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and wondered how it could be supposed

ofity to see the conclusion, by which means 11 figns to each other, but none had courage
the reader is drawn on through a tiresome to break up. At length Madam put her
length of foolish adventures, from which | fingers on her eyes, which the Ladies liga
neither knowledge nor proñt can accrue, derstanding as the approach of Morpheus,
to the common catalrophe of a wedding. I got up, and with many curtfies retired in
The most I have met with of these writings, Glence.
to say no worse, it is little better than the

One Lady had appeared in an elegant
loss of time to peruse. But fome of them | Indian muslín, which was admired by ev.
have more pernicious consequences. By ery body. Bonaparie entering, observed

, drawing charaéters that never exist in lile, with a sneer, that it was a very good mora

by representing persons and things in a ing dress. On Court day aii muft appear From Deane's NEW ENGLAND FARMER.

false and extravagant light, and by a series l in sumptuous silks, fatins, embroidery, of improbable causes bringing on impossi

. I jewels, '&c. Gentlemen wear the bag, CID ERK [ N.

ble events, they are apt to give a ro.nantic chapeau de bras, and sword,
turn to the mind, which is ofien produc-

A Gentleman received notice that be cive of great errors in judgment, and of fa

must hold hiinself in readiness to departon HEN the cider-cheele tal mittakes in conduct. Of this I have

a secret million : but being for several rez. has been prefied till it will run no longer, seen frequent instances, and therefore ad.

sons very averse to such an office, he remove the pomace into the trough, at vise you scarcely ever to meddle with any wilhed, but knew not how, to decline it. evening, and throw a sufficient quantity of them.

A Lady who was daily at Court, under. of hot water upon it ; let it lie all nighi, • The chance is perhaps a thousand to

took to prevail on Madam Bonaparte to and in the morning, make a new cheele one against the probability of the smallest

deliver a letter to her husband on the sub. of it, and press out the liquor. If the pom

degree of advantage from reading such Lie&t. The Gentleman wrote his letter of ace were ground over again, the Ciderkin books, as well as that very few are to be lject. The Gentleman wrote his letter of

Thanks and of refusal, in the most submil. would be the stronger. found, from which much injury may not five terins.

This letter his friend gave to But the best way of managing Cider be received."

the Consul's Lady, as agreed, begging kin is, to take it directly from the press,

her to deliver it when the could find her give it a heating, or a gentle boiling, and take off the scum. This greatly prevents

husband in good humour. But having

mentioned this ftep to a General in the fermentation, and prepares it for long


immediate confidence of

of Bonaparte ; keeping. - In the hottest part of the toi

“What have you done, Madam?" said he, lowing summer, it will be one of the pleal

You know not what an imperious Mas. anteft liquors, that can be procured from


ter we bave got to deal with. If your any country : and it might make a very

friend retuses any one post that is offered good export to the Welt-Indies; there


him, he is undone forever.

Take my being no danger of the bursting of the

advice; lose no time 1o see Maram Bona. boitles, as there is when Cider has a strong.

FOR the following anecdotes we are in- l parte, and beg her to return you the let. er body."

debted to a Gentleman, lately from Paris, ter, if not too late." The Lady accor. and who had good opportunities of ascer- dingly did wait on Madam, who received taining their truth. Our readers may re


very gracioudy. “ I know what you ly on their authenticity.

want," laid she ; Here is your letter 2, seonitorial Department. The Consul is in general way cold and gain. I could have delivered it, but I reserved : he is so much dreaded, that his

know the General 100 well; and I was appearance throws a gloom over the circles fure, that on second thoughts, you would To aid the cause of virtue and religion.

ai St. Cloud. The Ladies fit, and all the approve of my conduct."
Gentlemen fand. When card parties are

One of the fi: ft noblemen in France, who

torneci, ii is nos allowed to play for mon. had faved a very large fortune, not withey. This is a fingular piece of affectaijon, i itanding his great lofies in the Revolution, when we conlider that gambling is allow-returned to Paris from England on being to

ed all over the Republic, and that a duty rased from the list of Emigrants. He was From the advice of a Lady of distinguished rank, of 40 per cent, on gambling tables is ap- i living in file, dreading no evil, when ail a sense and accomplishments, to her daughters, on

propriated to the lupport of the Consul's once he received orders to retire 40 leagues the reading of Novels and Romances.

Lady. One evening's conversazione may from Paris, and to signifiy to the Grand serve for a fample. The company was Judge the place he chose for his relidence,

just entering on that easy chit-chat fo nat He immediately waited on the Grand F Novels and Romances ural to the French, and were forming into | Judge, and expressed his astonishment at an very

few are worth the trouble of read Title groups for the purpose, when I order which he had not the least idea how ing: forne of them, perhaps, do contain a the Conful appeared. Hun--was every he had deserved. The grand Jurige finale few good morals ; but they are not worth brea:it: every party dispersed.—The cer- l ly told him, it was becaule he was sul petto the finding, when fo much rubbish is in emonial was over.. Madam Bonaparte ed of having a penfion from England. termixed. Their moral parts, indeed, are did every thing the could to keep up con The Nobleman politively denied the charge, like small diamonds anong mountains of versation, but all in vain. A diy Yes or dirt and trash, which, after


have lound No was all the could obtain. Then the that a man of his appearance needed to them, are too inconsiderable to answer the Coniul took one of his Generals apart and loop for the pittance of a monthly guinea pains of coming at; yet, ridiculous as thele conferred long on politics. The company to any one. fi&itious tales generally arc, they are fofat mute till eleven, when the ladies being give his word of honour to that effect, de arttully managed as to excile an idle curi- completely tired with the fceue, madele readily asiented : and even gave a wri:cen



Being asked if he world

ly inft.

declaration, asserting upon his honour, that I ing short of crippling it for ever can save | sun is very detrimental to it) till convenhe never received any pension from Eng. the world from its fury. The contest is ient to send it to a tanner. This practice land, or any where else. With this decla .

begun; the combatants are now grappled; will render sheep.skins of four times the ration, the Grand Judge ventured to wait and the civilized world is just in the state value they now are, and save thousands on Bonaparte, and to remonstrate. But in which the author of Gii Bias describes of pounds to the country in a liņort time, his Consular Majesty flying into a passion, the Lady fitting in the coach while her difmifsed him with this reply, " When I delenders and the gang of robbers are en.

VALUABLE MACHINE. give orders, I expe&t to be obeyed.” gaged in the confli&t on which her life, her Quand je donne des orders je veaux qu'on | liberty, and her properiy depend. But it obesse-And obeyed he was, for the poor | may be hoped that ihe issue now, will be IN Bethlehem, a Moravian settlement, ex-noble was obliged to move.


very reverse of the issue of that baitle ; in the State of Pennsylvania, there is at One day on a hunting party, Bonaparte, and, that the Captain ROLANDO of this the lower part of the town a machine, of offended at some trifling circumstance, | day, and his band, will be driven back to simple construction, which raises the wa. ftruck with his whip at one of the guards their cave, and fall into the hands of Juf. ter, trom a spring, into a reservior, to the de chassee, who, by the bye, are generally lice. If not, then ail is over, liberty is height of one hundred feet ; whence it is the same that were employed in the days of extinguished for ever, the world will conducted by pipes into the several streets Royalty--the challeur very properly re groan under one tyrant, and

of the town. sented the insult, saying in a cone of re Ruthless Rapine, with destroying scythe proach : “ Jamaislé ci de vant ne m'a Will sweep the works of glory from their base

COTTON MILLS IN ENGLAND. iraite comme cela," and clapping fpurs to Till Desolation o'er the grass-grown street his horse, contemptuously rode past the Expands her raven wings. And up the walls Consul. It is added, that the lacier cool Where Senates now the gen’ral welfare plan

IN a ftatement published in the year ing foon after, rode up to the man and a Will hiss the gliding snake through hoary weeds 1788, it is declared that there were then pologized. For the laiter part I cannot That clasp the mould'ring columy.

one hundred and forty-three cotton-mills vouch.

in operation in Great Britain ; nearly two The Conful is so gloomy and diftrufful,

thirds of which had been erelied within that every one of his household dreads and FROM I HE ULSTER GAZETTE.

the lat five years : that besides these, there hates him; while at Malmaison aone of the

were above twenty thousand five hundred guards or servanis could pass or repass

hand-mills, for spinning the shute for the

Extract from a piece spoken by Gilbert within the house, without tickets ; and

twilled yarn, spun by the water-mills : Livingston, Poughkeepsie, on the 4th Ju. : Madam Bonaparte, who is good natured

that from the year 1781, to the year 1787, and obliging, was applied to tor those cards.

including the spinning of cotton and sheep's But often the lentine's disputed her author " The appeal was made from the earth. wool, had increaled as a quantity more ity. She is treated moft defpotically, and ly tribunal of force, to the supreme court

than four double : that, in the last mennever interferes in politics, but the domel.

of heaven, (there to be determined by tioned year (1787) twenty two million and tics would go through fire and water for that judge who setteth up one kingdom or

fix thousand pounds were spun ; which her.

nation and pulleth down another. There l yielded, to the labourers and owners of the our cause was tried, and there, we believe

mills and factories, the immense profit of and truft, was the final decision given,

five million two hundred and seventy thou. FROM THE CHARLESTON COURIER..

that the assailants be nonsuited with a sand pounds Sterling.

heavy bill of costs to pay ! ! !" SPEAKING of the Despotism, by a

We must caution young lawyers, bow. great misnomer called Government, which

ever, not to infer inat a “nonsuit" is a fin. fucceeded the revolution of France, al“ termination" of a cause. The fact is

Literary Intelligence. there was no nonsuit in the case at all. A BURKE gives the following animated, sub. limely horrible description : " From out

verdiet was given for the defendeni --- Ard FROM THE BOSTON CEVTINEL. " of the tomb of the murdered monarchy

the Constitution is the best record of the " of France, has arisen a vost, tremenjudgment.

NATURAL HISTORY LECTURES. *5 dous, unformed spectre, in a far more *5 terriffic guise than any which ever yet


SEVERAL gentlemen being disposed " had overpowered the imagination, and * fubdued the fortitude of man. Going

1 to encourage the Science of NATURAL ** ftrait forward to its end, unappalled by

HISTORY, especially Boiany and MineBEST METHOD TO PRESERVE SHEEP SKINS. peril, unchecked by remorse, defpiling

Talogy, have deen devising means how best

to carry laid defign irto effect. A Botanic « all common maxims and all common TANNED Sheep-Skins are in great Garden at Cambridge bas been trequenily

means, that hideous phantom overpow. demand, for a variety of uses ; out for talked of. The idea originated with Mr. * ered those who could not believe it was want of proper attention in taking off the Waterhouse who mentioned the pian in a

poflible fhe could at all exill, excepe on wool, the skin is many times so far injur. | letter to Sir Joieph Banks, President of the " the principles which habit had persuad-ed, as scarcely to be worth dreifing. The Royal Society of England, to Dr. Letilom, " them were necessary to their own par- i tollowing method will be found beneficial : and to the celebraced Botanitt, Mr. Curcis, * ticular modes of action." That phant- | -As soon as the skin is taken off the in the year seventeen hundred and eigh. om, or, to use the words of Milt: N, Sheep's back, spread it on a horse or cow; ty seven, Sir Joseph Banks was urgent " that execrable shape," grim and terrible and in fix or eight bours, the wool will that it should commence, and offered Dr. as it was then, has since *

grown lenfold
come off better than in any


way. Waterhouse aid in the buliness. This more dreadlul and deform," and " advan After the wool is off spread the skin on a

would doubtless have been obtained, had *ced its miscreated from so far" that both. pole, and let it bang in che shade, fas the

pole, and let it bang in the shade, fas the not Dr. Lettsom turned Dr. W's alten.

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tions from the Botanic into the channel of ll quoted. “ If you begin with a little, be

If you begin with a little, be- liever, remanded to prison for a civil debt Mineralogy. The worthry Dr. conceived, 1 gin, and it will multiply. The greatest ob. I due to the Bank of upwards of £ 100,000. that in a new Country, like America, the ijedt was once in embryo."

[Evening Poll.] national order of things was to commence The course of Lectures will occupy the with Minerals, and when this branch of month of September.

Extract of a letter from Gibraltar, dat. Natural history was establithed, then the

ed the 18th June, 1803. Boston, July 25, 1803. Botany would follow in its natural order.

Captain Escamiche (a native of this Writing on this fubject to Dr. Waterhouse

place in the Portuguese service) went off he says: " At a future period of wealth

Algiers a few days ago in a 74, manned in " and luxury you may form hot houses for

Lilbon with about 300 volunteers and his “ tropical plants, but my advice is to com.

four fons, to endeavor to retake the 44 gua mence your career with Minerals. · I

frigate, captured last summer; clole to tard " should be glad to hear that you have col

port he feli in with a 44 gun frigate, a brig " lected only a few flints to commence fo Be it our weekly task,

and a zebec, when it fell calm, which give " important a depariment of National Hif To note the passing tidings of the times. an opportunity for boats coming to their af. " tory and Medicine. li yeu begin with a


listance from Algiers, and towing them in. litule, begin, and it will multiply. The

to port. The zebec he capiured, took sro " greateit object was once in embryo. I Hudson, September 6, 1803.

and odd men out, and then sunk the veile. * would advise a tew gentlemen among

He chased the others so close in as lo ex. youto nic in a fociety to promote a Nat

change shot wish the Mole batteries.--He si ural fory. If auch a fociety were It appears trom a publication in the forned, I would subícribe ten guineas a Aurora, that there are no less than fifteen

is now here on his way to Lisbon.”

“ On board the zebec, captured by year to it, and more if you with it. You applicants for the office of Sheriff of the

capt. E camicbe, there were 12 Neapoli. want, I lear, energy. Your reasures city and county of Philadelphia. This

ans, who they were carrying to slavery." hid in the earth are invaluable. Your beats York-state ! “ vegetable kinglon as ample and interest

Another, dated Gibralter, Fuly 2, " ting. Let me know that you have bold.

The Treasurer of the United States, in ly entered the recesses of curiosity, compliance with the law which required

" The last mails bring accounts of the " wealth and pleasure, and draw on me his lae proclamation relative to the Cop

French fg being hoiled at Leghorn, Ge. o for my quota. per Cuins of this country, has stated, -thai

noa, and most of the Italian ports ; alio, more than fifty thousand dollars, in cents This advice was accompanied with a box

that Hanover, Hamburgh, Cuvhaven, and of Minerals to begin with, which have been and hi'f cents have been paid into the treaf

most of the Netherlands, have fallen into encreased ance in number and value, to

Believing that it would be satisface

the hands of the French, who threaten the that the C.shinet of Minerals at Cambricige i tory to our readers to bave a ilatement of King of Spain with iminediate war uiles is thought by judges to be worth a thoufand the number which have been coined we he opens ail his gates and lets them march pounds fterling. Thus the incroduction of have been induced to ascertain their a.

into Portugal !! Mineralogy fufpended for a time the ardor mount, and have now the plealure of sta

FRENCH BILLS. of the original purposes of a Botanic Gar ting, that upwards of fifteen millions of den. Dr. W's printed circular letter on Cents (equal to one hundred and fifty the subject of Mines Minerals togeth. I thouland dollars) have been issued from the Extract of a letter from a Merchant in er with his lectures, have diffused as great a

Mint of the United States, and are now in London, to another in Salem, daled portion of knowledge on that fubje&t circulation.

July 4, 1803. through the State as the time and the cir

[Poulson's Philad. Pap.]

I am sorry to inform you,


your cumstances would allow of.

Bills on the French Government are no? The important introduction of VACIN.

The expedition against England it is accepted, and probably will not be paid ATION engrossed, as the public well ftared is to be commanded by Bonaparte, when due. In conlequence of its being know, Dr. W's attention full tour years. Moreau, and Bournonville. It is to con discovered that many bills had been drawn He has had the great happiness of seeing the list of 500,000 men in 5 divisions, of at St. Domingo (particula:ly to the order perfect triumph of that business and is now which it is calculated 200,000 will be de. of A. Lindo for which they say nothing at liesure to atend to the no less favorite ftroyed in the attempt, and the remaining || has been furnished, the payment of them employ, Natural History. It has there.

300,000 will be a torce sufficient to con has been suspended. My friends at Paris, fore been thought advisable, by the friends


the ifland. However wild and im. to whom I sent your Bills to procure payof this important branch of human learning, praćticable this may appear to fome, it meni, informs me that the French gov. that Dr. Waterhouse give a compendious: scems Great-Britain is not without her ernment requires almost endless formalicouise of lectures on that subject, in Bor fears, for on the 12th July the Lord May. ties for the Bills drawn at St Domingo. ton, that the public may be better able to or of London brought in a Bill for railing The bearers of them must produce au judge of what has already been done at an additional military force for the city. authentic copy of the contract for the goods Cambridge, and what is further intended Robert Aftiet, late assistant to the prin. or supplies furnihed, for which the Bills to be done. Dr. W. has acceded to the cipal Cathier of the Bank of England, had were given, and a certificate of its execu" proposal, and has offered to give the prof his trial on the 8th for embezzling proper.

tion to annex them to the Bills. They its arising from such a course to the pur

ty belonging to the Bank to the amount of advile ebose in whole tavour the Bills are pose of purchasing Books on Natural Hifto. É 200,000, fterling, and was acquitted drawn, to lend with the contract and cer ry as the first step towards founding a Li. without examining the witnesses, on the tificate a power of attorney in blapk. You brary for the use of Audents at Cambridge, ground that the Exchequer Bills alleged may have the contract (le marche) but un, on that useful department of Science. to have been stolen had not been forroaliy der existing circumkances you will not, I Toe Dr. is encouraged to attempt the saík | Ogned the authorities conditurit in the act by the sentiments of that good man already by which they were iffu.d. He was, how.

fear, readily obtain a certiếcate of its exc. cution."

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PHILADELPHIA, AUG. 26. caught the store of Mr. Dunlap, which ai. their failing, and for sequeilrating all those Yesterday morning about 4 o'clock, the though considered fire proot, was, with

whole papers are not conformable to reg. inhabitants of Philadelphia were alarmed by its contents, entirely, with the other hou.

ulations, &c. les, reduced to ashes--Mr. Duplap's loss the cry of fire. It proceeded from a building occupied by Mr. Phineas Daniel, as a

is to a very great amount. The hospital,

Mr. Stanfield's and Mr. Lefebvre's houses lead shot manufactory, situate in Water be

Cb2 knot. tween Market and Chesnut-streets. The were on fire several times, but by the very

wonderful exertions of every denomina. citizens allembled on this occasion, have a

tion of persons, they were saved-she loss ftrong evidence of the utility and usefulness to various individuals must have been

MARRIED, of the hydrants and hose. For although

At Canaan, on Sunday evening the 28th ult. by the situation of the building prevented the very considerable. It was by exertion oneffe&ual approach of many of the engines, led from the merciless element. As varily, that the whole Lower Town was sav. the Rev. Mr. Bogue, Mr BENJAMIN HALL to Miss

LUCRETIA WARNER. the fire was extinguished before 4 o'clock:

ous repous had been circulated, and with after having consuined the building in

fome semblance of truth, that these recent which it originated, and injuring the roots

fires had not been accidental, detachments of two adjoining houses. The wind which

of the militia have since patrolled the had blown from the north east for the pre- ftreets, but no certain discovery has yet

The knelt. vious 24 hours, changed previoully io a

been made. light air from the south west, and to this we

Since the above was prepared for press, inay, in some measure, attribute the prefervation of the adjacent property.


we lament that we bave occasion to intorın have not been able to obtain a furista@ory afternoon, another fire broke out opposite

our readers, that about 3 o'clock yesterday account of the cause of the fire. Widley.

to the Recollei barracks, in an out house, er may be the loss of property, it can be accounted nought when compared to the per lling houses were consumed ; several other

which, with several others and two dwel. fonal injury received on this occafion-At I dwelling and outhouses were pulled down the time the fire was nearly extinguished, by and effettually prevented the extenfive the fall of a chimney, three persons were

In this city, after a lingering illness, Mr. Grisftricken dead on the ground on which they | fituation of the place where the fre was conflagration, which from the peculiar

WOLD, of the firm of Doud & Grisweld, Merchants. ftood, and fix or seven leverely wounded. first discovered, and its vicinity to the

Ai New York, on the 29th ult. JOHN STACG, powder magazine, gave every reason to

jun. Esg. Sheriff of that city and county.

At the Lazaretto, New.York, Dr. LEDYARD,

Health-officer of that part. WE are forry again to announce to our

LONDON, JULY 11. At Loonenburgh, on Saturday last, Mr. Vilreaders the devaftation made during the last In the event of invasion, the King, it is LERS, recently from New-York. week in this city by that devouring ele. ftated, will take the field in person, and will ment, fire; on Monday morning last a lit. be aflisted in the conduct of the war by a te afier one o'clock, the house of Mr. | Military council.

Military council. His majesty certainly To Readers & Correspondents. Langley the hatter, was perceived to be on will, in the course of the autumn, review fire, and notwithstanding very great ex the various camps near London. prtions were made to prevent the confla

We decline publishing “CATO," because ve gration's spreading, that house, with his

JULY 12.

think that the object on which he has very liberally neighbour's, Dr. Selby, were entirely The Bruffels Paper contains some im bestowed the lash, is unworthy of so much notice. consumed--The former being absent from portant intelligence from Hanover and the

We consider it as a part of our duty to expose the home, the greatest part of his effects were Elbe. It seems that the French seem de. falshoods of the Bee, and the baseness of its edi. burni-The following day at 6 o'clock, termined to cross that River, which the icr ; but in doing this, we choose to employ as A. M. a fire broke out of Mr. Lagan's ita Hanoverians seen as determined in oppofe. small a share of our paper as possible. We know bls, supposed to have been caused from The ofensible obje&t for the advance of the Holt's treatment of " Cato” was base and disfome sparks that might have lodged there French army across the Elbe, is to cisarın

ingenuous. We are sensible that it “ deserves the from the fire the preceding day ; it being the Hanoverian Army, in fulfilment of the

contempt and detestation" of the public. And we fortunately in the day time, and alliflance treaty of Sublingen; but we presume also find, as far as our observation exiends, that the ready, the building being pulled down and they must have more important objects in people are not blind to its merits. They icok upon every combustable removed by the un.

view, as they meditate the crossing at three the Bee as a poor prostituted thing, wholly destir common exertions of every individual, | different places. The next accounts from ture of cander, honor cr honesty-- a paper under the the fire was extinguished without extending that quarter will be interesting.

absclute controul of a junto of designing men, to any farther, although much damage was A letter from Amsterdam, of the 4th whom truth is more terrible than the roaring of a occasioned, by the sudden removal of cf. inft. says, “ We are informed that the lion, and to whom free investigation is rank poison. tects, &c. &c. Agitated as the public | French Goveroment has demanded in the

They must be fully aware that no reliance can be mind naturally was, the alarm of fire again | most precise manner, that similar measures

placed on such a paper ; and that, for correct inthe succeedingday did not serve to appease to those adopied in France should be taken

formation, they ought to seek elsewhere. it-On Wednesday morning about ten in this Republic to prevent every kind of o'clock another fire was discovered in a communication, direct, or indirect, with house occupied by Mr. Hagar, which England. It is expected that the exporta.

A communication from Chasham, containing an communicated to the honse of Mr. Breck tion of every kind of provision will be

account of a tremendous hail-sto:m, reccived some enridge, and although the house adjoining | leverely prohibited ; orders are already

weeks since, has been nislaid and corsequently rega was pulled down, the flames very soon il given for the examination of vessels al

lected. It is now ico old to be in eies ar


The Wireath.



METHINKS the world seems oddly made,

And every thing amuss,
A dull complaining Atheist said,
As stretch'd he lay beneath the shade,

And instanced in this :

“ Behold,” quoth he, “ that mighty thing,

“ Pumpkin large and round, “ Is held but by a little string, “ Which upwards cannot make its spring,

6. Nor bear it from the ground.

" While on this oak an acorn small,

“ So disproportion d grows, 4: That whosoe'er surveys this all, * This universal casual ball,

" Its ill contrivance know3.


“ My better judgment would have hung

“ The pumpkins on the tree ; « And left the acorn slig iy sirung, " 'Mong things that on the surface sprung,

" And weak and feeble be."

And take times as they go ;

No man that ever wore a shoe

AT the Aurora office, a very curious
Will say if he be fair and true,

transparency of the head of Duane, the It never pinch'd bis toe.

skull entirely of paper, borne on a pole. eza

In the distant perspective a shadow of a

breakfast, with Sir John Shore. [Ibid.] Diveráty LACONISM


" AMONG the anti-federal writers

there are few who do not afford instruc. LETTER

tion of one kind, if their readers could Of the Hon. Charles Thomson, Esq. Sec

but find it : And perhaps there could not

be a more appropriate illustration of that retary of Congress, to Gen. Clinton.

kind, than the comparison of the rattle.

snake, which inftructs the hearer that it PHILAD. SEPT. 28, 1778. muft either be kept off or crushed, under SIR,

penalty of death. YOUR letter of the nineteenth was

[Charleston Courier.] laid before Congress, and I am directed to inform you that the Congress of the

JACOBINS will always be on the United States of America make no

an worst side of every question--and we be. swer to insolent letters.

lieve, if Milton's great poem were to-mor. I am, with due respect,

row to be realized, and there was a conSir,

flict between Angels and Devils, the jac. Your obedient humble servant, obins every where would fall into the CHARLES THOMSON, Sec'ye

ranks of the latter, from theer love of evil.”

[Ibid.] His Excellency Gen. Sir Har.

&c. &c. New-York.

“ WHY is this general affe&tion to Bonaparte, that worst of tyrants, but be.

cause he is a succeistul ufurper, a mean A DELEGATE in congress offered to

adventurer, listed from the dirt by a tem. stake his reputation to a farthing, on the

peft which has deranged and loosened a propriety of a certain queition which him


[Ibid.] felt bad proposed. A gentleman in oppo{ition, pronounced it the most equal bet he ever heard of.


To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and fifty cents,

payable in quarterly advances. AWAG thus jocosely delcribes the ficti To Country Subscribers, who receive their paper tious ardour of romantic passion, as it is

at the ofüce Two Dollars, payable as above. foolishly displayed in most of the senselers To those who receive them by the mail, Two novels which maidens delight to read. He Dollars, exclusive of postage, payable in advance. now felt his heart inflamed with the most A handsome title-page, with an Index or Table unextinguishable passion, that ever filled of Contento, will be given with the last umber the amorous lays of a puppy poet. The of each volume. following day be cominenced his attack Advertisements inserted in a conspicuous and with two madrigals, ap acrostic, fix ítanzas, handsome manner, in the Advertiser which accon a poetical epiftle, twelve epigrams, and a panies the Balance. sonnet, the fore-runners ot a folemn decla. Complete Gles of the first volume, which bave ration of his love.

been reserved in good order for binding, are for sale [Port Folio.]

--Price of the volume, bound, Two Dollars and fí. ty cents-unbound, Two Dollars. Tke whole may

be sent, stitched or in bundles, to any post-office in O'KEEFE, in his facetious farce, “ The the state, for 52 cents postage ; or to any post-os. Doldrum,” makes Sir Marmaduke endeav. fice in the union for 78 cents. our to persuade old Septimus that, during his Septennial flumber, several new ga. zettes have started up, the tantastic titles of which are enumerated with great volubilli

ty. Among others is the * This, That, SAMPSON, CHITTENDEN & CROSWELL,
and Tother," which would serve admira.

Warren-Street, Hudson.
bly as an appropriate title for many of our
impartial papers,



No more the caviller could say,

No farther fauits descry;
For upwards gazing as he lay,
An acorn loosened from its spray,

Fell down upon his eye.

The wounded part with tears ran o'er,

As punish'd for the sin :
Fool! had that bough a pumpkin bore,
Thy whimsies would have work'd no more,

Nor skull have kept them in.




THOUGH idlers riot, eat and drink,
And on soft downy pillows sink,

They are not free from woe :
For every man must have his share

trouble, and must know best where The sbne does pinch bis toe.


When rainy, wise men boots will wear,
But shoes j ut on when all is fair,


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