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Pagina 129 - THE BODY of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Printer, (like the cover of an old book, its contents torn out, and stript of its lettering and gilding) lies here food for worms ; yet the work itself shall not be lost, for it will (as he believed) appear once more in a new and more beautiful edition, corrected and amended by THE AUTHOR.
Pagina 28 - Then hey! — for the ripple of laughing rhyme ! When the brain gets as dry as an empty nut, When the reason stands on its squarest toes, When the mind (like a beard) has a " formal cut,"— There is place and enough for the pains of prose ; But whenever the May-blood stirs and glows, And the young year draws to the " golden prime," And Sir Romeo sticks in his car a rose, — Then hey!
Pagina 217 - I shall now proceed to his marriage, in order to which it will be convenient that I first give the reader a short view of his person, and then an account of his wife, and of some circumstances concerning both. He was for his person of a stature inclining towards tallness, his body was very straight, and so far from being encumbered with too much flesh, that he was lean to an extremity.
Pagina 50 - We'd throw with leaves for hours And draw for days with flowers, Till day like night were shady And night were bright like day; If you were Aprils lady, And I were lord in May.
Pagina 50 - If love were what the rose is, And I were like the leaf. If I were what the words are, And love were like the tune, With double sound and single Delight our lips would mingle, With kisses glad as birds are That get sweet rain at noon ; If I were what the words are And love were like the tune.
Pagina 28 - There is place and enough for the pains of prose ; But whenever the May-blood stirs and glows, And the young year draws to the "golden prime," And Sir Romeo sticks in his ear a rose, — Then hey !— for the ripple of laughing rhyme ! In a theme where the thoughts have a pendant-strut, In a changing quarrel of "Ayes " and
Pagina 54 - IN moss-prankt dells which the sunbeams flatter (And heaven it knoweth what that may mean ; Meaning, however, is no great matter) Where woods are a-tremble, with rifts atween ; Thro...
Pagina 67 - Though the many lights dwindle to one light, There is help if the heaven has one; Though the skies be discrowned of the sunlight And the earth dispossessed of the sun, They have moonlight and sleep for repayment, When, refreshed as a bride and set free, With stars and sea-winds in her raiment, Night sinks on the sea.
Pagina 56 - neath a white cloud's hem; They need no parasols, no goloshes; And good Mrs. Trimmer she feedeth them. Then we thrid God's cowslips (as erst his heather), That endowed the wan grass with their golden blooms; And snapt — (it was perfectly charming weather) — Our fingers at Fate and her goddess-glooms: And Willie 'gan sing — (Oh, his notes were fluty; Wafts fluttered them out to the white-winged sea) — Something made up of rhymes that have done much duty, Rhymes (better to put it) of
Pagina 226 - A book of real worth." — Spectator. MODERN MISSIONS: Their Trials and Triumphs. By ROBERT YOUNG, Assistant Secretary to the Missions of the Free Church of Scotland. With many Illustrations, and a Mission Map. Third edition.

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