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rence, Cornelius Van Allen, jun. Stephen President of the said United States) a

declare, that a fellow who would purloin even a Race, Peter Mefick, Daniel Warner, horry headed incendiary, and for most single cent in such a way, would rob on the highDavid W. Patterson, John Foot, Andrew grossly flandering the Private Characters way or steal sheep, should opportunity offer. Yes, Abrams, Joachim Muter, Afael Lee, of Men who he (meaning the said Thomas

the unprincipled wretch who would draw money Spara Andrews, John Wager, Martir. H Jefferson) well knew to be virtuous," 10

from one man's pocket, would, with equal readiAdrit, John Beeba, Josiah Rullel, good the great fcandal and infamy of the faid

ness, draw a watch from the fob of another. But and lawful men of the County atoresaid, Thomas Jefferson, Esquire, President, of perhaps this “ young democrar" thinks it a lauda. then and there sworn, an eharged to en. the faid United States, in contempt of the

ble thing to steal money to " support government." quire for the People of the State of New People of the State of New York, in op

Yes, yes-chis is patriotism--this is democracy York, and for the body of the County a. en violation of the laws of the said State, this is genuine economy ! Rob the federalists to foresaid, it is presented that Harry Cros to the evil example of all others, in like “ support government !” Serve 'em right !-Exwell, late of the city of Hudlon, in the cale offending, and against the Peace of cellent plan ! Well worthy the attention of a NewCounty of Columbia, aforesaid, Printer, the People of the State of New York, Jersey democrat. being a malicious and feditious man, and and their


But, to be serious. Is it possible that a "young of a depraved mind and wicked and dia.

E. FOOT, District Attorney.

democrat” could be so hardened in villainy, as to bolical disposition, and also deceitfully, A True Copy,

sit calmly down, and commit a crime, which, in wickedly and maliciously devising, con

K. HOGEBOOM, point of principle, falls nothing short of burglary. triving and intending Thomas Jefferson,

Or is this pretended “ young democrat" some old

Clerk of the County of Columbia. Esquire, President of the United States

experienced knave, whose back is already marked of America, to detract from, scandalize,

with stripes, the reward of former crimes. Or, was traduce and vilify, and to represent him

the deed committed in some moment of intoxication the said Thomas Jefferson, as unworthy

or delirium. Let the " young democrat” answer. of the confidence, respect and attachment

Balance Closet.

And, if he thinks he is paid the principal and interof the People of the said United States,

est of his s billing let him repent, and sin no more. and to alienare and withdraw from the said To answer, at once, the enquiries of our friends, Thomas Jefferson, Esquire, Prefdent as and to correct the false statements of our enemies, MR. JEFFERSON'S CONSISTENCY. aforesaid, the obedience, fidelity and alle

it may be proper to mention, that the suits giance of the citizens of the state of brought against the editors of the Balance, by Mr. Jefferson is a consistent man-and so is our New York, and also of the said United | Foot and Spencer, are mere civil actions, on the Attorney-General and so are all those democrats States, and wickedly and seditiously to trial of which the trutb cannot be shut out. who wish to give the federal printers the lock.jaw. dilurb the Peace and tranquility as well On account of these suits we feel no appre

No libel thus far, for there is no truth. We will of the People of the Siate of New-York, il hension. Let us give tbe truth in evidence and we not say that Mr. Jefferson and his partizans are inas of the United States; and also to bring shall never be heard to complain.

consistent, but we will prove them so-libel or no the said Thomas Jefferson, Esquire, (as

libel. much as in him the said Harry Croswell

On the 4th day of May, 1801, the following ser.

DEMOCRATIC TRICK ; lay) into great hatred, contempt aud dif

timents fell from the pen of the “ greastest man grace, not only with the People of the OR A NEW SPECIES OF IHEFT.

in America." State of New York, and the said People Last Wednesday, the following letter, directed to

“ I am sensible with you of the diftor. of the United States of America, but aiso “ H. Croswell, Junior Editor of the Balance," was " tions and perversions of truth and jur. with the Citizens and Subjects of o: her received through the post-office in this city from “ tice, practised in the public papers, and Nations; and for that purpose, the fa:d Newark, N. J. charged with one shilling postage. “ how difficult to decypher characters Harry Croswell did, on the ninth day of We publish it to exhibit a true picture of a New. through that medium.

BUT THESE September, in the year of our Lord, one Jersey democrat.

ABUSES OF THE PRESS ARE PERthousand eight hundred and two, with

New Ark Aug; 5th 1803

“ HAPS INSEPARABLE from its FREEDOM; force and arms, at the said city of Hud

" and it's FREEDOM MUST BE PROTECfon, in the said county of Columbia,

So,- the hand of Justice has at length arrested you in your slanderous career, and

TED, or liberty, civil and religious, wickedly, maliciously and feditiously print

be relinquished. It is a part of our du. and Publish, and cause and procure to be caught you to know that Guilt tho' otten

" ty, therefore, to submit to the lasce:a. printed and published, a certain scandal vus, screened is not forever exempt from

pun. malicious and sedicious libel, in a certain ishment-Hah! you intamous wretch do

• tions of its slanders, as less injurious to paper or publication entitled “The Wasp,' you now begin to realize your ship.

our country than the trammels which wrecked" ftate" the shipwrecked mari.

suppress them. containing therein, among other things, certain scandalous, malicious, inflammatory rofage--It does me good to draw money ner”-do you take ?—Please to pay the


In the year 1803, H. Croswell had his trial for and seditious matters, of and concerning the said Thomas Jefferson, Esquire, then

from your pocket to support government libelling the said Thomas Jeferson, by a publicaI wish it was all you're wor:h, for you

tion, the truth of which he offered to prove, but and yet being President of the United merit nothing

was not permitted.Now put this and that 10States of America, that is to say, in one

A YOUNG DEMOCRAT gether, and learn to adrire the consistency of depart thereof, according to the tenor and

and an enemy to dirty rascally

mocrats. effe&t following, that is to say, “ Jefferson (the said Thomas Jefferson, Elquire,

and villainous llancierers. meaning,) paid Callender (meaning ove

Tender my reípects to the parfon.

That ridiculous fib-maker, who amused himself, a

few weeks since, in manufacturing “ three fals. James Thompson Callender) for calling This " young democrat" has been a conspicuous | hoods” for the Bee, concerning our affairs, will Washington (meaning George Washing writer in the Newark Centinel of Freedom, and, 23 still iusist upon it, that he knows more about the ton, E[quire, deceased, late Presilient of

suci, bis exposed himself to our ridicule. He has Balance-office, than the proprietors themselves. It the said United States) a Traitor, a Rob.

Se gli revenge by robbing us of a shilling, in a is a little laughable to hear him complain that we ber, and a Perjurer, for calling Adonis

Boswner which shows that he has strong claims to a declare his assertion false, merely because--it was (meaning John Adams, Esquire, laeftirta in the staic priaza. For we hesitate not to

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not true.


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wood ashes, when native gypsum could worth, the carpenter. What adds to the mingo re-acted in this couniry ? --Bu: is

meadows: I send you a sample of the always regarded such instances of charity earth and of the alhes, I recommend to the as being highly commendable ; and the fociety to have some experiments made on obligation is surely no less, for its being this interesting subject.”

at all times a duty.

monitorial Department.

eg iscellany.
To aid the cause of virtue and religion.

Froni a Memoir of the Honourable Robert R.

"GO, AND DO LIKEWISE." LIVINGSTON, Esq. American Ambassador in

France, to Dr. Mirchell, for the Agricultural
Society in New York, dared Paris, October 10,


N realling the Balance of the 1902. Messrs. EDITORS,

ooth utmo, I noticed a compounication,

nimadverting on the sentiments exprefied N an excursion I lately made

in an anniversary ode, sung at Lee, Mass. HE following in itance of char.

on the 4:n of July last, and which ap. into Flanders," writes Mr. Livingston, “Il table industry deserves to be recordedobserved at fome distance from the road, perhaps it is without a parallel in this coun.

peared in the Balance of the 19th.several large beds of earth, that appeared to iry.

Speaking of England, the writer says, iry. Norice was taken of it in the Mid. me to emit smoke and flame, while two dlebury Mercury of May 18th, which

Slavery there in triumph reigns, men were tending it. I flopped the post- || paper is still by me.

• Millions slumber o'er their chains."

But a more particchaise and went to examine it. I found ular relation of the circumstances having Your correspondent appears to be offend. that it was Pyrites. sufficiently impregna- | been given me on the spot, I have not ed that the word llavery thould be applied ted with sulphur to burn when dry. This merely transcribed the note alluded to, but to the English nation, and altho' he acwas laid on beds and set on fire. They have rather enlarged ; and pledge myself knowledges there is much corruption and endeavored to extinguish the fire when the for its correiknels.

abuse in the Englith government, yet de. alhes were of a red colour. If it burned

clares there'are no vaftals or flaves : that longer, it became black and the quality was

FIRE.-On Saturday, the zoth of A

as soon as a llave seis foot in England, he ! not fu good. This earth so burned, was pril, a fire was kindled in a field at Hines

is free ; buc in this land of boalled free, easily reduced to a powder by a wooden burgh, Vermont, for the purpose of del

dom there are more than 600.000 faves inallet, and in this state was carried on the

fone brush, &c. but the weather troying

bought and fold annually. Without enbacks of Alles forty or fixy miles as a being dry, and windy, it was driven witb

out its intended limirs, and proceeded with manure, and was used particularly for grals such rapidity as to bafile every effort of

quiring into the correctness of his llac

ment, as to the number of slaves bought at the rate of about six bushe's the acre. the inhabitants to arrest its progress. In

and fold here, I would serely observe The seed grain was also covered with it, as its career it destroyed a new barn belong

that the slavery alluded to in such ftrung with gypsum in our country. This cir.

terms by your correspondent, was estaba cumftance induces a belief that the fulphur ing to Mr. S:ephen Hollister, together lished in this country long tricre we in acid is, both in this and in the gypsun with a quantity of wheat, a new Neigh and

claimed our rights of self-government, a! the fertilizing principle, and may suggest and out linee hundred rods of fence. ban is, some valuable farming utensils,

a nation. It was so firmly establishe, inany other ways of applying that cheap

chat, in the most ardent moments of material to the purpole of

On the Wednesday following a number is very presumable that in this very slow of Mr. Hollister's neighbours, provided I patriotism, the founders of our constitu

tion, judged it not prudent to abolith it at combustion, the fulpheric acid is absorbed the nelves with food and drinks for the

once ; but were careful to previde in tł.at hy the alhes, or other earth, while the in- ' day, and will proper implements

, repair.

very instrument for its gradual abortion. flámmable matter is diflipaici; and that the || felled, leweed, and trarned, timber for a ed to the adjoining wond lands, when they

Several of the flares have already abolished union of the alkali and the acid forms a falt not unlike in iis chemical relations, to barn 30 by 40 feel the timber was drawn

it, and there is every realon to believe that

the rest will, with all practicable (reed, to the spot as fast as prepared, and toward gypsum, or perhaps one that is inore folu

follow their example. Of the dangerous ble, more impregnated with the acid. Per evening the hands collected, and railed the

efeats of liberating so many slaves at chce, haps diluted vitrolic acid directly applied, laken from the itump that day, and ali barn.---The timber having to a slick been

we have had inany recent example: would be found equally uletul, or render

What ! would your correspondent will under the direction of Nir. Abe! Leaven. ed more valuable by being combined with

, .

to see the fanguinary scenes cut St. Domerit of such conduct is, iħe consideration not be conveniently had. If I rightly becollect, Du Hamel mentions that sulphur-hole bulineis was contrived without his of Nir. Hollifler's necefiity, and that the

there no llavery in England ? or if there

is, is the same cure prepared for it? ic acid Icattered over weeds with a view to destroy them, made them grow with addi. knowle.lge, and executed without any ex

Palling over bribery, corruption, 09.

preslive taxes, &c. what will your cor. tional vigor. From the place where they

respondent say of the law (at there is one were turning the earth, I proceeded to the Ilad it been some great man's great authorizing the impress of leamen, * which ore bed, which I examined, and found the barn, and the work undertaken for a great exposes the subject to be torn from his carth very similar to what I have seen on fupper, and much rum, the whole would family, and to be put under the dominion my own estate in Clermont, and which may have worn quite a different appearance. i and discipline of a boatswain, during the indeed be found in many of our black | I have been the more particular, as I have King's pleasure? Oh, he is paid for it.

pence to him.


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Aye, true; but does he enter the service and began to read the piece signed Euse.

Resuscitation. voluntarily; or is his compensation an e BIUS, describing a grand morning show, quivalent for the loss of his freedom ? which was to be exhibited on the 23d. JuAnd his freedom gone, how far is he from ly, in the morning, and at Hudlon. I RELIET AFFORDED TO PERSONS INJURED being a fave ?-With what propriety, I had but jult removed from table, and lit BY LIGHTNING--BY COLD WATER. would ask, can that be called a free coun.. 11.y pipe, when she began to enquire if I try which tolerates so flagrant an act of i had any business which would make it ne. oppression ?

cellary for me to be in Hudson about that It is not my business to enquire, Messrs. time, and exprefled unusual folicitude for By giving the following a place in your paper, you Editors, whether the author of those lines my gratification. It was not hard to per will perhaps a:d the cause of Humanity. so“ incorrect in point of sentiinent," ceive her dritt, and I resolved to humour HAVING beard by common report wishes to see a Cromwell or a Bonaparte it. So according to her wish, and to use that the house of Mr. Martin, of Augufta, on the throne of George third; I see noth. her own words, we agreed to put the best was fruck with lightning on the night of ing, however, in them to convi&t him of foot foremoit, and go to Hudson. She e.

the 25th of June laft; and that he and his such a wish from the fulfilment of wbich, ven helped, on the 2ed, to trim, with her wife were much injured by the rock ; every good man must revolt with horror.scillars, our best horses ; and in our best

and that by some means or other were reThe picture is given with a strong col. i apparel and high fpirits, we took our lieved, but could not learn how: I sent to oring ; it is not, however, altogether un land on the high grounds adjacent to your chem, requesting them to write to me a juit. MARCELLUS.

city, in good season: And as we expected | ftatement of facts, which attended that soon to be surrounded with swarms of

event with as much precision as poffible. gaily dressed citizens, we endeavoured to

In due time I received a letter from Mr. lake a stand as conspicuous as possible, Gilbert, who is father-in-law to Mr. MarThough press-warrants have in times of war,

expecting ourselves 10 " cut something of tin, in which he wrote as follows : been frequently issued ard executed in England, a figure. I say we, for I was now as they are viewed there as illegal and directly oppo enthusiastic as herself. The concert of

"SIR, site to the spirit of the British constitution : and it music had already commenced, and the

“ On the night of the 25th of June, is believed that if a man, in de ferice of his own charming tints of the Eastern Horizon an the house of Mr. Wo. Martin was itruck liberty, should kill one or more of a press-gang that nounced the approaching fublimity : 1 with lightning, at the northridge. It should attempt to carry him off, there is no Eng.

have never been indifferent to the sublime hivered the stud which stood dire&tly unlish law which could condemn him.

heauties of this scene, nor was I now. der the ridge ; rent the boards off the gable Press-warrants are not signed by a civil magis. My wife, I observed, eved the road to end ; entered the room where Mr. M. trate, but by an officer of the admiralty. In the the city, and seemed eagerly to enquire and his wife were alleep, and dashed a year 1770, the Lord Mayor of London was re.. for the crowd : at length an herd of cows

looking glass to pieces, which bung at the quested to back a press-warrant by his signature : appeared, teeding towards us, and her foot of the bed. The lightning passed ! the mayor refused, and presented to their Lord

animation returned. But by the time her

But by the time her | from where the looking-glass - hung in a ships a. bold and spirited remonstrance.

clothes were properly adjutled, the light direction to the axis. Mrs. M. was affe. 1 year a press-gang entered the house of one Lewis,

was sufficient to undeceive her, and the ted across her brains, and particularly her a plate-glass grinder in London ; and, on his refus.

discovered that your cits all wore horns ! right arm : the other, however, was af. ing to go with them, they dragged him into the Yes, and ate grais.

fitted, but in a less degree. Mr. M. was Street, and otherways abused hin. Lewis afier.

Without undertaking to keep her in affected in his head and shoulders : they ward apprehending one of the gang, was by letter spirits, I continued my reverie with but

both were asleep. A child which lay on from the admiralty-board, offered reparation ; wlich he refused, and carried the matter before a civil

the back side of the bed, it is suppoled, little interrupuon, until the redness of the court : how it finally terminated the writer of this sky plainly declared that the sun was a

was awaked by the thunder, and being article has not the means of knowing.

bout to rise, and no company appeared greatly frightened, cried out. This awa.
wite.! Sie began now to at-

ked Mrs. M. and the found herself in a
my poor
Edit. Bal.
tack me for my Itupidity." Here,

situation in which the was unable to move however, we continued till the waggons

her limbs ; but after two or three exertions, began to roll and rattle, and the fun blaz

the rolled herself off the bed and then FOR THE BALANCE. ed in full Splendour over the far diftant

discovered the curlian over her head to be hills --- when, ladly chagrined, we began to

on fire. Before the got off the bed, she piesare. EDITO2s, enquire which way we should go ; and at

discovered that her husband was speechless this instant she recollected to have seen

and senseless. When she had got off the I such matter as the following is announced in the Balance, the death o:

bed to the iloor, and the child also, she admillible into your paper, please to give fome considerable personage in your city,

fome considerable perlonage in your city, I crawled to the foreside of the bed. Here, it a corner. My friends ridicule the idea

on the floor, the waier stood a small of my writing this for publication : the deaih, mé advised to go into Hudlon. depth, being driven in at the door: upon · story truly is unworthy ; but while they Perhaps we might be present at a city Fu- putting her right hand, which was mok

are ridiculing us, I have discovered that neral.' Accordingly we rode in, and wait affected, into the water, she felt immedifome of my neighbours have been lately ed till a very late hour for breakfast ; but

ale relief. Her arm and hand remained caught in follies equally striking.

to our extreme mortification, we found weak ; but the insensibility or numbness When I returned late from the field on that the “ LIBERTY OF THE Press," had

was immediately taken away. By some 1 the evening of the 20th ult. my wife, with actually been buried for several days. Il extraordinary effort the now dragged her usual good nature, enquired the cause of shall say nothing of our journey home.

husband off the bed to the floor ; but how my long tarry ; and immediately we fet ward, or of our conversation on the way

the did this, she cannot relate—and wondedown to supper. By the time I had

--but you may hear perhaps something vill erful indeed is it, for she had not strength drank my second cup, I discovered the the effect our ride has had upon my wife

to stand on her feet. She had called her Balance lying in her lap. I had noi time in another number.

two little sons who slept in the chamber, to ask any questions, betore she took it up

TATTLER. and reputting her hand into water, as men

The same

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many of

tioned above, ordered the oldest to fetch a the application of water to the body of an Maligpant Fever have occurred, fixteen bucket of water,


pour it on the father, animal which is ftruck with lightning, of which have terminated in death, eight which he did ; this he repeated until Mr. may be the means of restoring life. Iron in recovery, and that nine remain Nu M. began to move-he raised himself on may be of service, as that is a conductor, doubtless. In this account is included his hands and knees. The little boy then but it cannot be used to advantageously, the captain of a New-London Packet, who came in with the fifth bucket of water, becand it cannot come into lo intimate a died alter his departure from this port, and which his mother ordered him to pour on contact at once with the whole body. If

the papers angounce two other cases of his father's head. This he did, and then Mrs. M. had not so much prefence of the same delcription, which must be added Mr. M. got up and food on his feet; and, mind as to recollect the benefit she had ex. to the list. with wildness in his countenance, cried perienced by putting her hand in water That of the above number, thirteen out, “ what are you doing?” Mrs. M. and directed the application of it to her were taken ill on board of vessols lying informed him they were struck with light. || husband, he would have died, and now in or near the Coffee-house flip ; seven. ning, and fhowed how the bed.clothes been in eternity.

teen resided or were occupied in its vi. were burnt; be then became composed The circumstances attending the affair, cinity, and with one exception between He remained, however, in great pain in as related in the letter, are,

that and the Old slip ; and of the three his head, neck and shoulders, which con. them, curious and novel. The writer has others, one resided in Garden-street, and tinued for several days but by degrees made these observations and remarks with two were labourers in a sugar-boule, went off.

diffidence, conscious that he is not an where the blood employed in that busiIt appears that the lightning, after going || adept in philosophical inquisitions. Faets ness is at this season very liable to putrein the direction mentioned above, took a are now laid before the public eye, and faction. contrary direction ; being attracted, as it is if they should be the means of opening a And that since active measures have supposed, by a carpenter's iron square, new theory, and issue in aiding the cause of been taken to cleanse the part of the city which being over a chest with drawers, humanity ; it will highly gratily a friend in which it originated, only three cases of ftanding on the side of the room'opposite to science and mankind.

bilious fever have occurred. to the bed, it fell from the square on the

ELIPHALET STEELE. These facts seem to indicate the cause chest, split the end board of the chest, and Paris, State of N. York) Sept. '99.

of the distemper, and to point out the steps gouged out a piece near the bottom. In

immediately necessary to eradicate it, or a drawer of the chest were some pewter

prevent its progress. An extreme atten. fpoons, on each of which a drop was

tion to cleanliness, and a cordial co-ope. melted, as if touched with a hot iron. In

ration with the gentlemen who have unthe same manner were marked, two or

dertaken the office of inspection, in the three plates, which stood on a shelf by the

discovery and removal of nuisances, and ohest.

a very plentiful use of lime wherever die “ These, Sir, are the particulars of that

Be it our weekly task,

filih cannot be removed, are measures affe&ting scene, as nearly as I can recolleet

To note the passing tidings of the times.

which the Mayor earnestly recommends to them, but incorrealy written. They

his fellow citizens, as the means best 2. are submitted to your perusal, and io


dapted to the end proposed. make use of them as you think proper. Dudson, August 16, 1803. If extreme activity at this moment, in Yours in affe Etion,

the execution of these measures, ihaud, ISAIAH GILBERT."

with the blessing of Almighty God, restore


that degree of public health which has

partially been interrupted, and allay that aConsiderable alarm is excited in New

larm which must, when the faets are Answers, importing very different ideas, || York, by the appearance of the YEL known, be considered as disproportioned have been given to this question, what is LOW FEVER. In those cases which to the cause, it must be a source of the she cause of death, when a person is firuck with lightning? In a view of fa&ts, have happened, it has proved unusually highest gratification to those gentlemen in

the different wards who have so cheer. as stated in the above jetter, the following || malignant and fatal. Great numbers of tully given their services to the public in folution of the question is, herhaps, just people are leaving the city.

the disagreeable employment of enforcing and philofophical. “ So great a quantity

them, and ought to fimulate them to perof the subtle eletric fluid is communica.


feverance and exertion. sed to, and remains in the body, in conse

6tb May, 1803. The citizens may be assured that a true quence of the stroke by the lightning, that

The Mayor having, pursuant to the au state of facts will be given to them from the functions of life are thereby superced. I thority vested in him by law, and by the time to time by the Health Committee cd. And in this way the person is affec. advice of the Health Committee, request

and the Commissioners of the Health Of. fed." It this be truly the case, it is rea. ed the Physicians to report to him the Sice, who meet every evening at the AlmsTonable to suppose, il proper means were number of cases of infectious or malig. Houle. And they are cautioned not to fpeedily applied, by which the electric

nant fever under their care since the 2d | give easy credit to alarming reports profluid could be extracted from the body be

July last, together with the probable cause pagated by fear, &c. the spirit of exagge. fore the vessels through the system were of the disease in each case, presents to his ration. completely colloppid, and all their vital

fellow citizens the following result : a&ivity wholly destroyed, there inight be

That out of 30 Physicians who have re

From a Philadelphia Paper, of the 6th inst. in this case, a suscitation as well as in ihe

ported to him, 18 have met with no case The resolution for preventing inter: case of drowning, when a person is appa. of the above description in their practice course between N. York and this city, of. rently dead.

- from the other reports it appears,

fered on Thursday to the board of health, Faêts, as they are stated in Mr. Gil. That from the 20th of July to the 5th was yesterday taken into confideration and bert's letter go far towards proving, that of August, includve, 33 cases of Bilious adopted. A communication on this fube

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ject, it is believed, will be made in the || from weakening, will strengthen Mr. Ad ance

of continental war. The comform of handbills, for the intormation of dington's administration. In that fluctuat merce of the United Staics nuft flourilla our citizens, and published this day. The ing date of politics and parties which has it the wisdom of our government keeps us intercourse by water has been suspended prevailed for some time, men hovered in out of the scrape. The Dutch have emfor some days; the resolution adopted doubt and uncertainty between Mr. Pitt | bargoed tour English packets here, at the yesterday, extends to the reftri&ion of in and Mr. Addington. They law Mr. Pitt instance of the French, and impriloned the tercourlé by land. In consequence, par- || support the peace with all the powers of his agents of the packets." fengers in the stages, &c. will have to per eloquence, and they heard of a negociation

JUNE 8. form a quarantine of 15 days, previous to for bringing him again into power. That Intelligence was received yelterday admillion into the city or Liberties. The itate of uncertainty is now paft. Mr. Pitt from Hamburgh, that the French had taken place of quarantine, we are informed, is in opposition; and though at first he may il possession of Bremen, and were marching will be in some central situation between not be directly, decisively and actively a io Cuxhaven and Embden--at Bremen this city and Brisol.

gainst administration, yet it canrot be ex. they have put barriers, with the word neu.

pected that he will long remain passive and trality marked upon them, but the French The British frigate Andromaché, (says quiescent. C'est le premier pas qui coute paid little respect to it.” a Baltimore paper) has detained an Ameri -the great difficulty was in making the can fch'r 3 leagues from Cape Henry ; first declaration of his detection." she is from Bordeaux bound to Philadel. A paper of June 4th fays" It is be. To Readers & Correspondents. phia, commanded by a Frenchman.

lieved in the firit circles, that the Russian

Ambassador at Paris, the Count de Mar. The United Sta-es frigate Philadelphia, coff , has been insulied by the First Consul On Friday last, we received, through the post-ofCaprain Bainbridge, has left the Dela

in the most gross and indecent manner. It fice, a packet, directed, in the hand-writing of ware, for the Mediterranean.

is stated that the Ambassador having pre Charles Holt, to “ Mess. Sampson & Co. Editors

fented a remonftrance to Bonaparte, in of the Balance, Hudson.” We found enclosed an In the House of Cunninons on the 3d consequence of the unjust imprisonment answer to a piece signed « An Hudsonian," which of June, a Mr. Pacton moved two resolu. of the English in France, the Consul re appeared in the Bee of last week. This answer, it tions, the first stating, that the conduct of plied in the most outrageous terms. It is appears from the face of it, had been sent by the the French had been a series of aggression, even said, that he employed manual viol. writer to Holt. It commences in the following and the second containing a censure on ence. At all events the general circumthe ministers for not having resented those

" FOR THE BEE. stance is by no means improbable.”

“ MR. HOLT, aggressions at an earlier day-nor commu.

[Evening Post:]

“ In your paper of Tuesday last, " An Hudson in nicated them to the house. This gave rise

" an," has given his political creed, and wishes to a very interesting debate. On this oc.

Extracts from letters from an American " that any error, which may be seen in it, should calion Mr. Pitt seems to have surprized all resident at Rotterdam, to a hewle in

“ be pointed out, " through the same channel”

“ The publication of this performance, in your room fides of the House by the part he took. Baltimore, received via Salem, by the

per, I consider to be an acquiescence in the inThe following contains the remarks of

Jhip Adlive, direct from Reiterdam. “ vitation. I shall, therefore, trouble you with a one of the London editors on the occasion :

" few remarks in answer." &c. &:c. " Mr. Pitt's abandonment of the pres. “ Great-Britain is capturing all the This answer is a well-written performance. It ent Ministry is no longer doubtful. Yet Dutch East and Well-India foips, every exposes in a striking and masterly manner, the fal. the manner in which it was announced finger is a hook, and we have ozilvaća lacy of the “ Hudsonian's" reasoning. It is cal. was not bold. He did not choose to go counts of their most valuable shipping be culated to wipe away the erroneous impressions the length of a dire& censure of his Maj. | ing carried in. Bonaparte has began to of that writer. An express invitation had been give esty's Ministers in his vote ; but that un threaten Great Britain with an invasion ; en that this might be done“ through the channel willingness to enter into


mninute exam. but the belt informed think a successiul of the Bee." Holt certainly seconded the invitaination or discussion of their conduct; an invasion impracticable. The feas and tion, by publishing it in his paper. Yet, when he unwillingness from which an interrence channel are covered with British ships of saw the answer, he dared not to publish it. He dar. was perhaps wished to be drawn, that such war, and every port in France and Hol ed not to give his readers such a treat of truth and a discussion would only serve to drag into land is blockaded ; so that they cannot get sound argument, least they should never after reliah broader day the errors of their conduct ; ship in or out. Mr. Lifton, the Eng. the crude and unpalatable dishes which he weekly that remnant of a feeling of former friend lish ambassador, is still at the Hague ; but sets before them. What was to be done? Holt had Dhip declared to be struggling but drug-report says he leaves there in the morn not candor enough to apologize for declining to ingling necessarily with a senie of public ing for some part of Germany. It is said sert this answer or to inform us of the true state duty, was a nore cruel censure


their to be Mr. Lifton's opinion that the war of the business, and offer us the piece sor publicacondu&t than a positive vote in favour of will have a very long continuance. Should :ion. He has such a strange propensity for mixing Colonel Patton's Resolutions. The Houle, France endeavor to shut the neutral ports disingenuousness with every transaction in which we believe, felt that Mr. Pitt's conduct of Hamburgh and Bremen against the he is concerned, that it would be a modern miracle was uncandid, for we did not hear him | English ships it is conjectured in that case to detect him in any thing like fair-dealing. Instead cheered once during his speech. Lord thai Russia will come torward in support of treating the piece as he was in duty bound, he, by Hawkesbury,on the contrary, affected ev. of the neutrality and protection of Hano. means of erasures, altered the address from " the ry one who heard him, by the mixed man. ver. She is recruiting her armies and

Bee,” to “ the Balar.ce"-from “ Mr. Holt," to liness and feeling with which he disdained arming and commissioning her ships, and “ Messrs. Editors," and the signature from “ Ca. to accept the compromise offered by Mr. every thing seems to indicate a movement to,” to “ Mark Anthony.” He then enclosed it Pitt. He bore the detection as a man, but from that quarter. The king of Prussia in a wrapper, and sent it directed to us. We are he also rejected it as

M. Fox, lately reviewed an army of 30,000 men, thus put in possession of the manuscript, without Mr. Sheridan, and the whole house cheer which he still keeps in the field. A Rur the writer's intention, and perhaps, contrary to his ed him repeatedly. It may seem rather fian amballador has arrived at Hanover, and wishes. However, believing the production too trange allertion, but we confess that we it is conjetured Mr. Liiton is going on to valuable to be lost, we shall publish it is our next, think the event of Friday's debate, so far meet him. Every thing wears the appear. unless otherwise directed.



a man.


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