The Woburn Directory ..., Nummer 1

J.L. Parker, 1868
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Pagina 17 - Where the name of a corporation, factory or firm appears immediately after the name, it indicates the place of business. After the name of the street the word street is omitted.
Pagina 7 - Some of the company lying under the body of a great tree; it lying some distance from the earth ; when the daylight appeared, no sooner was the last man come from under it — when it fell down, to their amazement; the company being forced to dig out their food, which was caught under it ; the tree being "so ponderous," that all the strength they had could not remove it.
Pagina 7 - ... others, went to view the bounds between Linne Village and this town, like Jacobites, laying them down to rest when night drew on, now preserved by the good hand of God with cheerful spirits, though the heavens poured down rain all night incessantly. One remarkable Providence, never to be forgotten. Some of the company lay under the body of a great tree, it lying some distance from the earth. When the daylight appeared, no sooner was the last man come from under it, but it fell down to their amazement,...
Pagina 26 - So perfect is it adapted to rfic wants every family, — mending the hardest wares and smoothest fractures, and so perfectly colorless,— that with care In cleansing the fractures the broken pieces can be put together without being noticed by the most practised eye. JOHN L. HUNNEWELL, Proprietor, Practical Chemist, 97 Commercial St., - BOSTON, MASS.
Pagina 173 - State; and, if the sum shall be under fifty dollars, the same may be paid to the legatee, or next of kin, or legal representative, without the expense of any probate of will or letter of administration, and it is agreed that such payment shall discharge the corporation.
Pagina 26 - COUGH, is not only perfectly adapted, but that the complaint has at last found a CONQUEROR. I can only assure such that cases can be referred to, where they were declared incurable, which have all the promises of a long life as ever, and with confidence to use it, or correspond with me. Price, $1.00 per bottle; six bottles, $5.00.

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