SINCE the foregoing Lecture was written, I have received, through the post, a Sermon ou the Lord's-day, preached by the Rev. Dr. Hook. The perusal of it has not weakened in the least degree my conviction that we have distinct authority in God's word, and especially in the Fourth Commandment, for the entire sanctification of the first day of the week; neither has it increased, in any measure, my respect for human authority, or the teaching of tradition, in this matterrather the reverse. I allude to it only because I find in it a very distinct recognition of the correctness of many of the positions I have pleaded for in my lecture. Dr. Hook's words are these, page 18:4" Before the delivery of the Mosaic law, we find traces of the observance of one day in seven to be a day of worship and of rest. When the manna fell in the wilderness, as described in Exodus xvi., a Sabbath was known to the Israelites; and, as we gather from the context, it was most probably not observed on the precise day afterwards appointed. The manna fell on the second month of their coming out of Egypt, while the Law was not given till the third month. When we add to this the fact, that the Patriarchs measured their time by weeks, and that when Noah. was in the ark, he sent forth the dove three times at intervals of seven days, we must come to the conclusion that the mention of & Sabbath in the second chapter of the Book of Genesis, must have reference not primarily to the Levitical Sabbath, but to the Patriarchal.”


Truth and its Counterfeits.







I am permitted this evening to bear a part with you in the great work for which you are associated, viz., the encouragement of each other, by converse and by example, in your Christian course, each helping the other to lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset him, and to run with patience the race that is set before him.

I will not waste any portion of the time that ought to be so occupied by deprecatory remarks on my own insufficiency, but at once gird myself to the discharge of my duty, and humbly hope that by God's blessing on us this evening I may be enabled to speak, and you to reflect, upon the subject before

us, in such a spirit as to strengthen us for the conflict with evil and the Evil One, that can cease only with our earthly existence.

The subject before us, “ Truth and its Counterfeits,” is in itself inexhaustible; for as truth embraces all existence, so do her counterfeits everywhere and at all times obtrude upon us their unreal mockery of her beauty. Hypocrisy has been characterised as the homage paid by vice to virtue, and the thought may be generalised. Virtue is but one modification of truth. The will of the Almighty Creator is the essence of all truth, and the Evil One, who was a liar from the beginning, believes and trembles, sees the loveliness of truth, but

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