The Life of Nelson: The Embodiment of the Sea Power of Great Britain, Volume 1

Little, Brown and Company, 1899 - 764 pagina's

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Pagina 711 - May the great God whom I worship, grant to my country, and for the benefit of Europe in general, a great and glorious victory, and may no misconduct in any one tarnish it, and may humanity after victory be the predominant feature in the British fleet!
Pagina 675 - It was new - it was singular - it was simple!'; and, from Admirals downwards, it was repeated - 'It must succeed, if ever they will allow us to get at them! You are, my Lord, surrounded by friends whom you inspire with confidence.
Pagina 686 - Something must be left to chance ; nothing is sure in a sea fight beyond all others. Shot will carry away the masts and yards of friends as well as foes, but I look with confidence to a victory before the van of the enemy could succour their rear...
Pagina 455 - Therefore here you are, with almost the safety, certainly with the honour of England more intrusted to you, than ever yet fell to the lot of any British Officer. On your decision depends, whether our Country shall be degraded in the eyes of Europe, or whether she shall rear her head higher than ever : again do I repeat, never did our Country depend so much on the success of any Fleet as on this. How best to honour our Country and abate the pride of her Enemies, by defeating their schemes, must be...
Pagina 264 - An officer desires to return thanks to Almighty God for his perfect recovery from a severe wound, and also for the many mercies bestowed on him.
Pagina 672 - At half-past ten drove from dear, dear Merton, where I left all which I hold dear in this world, to go and serve my King and country. May the great God whom I adore enable me to fulfil the expectations of my country ; and if it is His good pleasure that I should return, my thanks will never cease being offered up to the throne of His mercy. If it is His good providence...
Pagina 336 - To obey orders is all perfection. To serve my king, and to destroy the French, I consider as the great order of all, from which little ones spring; and if one of these militate against it (for who can tell exactly at a distance ?) I go back and obey the great order and object, to down — down with the damned French villains!
Pagina 468 - Well,' said he as he left the Elephant, ' I have fought contrary to orders, and I shall perhaps be hanged ! Never mind, let them...
Pagina 720 - I am going fast; it will be all over with me soon. Come nearer to me. Let my dear Lady Hamilton have my hair and all other things belonging to me.
Pagina 468 - On the officer returning to the poop, his Lordship called after him, "Is No. 16, for close action, still hoisted?" The lieutenant answering in the affirmative, Lord Nelson said, "Mind you keep it so." He now walked the deck considerably agitated, which was always known by his moving the stump of his right arm. After a turn or two he said to me, in a quick manner, "Do you know what's shown on board of the Commander-in-Chief ? No. 39!" On asking him what that meant, he answered, "Why, to leave off...

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