My dearest Friends,

HOM I love dearly remember daily,

long for greatly, pray for earnestly, and praise God heartily; to whom I could write with my purelt blood; and do send these lines from my inward bowels.

THOUGH I cannot say I am fo transported with affection and zeal as Paul, to wish myself accursed from Christ for their sakes; yet I am persuaded, I could be contented with Jonas, to be caft into the sea, to the pacifying of God's wrath for you ; that I may

be free from the blood of all men, and by the power of God, to deal plainly and sincerely with all my fellow.creatures, not valuing the smiles, nor fearing the frowns of wicked men : It is better to lose their smiles than it is to lose their precious fouls; though there are many that are enemies to me, yet I am an enemy to none,

å hater

a hater of no man's person, but a lover of their fouls ; he that loved me when I was an enemy, commandeth me to love my enemies. Dear Christians, cleave to the Lord, and follow after him fully ; neglect no duty, though you may know there is danger in doing it; fear God and fin, more than men and suffering; souls bear up with Chrift, bear off from the world; bear down your corruptions, and bear forth your testimony ;, respect all, reject none of God's commandmenis, but take patiently and thankfully whe hardest dealings of God,

let your

THE heaviest affli&tions on earth, are but light in comparison of Christ's sufferings, or the punishment of the wicked in hell. When God's people are humble, and the wicked high enough, and the Lord's appointed time is come, then expect deliverance to the godly, and not before.' You should not enyy the patience of God towards your enemies, for it is nothing in comparison of what love he' fheweth to you; be you diligent at your work, and leave God at his, you need not fearluccess, the Lord will soon turn from his wrath, it men were turned from their wickedness; look narrowly to your hearts, tongues and ways; I never trusted God, but I found

him faithful; nor mine own heart, but I found it false : Take heed friends, that you be not always wooing Christ, and yet never married to him ; therefore do not leave, till you have put the great question out of all doubt.

LOOK upon Christ without, and then search for him within you; he that will clearly fee with the eye of faith, mult fhut the eye of reason; it is the will of God, that saints should rejoice more in what Christ haih done for them, than in what they have done for him. O lay up for Christ, make halte and do your work, and God. will give you wages.

DEAR BRETHREN, I beseech you consider well these things, for they are precious, weighty, and nečesary truths.

I shall add no more, but promise you my prayers, and request yours for me, and for a blessing upon this, that it may bring comfort to God, and good to you, which is all that is aimed at by him, who is,

Your Soul's Servant,






T is the great unhappiness of our age,

that the greatest part of men busy themselves molt in that which concerns them leaft; look into the world, amongst rich and poor, high and low, young and old, and see whether it appear not by the whole scope of their conversations that they fet more by something else than Christ and salvation ; fo they may have but some of the earth in their hands, they care for nothing of heaven in their hearts; tho' gold can no more fill their hearts, than grace their purses.

MOST men are like that filly woman, that when her house was on' fire, so minded the saving of her goods, that she left her children roaring in the flames; laft being put in remembrance of it, she cries out, Oh! my child, my child.

child. Oh! ho.. many men are there, that drop into perdition, merely for a little wealth.



THERE are many that are temporally miserable, that are eternally happy; and there are many that are temporally happy, that fhall be enternally miserable. Oh! there is a great vanity in all worldly excellencies; the earth is big in our hopes, but little in our hands ; it cannot satisfy the senses of men, much less their precious souls.

DEAR CHRISTIANS, according to my talents received, I have endeavoured to set forth the riches, the loveliness, the preeiousness and excellencies that are in Chrift, to draw the heart after him, and to be fick of love for him. Oh! Jesus Christ is a fountain of life, light, love, grace, glory, comfort, joy, goodness, sweetness, always full and flowing, yea, overflowing ; Paul was so much taken with Christ, that he

was ever in his thought; he was neår his , and ,

upon his tongue ; he names him fix or feven times in one chapter, 1 Cor. i. Oh! that

our hearts and thoughts were thus busied about, and taken up with Christ, and those treasures of wisdom and knowledge that are in him.

THE design of this piece is not the oftentation of the Author, but the edification of the reader'; though the Author


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