collifsion. They may afliit, without be in which it was; and secondly, that the

General Post-Ofice, July 22, 1803. ing tempted to hurt one another. This purchase at this time has been solely owing Whereas sundry representations have commerce is useful to both nations, this to the bursting out of war between France been made to this office of loiles sustained union of sentiments and interests rests up and England, which rendered it necef in the transmission of money by the mail, on principles which ought to form the fary for France to part with it, to prevent whereby it appears that depredarions may maritime code, and-deliver the Universe its falling into the hands of her enemy, have been committed by some agent of that from the Tyranny founded by Great Brita who had already an expedition in for. department. Be it therefore known that ain, which the maintains, and which wardness to seize it.

by virtue of the powers by law in me vell. rever will be combated with success, un

On the seperate merits of Mr. Jeffer. | ed, I do hereby offer a reward of Four til the other powers, by uniting, will fon, Monroe, and Livingston, who each

Hundred Dollars to any person or perfons abridge her means, by tranferring, to na seems to think himself entitled exclusively who will give to this office such informa. tions more moderate, a part of her com

to the honour of baving effected this im tion as shall produce the conviction and merce,” &c. On this extract we do not

portant purchase, we take the liberty of punilhment of the perpetrator of any such choose to say all it fuggests; but we ask expresing ourselves in the form of an criine. Mr. Livington and his friends, what epigram :

GIDEON GRANGER, P. M. C. would be their emotions, what the em. barrassment of the executive, should G. Our Livingston declares Monroe

Governor Claiborne, of the Mislissippi Britain demand of the American govern

Had no assistance yielded ;

territory, has islued a proclamation, oftar. ment, as of right fhe may, to avow, or Monroe, again, says Livingston,

ing a reward of Five Hundred Dollars for disavow this sentiment of our public

No more had done than he did,

appréhending Samson Mason and his allo. minister.

ciates, who have for some time infested that W: cin observe to these gentlemen,

No credit either to Monroe

territory, and have committed unparalleled this', however this thing may be winked Or Livingston is due,

outrages upon the property and perlours of at, dibis day, it would have been attend Says Jefferson ; say they in turn,

the United States. ed with very serious consequences, did

No credit's due to you. the great Chatham preside over the Brit

Mr. Jerome Bonaparte, brother to the ish councils. This illustrious flatesman, Poh, poh, says Truth, why make you such a pother?

Firit Consul, has arrived at the city of whom "modern degeneracy never reach. You all are right, 'twas neither one nor t'other.

W*hington from the West-Indies via Nor. ed,” was too strongly impresled with the

folk. just importance of national character, to permit the smallest instance of insult to

Captain Densmore, of the brig: Orient pass by, without demanding and receiving

from Tobago, informs us, that the island adequate satisfa&tion. As it is the known

was captured by the British on the 30th temper of our government, however, to

June. [Mercantile Advertifer.] bear patiently with indignities from every other nation, it may have been thought

Be it our weekly task,

Capt. Calvert, arrived at Philadelphia by the ambassador that we ought to in.

To note the passing tidings of the times.

in 32 days from Lisbon, informs, that a demnify our pride in some small measure,

> Occcccc

day or two before he failed, a British pack. by treating others with indignity in turn.

budson, August 9, 1803.

et arrived, the captain of which mentioned We shall only observe, therefore, that it

the loss of two British frigates, one by may be as well for us to borrow a little of

capture, the other by being drove afhore in Lord Chesterfield's prudence, when he Last week, the proceedings in the case a gale. He also tentioned the capture of kicked the paltroon, and take care whom of H. Crowell at the fuit of the People, a French frigate by the British, but the

were brought before the Supreme Court names of either are not remembered. On the whole, although Mr. Living at Albany, when on the application of de It was currently reported at Lisbon, fton in the conclufion of his paper, thinks fendant's counsel, the final decision on the

HAD TAKEN AND that " time and experience will demon. question for a new trial was postponed to HELD POSSESSION OF BREMEN. strate the folidity of his remarks," and November term.

[Ibid.] doubtless indulges the notion that his tal. ents will be respected by pollerily, we

French papers to the 26th May were recannot think his memorial is calculated to

Perhaps our democrats will say, that as ceived at Philadelphia by the brig Arifides, add to his fame on the score of abilities, Mr. Jefferson has the peculiar knack of

capt. Dill, from Bordeaux. Mr. Monroe good sense or discretion.

making a small sum go a great way in the had lett Paris on his way to the court of

payment of private debts, he can, by ap- Madrid, where he is to complete the objeâ To conclude in a few words thele re.

plying the same rule to the payment of pub. of his million. Capt. Dill brought oil. marks, already extended to an unforeseen

lic monies, render the purchase of Louisia. length, we shall say, that though the pur

patches for our government. [Ibid.] chale of Louisiana and New Orleans, will pay a debe of £ 50,* including eight

na a cheap bargain.-if so, then, if £ 3 10

a debt of £ 50.* including eight | Capt. Wanton, of the Schr. William & should turn out to be rather a coftly one, year's intereft, how much will the payment | Margaret from Martinique, informs us, yet, on a great national scale we are inclined to think well of it. Two things fult of this simple question will thew the of 15,000,000. dollars require ?—The re.

that on the 12th July (the day on which are, however, certain ; one, that it true principle of democratic calculation, standing an incessant and heavy fire from

he sailed) a British sloop of War, notwithmight have been had for a tenth of the

and prove that the Louisiana purchase is the fort, cut out a French merchant ship, money, which report says we are

not so bad a bargain as some may have impay for it, more than fifteen million of

of 300 tons burthen, last from Guadaloupe, dollars, for commodore Truxton with a agined. [Lansingburgh Gazette.]

the crew of which escaped in their boats tender and one hundred men would with

* Vide account of a payment made by a American produce high at Martinique. eafe have taken New Orleans, in the state certain great man to Gabriel Jones,


we kick.





Captain Haley, of the schooner Sally,

Extraet of a letter from France.

evacuated the country. The French, in in 16 days from Montserat, informs us, that COMMERCIAL AGENCY OF TIIE U. STATES. three columns, are in full march for Hanthe day previous to his failing, a British

Paris, May 30, 1803. over. They have a park of 50 pieces of Packet, called the London, arrived there SIR,

artillery. from Barbadoes, with information, that an I have now the fatisfaction of inform.

Mr. Liston (English Minister) has deexpedition had gone against Deinarara. ing you, that in virtue of a convention | manded his pallports. He will leave a

[Evening Poft.]

lately entered into by our minifters with charge des affairs."
this government, all American claims

ROTTERDAM, JUNE 7. We learn from Cape Francois, by Cap. which are embraced by the ad and 3d ar

- The number of French troops, which tain Haley of the floop Olive Branch, ticles of the convention concluded in

entered Quakenburgh, in the Bishoprick that an engagement took place the 19th Ju- September, 1800, are lo be revised by a ly on the plains between one party of bri

of Olnaburgh, amounted to 6000." board of three American citizens, and as gands against the other (for the negroes, far as may be approved by them are to be

From the GRENADA GAZETTE, it appears, are divided into two parties, paid, principle and intereit, in bills drawn

OF JUNE 24. one in favor of the French, and the other by our ministers, on the treasury of the “ Yesterday arrived here a ship and two in opposition) the issue of which was nor United States. The board is to be form- brigs, out of four French prizes, laden with generally known ; and that a body of bri. ed iminediately, and is to fit no longer than produce : it appears that on Tuesday morgands was in motion at a short distance twelve months it will be well, therefore, I ning last

, his Majesty's frigate Venus of 32 from the Cape, for the purpose, as was said, for you immediately on the receipt of this guns, in reconnoit ering off Tobago, perof going against Forr Dauphin. Four Bri. letter to send me by two different opportu-ceiving, or having had intelligence of lev. tish 74's and 2 trigates were before the nities, a notarial power of attorney for the eral homeward bound loaded ships being in Cape, and had captured several French vel fum that may be liquidated in favour of Courland Bay, run in under French colsels, but permitted Americans to pass and your vellel the

ours, and not being suspected, cut out two repass without moleftation. The Govern detained by the embargo on American vel- hips and two brigs ; one of which ships ment evinced a disposition to defend the sels at Bordeaux in the years 1793 and we learn was a very large one, called the place to the last extremity. Provisions of 1794, the whole of which is in my charge. Phænix, having upwards of 1500 hogs. all kinds were in great plenty ; and A.

You will instruct me by letter at the same heads of sugar on board, which is sent to merican produce had fallen considerably time, in what manner and to whose order Barbadoes, the other thip and brigs are in consequence of the many cargoes which you wish me to remit the bills that I may those mentioned to have arrived here, had lately arrived.

[Ibid.] obrain for your account.

I am, with eiteem, sir, yours, Extract of a letter from Mr. 7. Beefly, (Signed) FULWAR SKIPWITH.

Cbe knell. proprietor of the American CoffeeHouse at Cape- Francois, to the Editor

BRIDGETOWN, (BAR.) JULY 9. of the Mercantile Advertiser, dated

SURRENDER OF TOBAGO. July 14th, 1803.

This important event has just been an. "Every thing here is in a state of suf nounced to the public by royal falutes from pense respecting War or Peace. Three the pilgrim and Charles Foris, His Excel. English 74's and fix frigates blockade this lency Lord Seaforth, having received offiport. They capiure all French vessels, l cial information of ihe same from Lieut. and order them for Jamaica, Not less than General Grinfield. eo fail have been taken and fent thither

Extract of a letter from his Excellency, At New-York, on Saturday the 30th ult. after a within the last 15 days. Some few Amer.

Lt. Gen. Grinfield, to the Rt. Hon. lingering illness, deeply lamented by her numerous icans have escaped ; but those which have Lord Seaforih, dated Centaur, Cour. friends and relations, Mrs. Ayn Belden, wife of arrived were chased close in with the har.

land Bay, Tobago, July 3, 1803,

Mr. Ebenezer Belden, publisher of the Commercial bour. We understand the English oom I have again the satisfaction of addres Advertiser, in the 23d year of her age. mander on this itation has orders to capture sing myselfto you, and to announce to you

At Baltimore, Monsieur JAMES LEVILDAIN, all French vessels bound in or out of this the surrender of this illand by capitulation, Consul from the French Republic for the state of port.

The Government appears to be with no lols on our side, and very little Maryland. inuch alarmed. In consequence, the duty that oi the French.

JAMES T. CALLENDER, late editor of the Re is taken off all American produce.

Immediately on our landing on the 20th corder, was drowned at Richmond, Virginia, on “ A census of the inhabitants was taken June, the two leading columns pushed into

the 17th ult. yefterday, that the provisions may be e Mout Grace, in light and within little more quail y diftributed. A number of French than two miles of Fort Scarborough ; the

ERRATUM: vessels have been cut out of Jeremie by summons was then fent to the French Genthe English. We have two 74's and 4 tri

IN the last number of the Balance, page 244, erai, who returned an answer by offer of gates in this port which are preparing for l. capitulation. capitulation. The terms were finally set

near the middle of the first column, for “ death"

read dearth. France with all possible dispatch. A hottled about four in the morning of the ift, press of French seaman has taken place and at 11 we took posesion of fort Scarboth in the harbonr and on shore. You borough, and the French, consisting of sai. may expect to hear of an engagement before lors and all, ot 228, laid down their arms. To Correspondents. long.


W. GRINFIELD. " All kinds of American produce have

The fact related by “ OBSERVER," is worth pre. taken an uncommon rise. Flour 22 dol


serying, and shall have a place.
lars per barrel by the cargo, pork 25, beef The Bishoprick of Oinaburgh has Tur Tatler," is under consideration.,
16, rice 10 cents, lard 18, butter 25,

lum. rendered to the French by capitulation. A communication from Chatham, shall be ata ber 38 dollars per 1000."

On their approach the Hanoverian garrison tended to.

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Che Wireath.

O'er bis desk leaning with a mea gre look, A Gentleman who had been on board a
Scratching his pate to find a new idea,

Maltese ship of war, observed hanging to
For many a line of bad verse he had spun; the tafferel, a block of wood almost like a
Around his walls were blotted sonnets stuck, buoy, and so balanced that one end swam
Interlined odes, addressed to his mistress, upright carrying a little flag. staff with a
Of ill shaped metre, and on his table

Imali vane : the person who was on duty The embryo of a song, a smutty ink horn, on the poop had orders to cut the rope Stumps of old pens, a broken handled penknife, l1 by which the buoy hung, upon any cry Remnants of ballads, epitaphs and satires, of a person falling overboard; and as the The Aurora, Chronicle and Cleetham's Citizen, the block would be in the ship's wake by Noting these papers, to myself I said,

the time the person floated therein, he was An if a man did wish to buy an ode,

sure of having something at hand to fuf. In praise of J*******n, or Billy Duane, tain hiin, till the boat should come to his Here lives the needy rogue would sell it him. aslistance, and should that take so long Being just before election, he is full,

time to do, as that the distance from the Making and selling lies by dozens.

ship to the man rendered him invisible, yet TRIM, the boat would have a mark torow towards,

shown them by the vane.



Why, sweet deluder, dost thou still engage

To make the airy form of pleasure mine ? Is it my grief one moment to assuage,

And then to keener woes my hours resign?

July 18.

Too oft, alas ! my fond believing heart

Has own'd the impression of thy pleasing tale ; Too oft a victim of thy magic art,

The real scenes of life I've dar'd to veil.

Oh, sport no more wlth feelings tun'd to woe ;

Seek not of care my bosom to beguile ; All ideal transports now I will forego,

And rather court thy frown, than meet thy smile.


Thus shall the present all my thoughts employ,
Nor shalt thou, fancy, aught these thoughts annoy.

Kingston, Ulster County,


DOCTOR, I'd have you know I'm come,
As far as 'tis from here to home,

To tell you my condition.
I've got the itch : I've got the gout :
My shins are broke : I've hurt my foot :

I want a good physician.

OLD Frederick, king of Prulia used to DiverCity

say, “ The Bible is a staff which God put into the hands of blindmen to guide their

steps. But they, initead of applying it to BEWARE WHERE YOU SET YOUR DECANTERS.

that use, immediately began to dispute and

wrangle about its length, breadth and IN the American Museum, (1791,)

thickness; and concluded by knocking there is mentioned the following remarka.

each other over the pate with it." ble incident. I was taking a walk in my garden,

A PHORISM. (lays the correlpondent,) when my servant came in haste to tell me my chamber was HE who writes with infolence, when on fire, that that a strong smell of burnt

anonymous and unknown and speaks with linen and a thick smoke were perceived, || timidity in the presence of the good issuing through the windows. Upon ftep- || seems to be closely allied to baseness. ping into my chamber, I perceived a thick

Lavater. smoke immediately; but was still perfectly at a loss how to account for this acci. dent. We looked for the place from

TERMS OF THE BALANCE. which it came ; and at last perceived it rising from a dark callico curtain. The To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and fifty cents, mystery is explained ; a spherical decan- | payable in quarterly advances. ter ftood between it and the window : the

To Country Subscribers, who receive their papers (un shone in full splendor, and its rays

at the office Two Dollars, payable as above. were converged by the figure of the wa.

To those who receive them by the mail, Two ter; and exactly at the focal distance hung

Dollars, exclusive of postage, payable in advance. the curtain. The bottle had the effect of a burning glass ; and from a singular con

A handsome title-page, with an Index or Table

of Contents, will be given with the last number currence of circumstances my house was

of each volume. near being burnt. Had the accident el.

Advertisements inserted in a conspicuous and caped timely notice, the building would have been destroyed, and the cause could

handsome manner, in the Advertiser which accom. never have been suspected.”

panies the Balance.

Complete files of the first volume, which bere

been reserved in good order for binding, A HINT TO SEA-FARING PEOPLE.

-Price of the volume, bound, Two Dollars and .

ty cents-unbound, Two Dollars. The whole may FROM various experimerts it appears,

be sent, stitched or in bundles, to any post office in
that most men are specifically lighter than the state, for 52 cents postage ; or to any post-oio
common water, and still more considera fice in the union for 78 cents.
bly lighter than sea water. Consequently,
could persons who fall into the water, have
presence of mind enough to avoid the

fright usual on such occasions, many
might be preserved from drowning ; and

SAMPSON, CHIITENDEN & CROSWELL a very small piece of wood, such as an

Warren-Street, Hudson. an oar, would buoy a man above water, WHERE PRINTING IN GENERAL IS EXECUTE] while he had spirits to keep his hold.


The Doctors say, my liver's bad :
My pulse are quick : my heart is sad :

My stomach's out of order :
I've got a hobbling in my gait :
My words I cannot speak them strait :

O tell me my disorder.

My hands are weak : my sight is dim :
And now and then my head will swim :

My neighbours wont insure me.
But the worst plague of all my life,
I've lately catch'd a scolding wife :

O Doctor, can you cure me ?

are for sale




I do reincmber a ragged Poet,
In youder loft he dwells, whom late I noted

[blocks in formation]





Driginal days.

the soil exceeding rich, on the banks of convenient and eflablished place where to

the river Missouri ; which empties into unlade and deposit their cargoes. In the Hither the products of your closet-labors bring,

the Millisippi, one hundred and ninety year 1796, Spain, by a solemn treaty, stipEnrich our columns, and instruct mankind. five miles above the mouth of the Ohio, ulated that New-Orleans should be open and eleven hundred and fixty miles North

and free for the people of the United FOR THE BALANCE. of the gulph of Mexico.

States, as a place of deposit. In 1802, Louisiana is mostly a forest : the greater

Louisiana was ceded by Spain to France ; No, I.

part of its white inhabitants are Roman and the Spaniards, after this ceffion, and

catholics, of French and Spanish extrac while still holding possefiion of New-Or. GES AND BENEFITS, WIICH

tion; but neither their number, nor leans, denied to the people of the States ELT ACCRUE TO THE UNITED STATES, FROM that of the negroes whom they hold in the privileges of deposit, which they had

bondage, is known. The metropolis of sacredly pledged. The treaty having been LIMITS BY THE PURCHASE OF EITHER

Louisiana is New. Orleans, which is situa thus violated, on the part of Spain, many LOUISIANA OR ILE FLORIDAS.

ied on the East bank of the Misisipi, thought the national honour required that one hundred and five miles from its

the perfidy and insult should be resented mouth. OUISIANA is a vast tract of

and punished ; and that New Orleans Jand, West of the Misissippi ; and is “ The Floridas (according to Mr. Liv. ought to be wrested from the hands of its bounded East by that river, South by the ingston's description) are a narrow strip li perfidious poffeffors. The administration gulph of Mexico, Welt by New Mexico; of barren land." Lying East of the Mis pursued an opposite course. Mr. Monroe, and to the North it ftreiches to an indefi- || lissippi, they extend in length about one

furnished with two millions of dollars, was nite extent, as its boundaries in that di thousand miles ; and in no part are more

dispatched to France to open a negotiation. re&tion are unknown. Mr. Livington's) than a hundred and fifty miles wide.

Previous to his arrival, Mr. Livingston, memorial describes it to be an insalubri. || They are situated South of Georgia ; and

resident in France, favoured by a moft for. ous marshy country, in a burning climate. are bounded by that State, by the Atlantic

tunate concurrence of circumstances, had This description is supposed, however, to Ocean and by the gulph of Mexico ; and already presented his memorial to the first have a particular reference to the South. Wefierly they border on the Missippi, conful, and was negotiating for the purern parts of Louisiana ; which are expos. from its mouth to the Georgia line. The

chase of Louisiana ; which purchase was ed to the heat of an intensely scorching principal town in West Florida is Pensa. finally made, for the fum (it we have it fun, and are so marshy and unhealthy, el cola ; in East Florida, St. Auguftinc.-- || corre&t) of Fifteen million and about a pecially at and near the gulph of Mexico, The inhabitants are masters and siaves. quarter of a million of dollars. Report as to be uninhabitable. Opposite to the

The river Mimi Mippi, together with its

says, that Mr. Monroe has repaired to Natchez (a diftri& belonging to the Unit Eastern branches, (as Doctor Morse says,

Madrid, to negotiate with the Spaniards ed States, and lying at tie diflance of a. in his Universal Geography,) waters five

an exchange of Louisiana, or some part

of bout three hundred and fifty miles from eights of the United States, That noble

it, for the Floridas. the mouth of the Mislisippi) the soil of river beirg the only road to market for a This is a concise history of the subject; Louisiana is declared to be fertile, and its vast and fertite country, whose inhabitants and in this authentic shape it comes beclimate pleasant and salubrious. In the are rapidly increasing ; its free navigation fore the public. It is a subject of valt imnarrative of Capt. Isaac Stewart, who, led is of primary importance to this nation : portance, and applies to the interest and captive by the Indians, had traversed that and almost equally important and necefl borom of the whole nation. In the enwildernels, the air is represented to be ary is it that the people of the States, fuing discussions, it shall be canvassed pure and serene; the climate bealtby, and palling down the siver, loald bave some

palling down the river, shoald have some coolly and candidly, on the grounds of



its own merits, and without any irritating


out them; and his trial was pressed with appeals to party feelings.-Should the wri

such vehemence that a poftponement was ter's remarks prove incorrect, or his argu

with difficulty obtained. mnents be found to be inconclusive, be will

T will be proper, before we give a

It will be recollected that a violent at. readily acknowledge his obligations to any history of the trial, to bring into view, tempt was made to bind Mr. Croswell in one, who, in a decent manner, ihall point | briefly, the several evenis by which it was thousands, to his good behaviour, and thus, out the errors of his principles or the falla.

preceded. It will be recollected that the in the very face of law and liberty, to im. cies of his reasonings : it, on the ocher charge in the paragraph selected from the pofe , a previous restraint in the form of hand, his observations and arguments hould Wasp, as a libel, originated in Richmond, surety" upon the press, which, in England, be correct and weighty, it is hoped that || Virginia, immediately under the eye of

at this day, would doom its proječior to even thole of the opposite party, who Mr. Jefferson and his officers ; that a

execration and infamy.

picmake truth the object of their enquiries, secution was there repeatedly and public

It will be recollected, that at the June will not faftidiously reje&t them; but that ly challenged ; that it pafled through al

ly challenged ; that it pafled through a!- fellions, an attempt was made to prevent they will give thein their due weight, tho' most every federal newspaper at the south.

the allowance of Cercioraris to keep the they are ulhered into public view from a ward ; that in the northern tates, prior to

indictments in a court no competent federal press.

its appearance in the Wasp, it had been to decide the various poinis of law which CALCULATOR. publithed in papers, whole circulation is Imus neceflarily have arisen on the trial;

jen times more extensive : Yet this liile and that, on account of some verbal, though paper, limited in its circulation, remote

iminaterial error in the recognizance, Mr. from the scene of action, was selected for Croswell was forced to ftipulate to bring the victim, and a court chofen whose pro

the cause to trial at the next Columbia cir. Liberty of the Press. cess could not reach the place where it was

cuit, which was to be held on the 7th of well known the witne fles refided,

July succeeding
It will also be recollected for what pur.

By this ftipulation, every thing which HARRY CROSWELL'S TRIAL.

pole the paragraph in queition was inferied the public prosecutor could defire, was obin the Wasp. Holt, the editor of the

ained. The space was too short before The question for a new trial, in the prosecution aHudson Bee, had published a paragraph be

trial to afford any probability that witne Igainst the Junior Editor of the Balance, is not to ginning with the following sentence ;

es might be obtained from Virginia, even be argued and decided until November next ; * The burden of the federal song now is

if permission had been given to introduce and, from the disposition which is shewn by dethat Mr. Jefferson paid Callender for wri.

them; and no application could be made mocratic printers to misrepresent and distort the ting against the past adminiftration.” As

to the supreme Court, because in the interfacts, it is evident that the public mind will be the Wasp was established for the particular

val there was to be no term of that couri. misled on the subject, unless a fair and impartial

Hence, on the 12th day of July, when account of the whole transaction is in mediately | purpose of corre@ing Hok’s habitual devialions from truth, it was thought proper to

Mr. Crofwell appeared at the Circuit

, it given. The Albany Register and the Bee, two

was well known that he appeared deftitute papers which are prostituted to the views of the || expose this most palpable taithood. Ac. cordingly the paragraph in question was

of that proof, which, had time and permilambitious and designing, have already published

published, viz.

sin been given, he might easily have obtainthe most false and unfair statenients and animad


« Holt fays, the burden of the Federal versions. The Hebeian, too, a paper said to be ed. ited by the notorious Armstrong, has pursued the song is that Mr. Jefferson paid Callender

Before we proceed further, it will be same course. The statement in the New York Citi. for writing against the late adminiftration.

proper also to give a copy of the indi&. This is wholly false. The charge is exp!i- l that the public may know the names of tha


ment. This is done, verbatim, as well zen, mentioned in the Balance of last week, is so palpably false, that Cheetham has not even dared || citly. this :- Jefferson paid Callender for to answer the remarks made upon it in the Etc. calling Wailington a traitor, a robber, and

Grand Jury who found the first bill in this

ftate, under the common law of Er.gland, ning Post : Nor has he (which was, however,

a perjurer---For calling Adams a hoary
headed incendiary; and for most grossly | States, as that they may judge more correct-

for a libel on the president of the United hardly to be expected) had the candor to acknow. ledge that he was mistaken. Even while an imflandering the private characters of men,

ly of the subsequent decision and proceedportant question was pending in the Supreme who he well knew were virtuous. These

ings. Court, those papers were making the most base charges, rota democratic editor has yet and wicked attempts to raise a prejudice against dared, or ever will dare to meet in an open [copy' or THE INDICT)ENT.) Croswell. The publishers of those papers seem and manly discussion."

Columbia County, to wit. to feel (for what reason we know not) a kind of It ought likewise to be known that the

AT a Court of General Sellion of the security in such conduct. They seem to believe | Grand Jury who indicted Mr. Croswell,

Peace, holden at Claverack, in and for the that they may transgress the rules of decency, were almost to a man openly and violently || January, in the year of our Lord one thou

County of Columbia, on the tenth day of decorum and justice with impunity. We, there. democratic. And the public ought allo fore, caution the public against placing any rell. to know the peculiar manner in which the

sand eight hundred and three, before Sieance whatever on their assertions. They are Grand Jury was summoned ; and the time

phen Hogeboom, Jared Coffin, Jonathan

Warner, and others their adociales, Julmade with a design to deceive. They are the and place when and where the indictments last paltry refuge of men who are afraid of fair were drawn. But the truth cannot be

tices of the People of the Siace of New. investigation—who dare not let the people know I given in evidence! The public must there

York, assigned io keep the Peace of the the truth. fore, be content to remain ignorant of these

said People in the said County, and allo

to hear and determine diverse felonies, We shall spare no pains to render our statement particulars.

trespasses and other misdemeanors, in the correct in every particular. All the facts are It will be recollected, that Mr. Crof.

faid County, committed by the caths of drawn from authentic sources. After having the well was immediately arraigned, and tho' Peter I. Vosburgh, Abraham Vofburgh, whole truth before them, we beg our readers to he requefted copies of the indi&ments be Bartholomew I. Van. Valkenburgh, Robweigh the raatter well, and judge for them fore be plead to the charges, they were reSelves. fused, and he was compelled to plead with:- Claw, William Dickie, Thomas Law.

ert. Folger, James Wyngart, Lambert

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