The Shakespeare Society Papers, Volume 2

Shakespeare Society, 1845
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Pagina 109 - You are my true and honourable wife ; As dear to me as are the ruddy drops That visit my sad heart.
Pagina 14 - Phoebus' mansion ; such a waggoner As Phaeton would whip you to the west, And bring in cloudy night immediately. — Spread thy close curtain, love-performing night ! That run-away's eyes may wink ; and Romeo Leap to these arms, untalk'd of, and unseen ! — Lovers can see to do their amorous rites By their own beauties: or, if love be blind, It best agrees with night. — Come, civil night...
Pagina 31 - Whispered it to the woods, and from their wings Flung rose, flung odours from the spicy shrub, Disporting, till the amorous bird of night Sung spousal, and bid haste the evening star On his hill-top to light the bridal lamp.
Pagina 21 - ... and the story ends with the pious exclamation, " from which devill and all other devills defend us, good Lord ! Amen." We have spoken of the collections of tales, which, at the end of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth centuries...
Pagina 51 - Make a practice on the times, To draw with idle spiders' strings Most ponderous and substantial things! Craft against vice I must apply. With Angelo to-night shall lie His old betrothed but despised; So disguise shall, by th' disguised, Pay with falsehood false exacting, And perform an old contracting.
Pagina 158 - Now at last, after I have wounded the world with too much surfeit of vanitie, I maye bee by the true Helizeus, cleansed from the leprosie of my lewd lines, and beeing washed in the Jordan of grace, imploy my labour to the comfort of the faithfull...
Pagina 56 - Have blown me full of maggot ostentation: I do forswear them; and I here protest, 410 By this white glove — how white the hand, God knows!
Pagina 162 - God our realme could light uppon a Lucillius, then should the wicked bee poynted out from the good, a harlot woulde seeke no harbor at stage plais, lest she shold here her owne name growe in question: and the discourse of her honesty cause her to bee hated of the godly.
Pagina 40 - Our poesy is as a gum, which oozes From whence 'tis nourish'd : the fire i' the flint Shows not till it be struck ; our gentle flame Provokes itself and like the current flies Each bound it chafes.

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