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National Cooperative Milk Producers Federation, 1731 Eye Street, NW., Washington, D. C.-Continued. Dairymen's League Cooperative Association, Inc., 11 West Forty-second

Street, New York, N. Ì. Des Moines Cooperative Dairy, 1935 Des Moines Street, Des Moines, Iowa. Dubuque Cooperative Dairy Marketing Association, Inc., 1020 Central

Avenue, Dubuque, Iowa. Evansville Milk Producers' Association, Inc., 305 Boehne Building, Evans

ville, Ind. Falls Cities Cooperative Milk Producers' Association, 229 Bourbon Stock

Yards Building, Louisville, Ky. Georgia Milk Producers' Confederation, 661 Whitehall Street, SW., Atlanta,

Ga. Indiana Dairy Marketing Association, Muncie, Ind. Indianapolis Dairymen's Cooperative, Inc., 729 Lemcke Building, Indian

apolis, Ind. Inland Empire Dairy Association, 1803 West Third Avenue, Spokane, Wash. Interstate Associated Creameries, 1319 SE Twelfth Avenue, Portland, Oreg. Inter-State Milk Producers' Cooperative, Inc., 401 North Broad Sreet, Phila

delphia, Pa. Knoxville Milk Producers' Association, Knoxville, Tenn. Land O’Lakes Creameries, Inc., 2201 Kennedy Street, NE., Minneapolis,

McLean County Milk Producers' Association, 411-413 North Center Street,

Bloomington, Ill.
Madison Milk Producers' Cooperative Association, 29 Coyne Court, Madison,

Maryland and Virginia Milk Producer's Association, 932 Philadelphia Avenue,

Silver Spring, Md. Maryland Cooperative Milk Producers, Inc., 810 Fidelity Building, Balti

more, Md. Miami Valley Cooperative Milk Producers' Association, 136,138 West Maple

Street, Dayton, Ohio.
Michigan Milk Producers' Association, 406 Stephenson Building, Detroit,

Mid-West Producers' Creameries, Inc., 224 West Jefferson Street, South

Bend, Ind. Milk Producers' Association of San Diego County, 354 Eleventh Avenue,

San Diego, Calif. Milk Producers' Association of Summit County and Vicinity, 145 Beaver

Street, Akron, Ohio. Milk Producers Federation of Cleveland, 1514 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland,

Ohio. Milwaukee Cooperative Milk Producers, 1633 North Thirteenth Street,

Milwaukee, Wis. Nebraska-Iowa Non-Stock Cooperative Milk Association, 2506 Dodge Street,

Omaha, Nebr. New England Milk Producers' Association, 73 Cornhill, Boston, Mass. Northwestern (Ohio) Cooperative Sales Co., 22212 Detroit Avenue, Toledo,

Ohio. O. K. Cooperative Milk_Association, Inc., Oklahoma City, Okla. Peoria Milk Producers, Inc., 216 East State Street, Peoria, Ill. Pure Milk Association, 608 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ill. Pure Milk Producers' Association, 853 Live Stock Exchange Building,

Kansas City, Mo. Pure Milk Products Cooperative, 111 King Street, Madison, Wis. Richmond Cooperative Milk Producers' Association, 516 Lyric Building,

Richmond, Va. St. Joseph, Mo., Milk Producers' Association, Inc., 308 Ballinger Building,

St. Joseph, Mo. Salt Lake Milk Producers' Association, 1069 South State Street, Salt Lake

City, Utah. Sanitary Milk Producers, Chamber of Commerce Building, 511 Locust

Street, St. Louis, Mo.
Sioux City Milk Producers' Cooperative Association, Inc., 413–414 Warnock

Building, Sioux City, Iowa.
South Iowa Cooperative Creameries Association, Keosauqua, Iowa.

National Cooperative Milk Producers Federation, 1731 Eye Street, NW., Washington, D. C.-Continued. South Texas Producers' Association, Inc., 3600 Center Street, Houston,

Stark County Milk Producers' Association, Inc., Canton, Ohio.
Tillamook County Creamery Association, Tillamook, Oreg.
Twin City Milk Producers' Association, 2402 University Avenue, St. Paul,

Twin Ports Cooperative Dairy Association, 6128 Tower Avenue, Superior,

United Dairymen's Association, 635 Elliott Avenue, West, Seattle, Wash.
Valley of Virginia Cooperative Milk Producers' Association, Harrisonburg,

Wayne Cooperative Milk Producers Association, 104 East Columbia Street,

Fort Wayne, Ind.
Wisconsin Cheese Producers' Federation Cooperative, Plymouth, Wis.


American Cranberry Exchange, 90 West Broadway, New York, N. Y.:

Growers Cranberry Co., 730 Drexel Building, Philadelphia, Pa.
New England Cranberry Sales Co., 9 Station Street, Middleboro, Mass.

Wisconsin Cranberry Sales Co., Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
California Fruit Exchange, Sacramento, Calif., (including 175 district units).


American Rice Growers Association, Lake Charles, La. (including 17 local units).
Arkansas Rice Growers Cooperative Association, Stuttgart, Ark.
Egyptian Seed Growers Exchange, Flora, Ill.


National Live Stock Marketing Association, 160 North La Salle Street, Chicago,

Ill. (including the following marketing associations, credit corporations, and 22 branch offices):

Chicago Producers Commission Association, Chicago, Ill.
Evansville Producers Commission Association, Evansville, Ind.
Illinois Livestock Marketing Association, Chicago, Ill.
Intermountain Livestock Marketing Association, Denver, Colo.
Michigan Live Stock Exchange, Detroit, Mich.
Oklahoma Livestock Marketing Association, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Pacific States Livestock Marketing Association, San Francisco, Calif.
Peoria Producers Commission Association, Peoria, Ill.
Producers Cooperative Commission Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
Producers Cooperative Commission Association, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Producers Cooperative Commission Association, Columbus, Ohio.
Producers Commission Association, Indianapolis, Ind.
Producers Commission Association, Kansas City, Mo.
Producers Commission Association, Sioux City, Iowa.
Producers Live Stock Commission Association, National Stock Yards, Ill.
Producers Live Stock Commission Co., Springfield, Ill.
Producers Livestock Marketing Association, Louisville, Ky.
Producers Live Stock Marketing Association, Omaha, Nebr.
Producers Livestock Marketing Association, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Producers Livestock Marketing Association, South St. Joseph, Mo.
Texas Livestock Marketing Associaion, Fort Worth, Tex.
National Livestock Credit Corporation of St. Louis, Chicago, Ill.
National Finance Credit Corporation of Texas, Fort Worth, Tex.
Wasatch Livestock Loan Co., Salt Lake City, Utah.
Intermountain Livestock Credit Corporation, Denver, Colo.
Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation, San Francisco, Calif.
National Livestock Credit Corporation, Oklahoma City, Okla.


Maine Potato Growers, Inc., Presque Isle, Maine.
Mushroom Growers Cooperative Association, Kennett Square, Pa.


California Almond Growers Exchange, Sacramento, Calif.
California Walnut Growers Association, 1745 East Seventh Street, Los Angeles,

Calif. (including 26 local units and 9 special packing units).
National Pecan Growers Exchange, Albany, Ga.
National Pecan Marketing Association, Macon, Ga. (including five regional units)


Idaho Egg Producers, Caldwell, Idaho (including five branch units).
Northwestern Turkey Growers Association, Salt Lake City, Utah.:

Cloud Peak Cooperative Association, Banner, Wyo.
Colorado Poultry Association, Grand Junction, Čolo.
Columbine Turkey Growers, Inc., Denver, Colo.
Idaho Egg Producers, Caldwell, Idaho.
Mid-Continent Turkey Growers Association, Kinsley, Kans.
Midwestern Turkey Growers Association, Auburn, Nebr.
Nevada Turkey Growers Association, Fallon, Nev.
Northern Montana Poultry Growers Association, Great Falls, Mont.
Oregon Turkey Cooperative, Inc., Brooks, Oreg.
San Juan Turkey Growers Association, Allison, Colo.
Southern California Turkey Growers Association, Riverside, Calif.
Southern Montana Turkey Growers Association, Willow Creek, Mont.
Turkey Growers Co-op of Central California, Orange Cove, Calif.
Turkey Growers Co-op of Northern California, Fair Oaks, Calif.
Utah Poultry Producers Cooperative Association, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Washington Cooperative Egg and Poultry Association, Seattle, Wash. Pacific Egg Producers Cooperative, Inc., 178 Duane Street, New York City:

Pacific Cooperative Poultry Producers, 360 SE. Ash Street, Portland, Oreg.
Poultrymen's Cooperative Association of Southern California, 1513 Mirasol

Street, Los Angeles, Calif.
Poultry Producers of Central California, 840 Battery Street, San Francisco,

San Diego Cooperative Poultry Association, 50 Twenty-second Street, San

Diego, Calif.
Washington Cooperative Egg and Poultry Association, 201 Elliott Avenue

West, Seattle, Wash.
Utah Poultry Producers Cooperative Association, Salt Lake City, Utah (including

55 local affiliated units).


California Canning Peach Association, San Francisco, Calif.
California Prune and Apricot Growers Association, San Jose, Calif. (including

30 local units). Hillsboro-Queen Anne Cooperative Corporation, 1210 South Lakewood Avenue,

Baltimore, Md. (including five local units).
North Pacific Canners and Packers, Inc., Portland, Oreg.:

Columbia Fruit Growers, The Dalles, Oreg.
Fruitland Canning Association, Inc., Fruitland, Idaho.
Gresham Berry Growers, Inc., Gresham, Oreg.
Producers Cooperative Packing Co., Salem, Oreg.
Richland Co-op Canning Exchange, Richland, Wash.
Springbrook Packing Co., Springbrook, Oreg.
Stayton Canning Co., Stayton, Oreg.
Washington Canners Cooperative, Vancouver, Wash.
Whidby Island Berry Growers Association, Langley, Wash.

Woodlum Fruit Growers Co-op Association, Woodlum, Oreg.
Sun-Maid Raisin Growers of California, Fresno, Calif. (including six subsidiary

and sales units).

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Cooperative G. L. F. Exchange, Inc., Ithaca, N. Y. (serving 149 affiliated units

and 500 local service agencies). Eastern States Farmers Exchange, Springfield, Mass. (serving 49 regional units

and 546 local service agencies). Farm Bureau Cooperative Association, 246 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio

(including 82 affiliated units).

Farm Bureau Services, Inc., 221 North Cedar Street, Lansing, Mich. (including

139 affiliated units). Farmers Cooperative Exchange, Raleigh, N. C. (including 67 affiliated units). Fruit Growers Supply Co., 607 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, Calif. (including

179 affiliated units). Indiana Farm Bureau Cooperative Association, Farm Bureau Building, In

dianapolis, Ind. (including 89 affiliated units). Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Cooperative Association, Inc., Harrisburg, Pa. (in

cluding 15 affiliated units). Producers Cooperative Exchange, 746 Glenn Street SW., Atlanta, Ga. Southern States Cooperative, Inc., Richmond, Va. (serving 40 affiliated units and

750 local service agencies).


Eastern Dark Fired Tobacco Growers Association, Springfield, Tenn. (including

4 district units). Maryland Tobacco Growers Association, Conway and Charles Streets, Baltimore,



National Wool Marketing Corporation, 281 Summer Street, Boston, Mass.:

Arizona Wool Growers Association, Phoenix, Ariz.
California Wool Marketing Association,

Red Bluff, Calif.
Central Wool Marketing Corporation, Boston, Mass.
Colorado Wool Marketing Association, Denver, Colo.
Colorado-New Mexico Wool Marketing Association, Durango, Colo.
Cooperative Wool Growers of South Dakota, Brookings, S. Dak.
Eastern Idaho Wool Marketing Association, Pocatello, Idaho.
Illinois Livestock Marketing Association, 608 South Dearborn Street,

Chicago, Ill.
Indiana Wool Growers Association, Indianapolis, Ind.
Iowa Sheep and Wool Growers Association, Des Moines, Iowa.
Kentucky Wool Growers Cooperative Association, Lexington, Ky.
Michigan Cooperative Wool Marketing Association, Lansing, Mich.
Midwest Wool Marketing Association, Kansas City,

Minnesota Cooperative Wool Growers Association, Wadena, Minn.
New Mexico Cooperative Wool Marketing Association, Albuquerque,

N. Mex. New York State Sheep Growers Cooperative Association, Penn Yan, N. Y. North Dakota Cooperative Wool Marketing Association, Fargo, N. Dak. Oregon-Washington Wool Marketing Association, Yakima, Wash. United Wool Growers Association, Harrisonburg, Va. Utah Wool Marketing Association, Salt Lake City, Utah. Western Idaho Wool Marketing Corporation, Boise, Idaho.

Wisconsin Cooperative Wool Growers Association, Portage, Wis. Pacific Wool Growers, 734 NW. Fourteenth Avenue, Portland, Oreg.


Agricultural Cooperative Council of Oregon, Paul C. Carpenter, secretary, care of

Oregon State College, Corvallis, Oreg. Agricultural Council of California, R. H. Taylor, executive secretary, 1400 Tenth

Street, Sacramento, Calif. Arkansas Council for Agriculture, C. G. Henry, care of Mid-South Cotton Growers,

Association, Memphis, Tenn. Farmers Cooperative Council, J. W. Johansen, secretary, care of State College of

Agriculture, Raleigh, N. C. Florida Council of Farmer Cooperatives, D. E. Timmons, secretary, care of

College of Agriculture, Gainesville, Fla. Georgia Cooperative Council, C. G. Garner, secretary, care of College of Agri

culture, Athens, Ga. Idaho Cooperaive Council, C. 0. Youngstrom, secretary, State Capitol Building,

Boise, Idaho. Maine Cooperative Council, R. N. Atherton, secretary, care of College of Agri

culture, Orono, Maine. Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council, L. S. Ellis, secretary, care of Okla

homa Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater, Okla.

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Pennsylvania Association of Cooperative Organizations, Walter C. Nickels,

secretary, box 193, Shippensburg, Pa. Texas Cooperative Council, Homer D. Wade, executive secretary, 1100 South

Ervay Street, Dallas, Tex.
Washington State Cooperative Council, H. B. Carroll, secretary, care of State

College of Agriculture, Pullman, Wash.
Mr. Hodgkin. Thank you very much, Senator.
(The witness withdrew from the committee table.)

Senator MILLER (presiding). Mr. Mylander, of the American Bankers Association, is here. About how long will you take, Mr. Mylander? I ask that question without any desire to limit you at all.

Mr. MYLANDER. It will possibly take me 25 or 30 minutes. If I am not interrupted I know I can get through with my statement in that time.

Senator MILLER. If it is all right with Senator Hughes, we will go ahead.

Senator Hughes. Yes. I think we might.






Senator MILLER. Please identify yourself for the record.

Mr. MYLANDER. Senator, my name is Charles H. Mylander. vice president of the Huntington National Bank of Columbus, Columbus, Ohio. I am also a director of the Federal Land Bank at Louisville, Ky., which serves the fourth farm-credit district, being the States of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I am a member of the committee on Federal legislation of the American Bankers Association. I have been a member of that committee for some 4 or 5 years.

Before proceeding with my statement on the bill, I would like, Mt. Chairman, to ask your indulgence to present to the committee a statement which was made by Mr. A. L. M. Wiggins, chairman of the committee on Federal legislation of the American Bankers Association, on this legislation, which statement was approved by the executive council of the association at its meeting 2 weeks ago at Hot Springs, Va., and which states the position of the association on the bill,

Senator MILLER. The committee will be glad to have it,
Mr. MYLANDER (reading):





In connection with the appearance of representatives of the American Bankers Association before the Agricultural Committee of the House of Representatves on the Jones bill to reorganize the Federal land-bank system, A. L. M. Wiggins, chairman of the committee on Federal legislation of the American Bankers Association, released the following statement of the position of the associatiun on this proposed legislation:

The American Bankers Association has entered its opposition to the Jones bill knowing that its position may be construed as opposition by banks to the relier of the farmers and an expression on the part of bankers of a desire to maintain high interest rates for the benefit of private capital. Such criticism has nu


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