more land, for the purpose of Hither the products of your closet-labors bring, Enrich our columns, and instruct mankind.

fertility of its foil have been expatiated || cultivation?
upon in language of rapture.--Such rep-

Suppole the fertility of the soil of Loui.
resentations might induce a belief in the

fiana equals or even furpasses the florid delpublic mind, that Louisiana, annexed to

criptions which have been given of itthe Union, would diffuse streams of wealth No. VI.--AND LAST.

that it is capable of producing“ sugar, cof. throughout the whole nation.—Nothing || tee, cocoa, pimento, molasses, canejuice, can be more erroneous than such an opin. ll spirit or rum, cotton, indigo, gums, fafion.

fron, rhubarb, and in general most of the It has, I conceive, been clearly shown, precious articles of produce, which the

in the course of these essays, that the Uni Welt-India Islands do or can yield"-what LOUISIANA OR THE FLORIDAS.

ted States already possess vastly too much avails all this to a nation that has neither

territory for their present interest ; that money to spare for the purchase of flaves, OT to prejudge the treaty, that

the annexation and speedy settlement of por labourers for the cultivation of the is foon coming before the Senate of the Louisiana would tend to impoverish and || newly acquired foil. • The cultivation United States--not to impeach the mo

weaken our nation, by dispersing its pop of Louisiana, Mr. Livingston observes, tives and views of the executive, or the ulation and dispating its capitals; and (and his remarks are indisputably accu. conduct of the diplomatic agents-not to would be extremely injurious, particular rate, respeĉting that part of it which can excite alarm and irritation in the public ly to the Eastern and Middle States, draw be expected to yield the alorementioned mind, has the writer undertaken these er. ing from them a copsiderable portion of articles of produce,) is to be carried on, fays : his objects are to point out the in their money and of their enterprizing and as in all warm climates, by slaves."-" OA jurious effects, especially in a young and || industrious inhabitants, who are greatly

industrious inhabitants, who are greatly their arrival at Louisiana, (he further says) thinly-settled country, of draining away

needed at home.--Hence it plainly fol. che slaves will be employed in the barren from it vast sums of cash; and also to lows, that arguments drawn from the con.

occupations of telling the large forests with check the currency of misrepresentations lideration of the vast extent and supposed which this immense country is covered, a and efface erroneous impressions, by prov. || fertility of Louisiana, are totally inappli. labour but little fuited to llaves, for it re. ing that an acquisition of Western territo cable : because, on the supposition that quires being long accustomed to the axe ; ry, more or less, can be conducive to the Louisiana were as extensive even as all and force and activity are seldom found in interests of the United States, no farther Europe, the possession of it for the mere flaves. They must be clothed, fed and ehan as it should tend to secure the free and purpose of forming settlements, could be maintained, during whole years, before auninterrupted navigation of the Western no valuable object to a nation that has not ny profit can be derived from them."waters. Boundless applause has been

attained to the twentieth part of a full pop • Who then (exclaims Mr. Livingston) bestowed on the wisdom of the executive, l ulation, within its domestic territory. By | will cultivate Louisiana with Naves ? Who manifested in the recent instance of the the government of the United States and is the citizen willing to bestow large cappurchase of Louisiana. The cheapness | by the individual States, there are now itals upon so precarious a property with of the purchase has been coticed with owned waste lands more than enough, it is the prolpeet of a distant return ?"Be seeming wonder and astonishment. Fif. believed, to cover all the domestic terri. it added, will the citizens of the United teen million dollars have been considered

tory of France ; immense tracts of uncul States ,enter afresh into this horrible spe. as a tribing Cum, compared with the im tivated lands, within the limits of the Un cies of speculation ? Is it not enough that

تنهنجفتمندانه دانه بود. موت نغماتمتننق

already there are from five to fix hundred ftime to become acquainted with all its ex.

Scieård. thousand African flaves in this country? cellences. I was really apprehensive that

My God! all thousands and hundreds my trçatment towards Madam Damocracy of thousands more of our tellow.creatures had been too much like that of an over.

FROX TAE CHARLESTON COURILA. be robbed of their liberty—be snatched | jealous lover, who abandons his mistress from the bofoms of their friends, and from after a few visits, because he imagines THE Nate of Switzerland muft fillev. all the nameless codearments of country he discovers fomething wrong in the hape fery heart not entirely bereft of feeling, and ot home, and be forced to the house ot of her mouth, the colour of her eyes, or manhood, integrity, and grace, with in bondage, there to consume their miserable the tone of her voice. I, once more, be. | dignation and abhorrence for the monlter existence--that Ie, forsooth, may be fur. gan to miltruit that the federalists were as who has trampled on its independence, and nished, at nearer markets, with “ most of corrupt as my preceptor had represented with griet and sympathy for its sufferings. the precious articles of produce, which thein; but ilien, again, I had a hard to form a clear conception of the extent the Weft-India islands do or can yield !'' struggle to believe ihat Washington had of the villainy perpetrated by the one, or -Will republicans, who glory in their been plotting against the liberties of his of the depth of the misery enduring by facred regard to the rights of human na country, Thus I stood wavering—with one the other, it is necessary to think of Switture, purchase an immense wilderness for toot reñing on the folid rock of fe deralism z=rland as it was before the French revothe purpose of cultivating it with the la. -the other flumping to the ankle in ite lution. If there was ever a spot on the bour of Naves ! - The idea is too horrible quagmire of democracy. On one hand face of creation where man was blessed to be indulged.

tood honest old federalism, beckoning me with unmingled happinels, tranquility and [TO BE CONCLUDED NEXT WELK ]

to his side-on the other, the capering content, that (pot was Switzerland. The genius of democracy, squinting, leering, country and its inhabitants were the admi. winking, and inviting me to her arms. |ration of Europe, the constant theme of

But, to drop metaphor- I sometimes halt poets. Thither men of talte repaired from THE PLOUGHMAN.

repented that I had wriuen a single lylla- the finest parts of that quaater of the globe

ble for your paper ; Aod, now and then, to talle beauties of a superior kind. Free. FOR THE BALANCE. under the influence of a shocking fit of the

dom and plenty gladdened every cottage; hypo, I have pictured to myielf the hor. and secure on ihe one hand in religion and

rid situation to which our country would rigid moral virtue from the contamination Messrs. EDITORS,

have been reduced, it the federalifts had of the wicked world about them, and on

remained in power. I beheld John Ad. the other in their mountains and impreg, AST year I addressed several let ams on a throne. I saw noblemen spring nable fortresses from the assaults of an enters to you

for publication, in which I ll up in every village as thick as mushrooms. emy, they stood as it selected from the na. pointed out, in my plain home-spun way, I heard the dreadful sound of martial mu tions of Europe by Providence to fe:d as the various a&ts by which designing politi. || fic, and saw the sayonets of mercenaries monuments of purity, happiness, and incians deceive and mislead those upright pass by my windows. I saw a "gog" put || cependence, whichi scarcely knew alloy, and well-meaning men, whose means of in the mouth of free.enquiry-the press in and which promiled to have no end.intormation are necessarily limited. il chains, and our printers in dungeons; and But the plagues and pesilence of hell gave you to understand, that I was, in the I imagined that I had already mortgaged with the serpent's-tongue seduction of the time of the revolution, a zealous Whig- my house an.i farm to the collector for ehe | Rights of Man, crept in upon them and that I had formerly held the character of payment of my taxes. Alter being fuffi- || betrayed them to the destroyer, George Washington in the highest eltima- ciently tortured by such a fit, the scene The natural beauties of Switzerland have tion; and that I generally approved ot would change, and I could plainly per.

would change, and I could plainly per. || always been the admiration of Europe, but the measures of his administration : Bui ceive that all incie disma! fantasies had been

never did the face of that or any other that, notwithstanding this, I had been in raised by the talkoods and misrepresenta country present a more delightful pic. duced, by an artful demagogue, who hadtions of my preceptor, who, being ex ture to the physical, than its government undertaken to act as my preceptor, to re

alied to office, ihe reward of his dishon. and laws did to the moral eye. Interests, nounce my former principles, and give my eft exertions, now laughed at my folly, feets, and opinions, religious and political

, vote to the democratic fide. I also in. and mocked at my credulity.-Under all in all other places held to be at irreconcil. formed you of the advancement of my pre- these circumstances, I resolved to lay a able variance with each other, here coal. ceptor to office. I lurther mentioned my

fide the pen--and to search after truth. esced for mutual advantage. Of the thirfublequent doubts concerning the charg

Since that lime, I have coonstantly receiv teen cantons seven were aristocratic-fix es he had made again it the federal admin.

ed newspapers on both sides of the question, | democratic ; yet without dislike, jar, or istrations ; and, finally, my conviction of

and have been a watchful, filent and al. suspicion, they remained for centuries ti. their fallity. Atter writing a few letters, I tentive fpeétator of passing scenes. Al nited in ftri&t alliance. The same wise and in which I briefly set forth the wide dif length I am convinced. I return with de beneficent spirit of toleration extended to ference beiween democratic profesion and light to the paths of federalism, fully religious matters. Some of the cantons practice, I began, once more, to have my

confident that every inch that I have devi. were Roman Catholic, fone Protestant, doubes. My preceptor, it is true, did not

ated therefrom, has been a departure from fume Calvinit. And in some of them, visit me as often as he had formerly done. the great line, marked out by Washing-thofe were mixed and erjoyed equal rights For this there were two reasonsfirf, He ton, and faithfully followed by every true and privileges. All this harmony and had obtained his office, which was his | Whig.

happinels however is fled-The rights of main obje&t, and therefore had but little

In fome future letters, I propose to man, with the “ Caur who throws his more use for ine-Secondly. My fufpi- A ate briefly, fome particular acts of the word into the scale

" 10 back them, has cions induced me to treat himn with unu.

demociais, which have served to confirm | frightened virtue and felicity from that desual coolness and reserve.

me in my present mode of thinking. lightful country for ever. Hection, I began to fear that I had not

A PLOUGHMAN, In the above short transcript of the poreld to the democratic faith, a sufüzient

At his Defk.

litical concerns of Switzerland, the people

on re.

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