19. Whan þe bischop hom is wend

from þat (sterne) stryf,

(to deþ a me)ssager þan send 76 (is by) Þe kyng of lif. 20. (Þe kyng) him wold do undirstond,

(þat al) he may del and digt;

(he) wold come into his owin lond, 80 on him to kyth his mijt. 21. Deth comith – he dremith a dredful dreme,

welle azte alle carye!

and slow fader and moder and þen eme : 84 he ne wold none sparye. 22. Sone affter hit be-fel, þat deth and life

beth to-geder i-taken,

and ginneth and strivith a sterne strife, 88 [þe) king of life to wrake. 23. With him [he] drivith a-doun to grounde,

he dredith no-thing his kniztis,

and delith him [a] depe deþis wounde, 92 and kith[ith] on him his migtis. 24. When þe body is doun i-brojt,

þe soule sorow a-wakith ;

þe bodyis pride is dere a-bogt: 96 þe soule þe fendis takith. 25. And throgh priere of oure lady mylde

þe soule and body schul dispyte;

ho wol prey her son so mylde, 100 al godenisse ho wol qwyte.

26. Þe cors þat nere knewe of care,

no more þen stone in weye,

schal (forb)-with of sorow and sore care 104 (tremble) be-twene ham tweye.

27. þe soule þer-on schal be weye,

þat þe fendes haveth i-kajte;

and oure lady schal þer-for preye, 108 so þat with her ho schal be lafte.

73 Wand. Je. is jam. 74 fram. 75 ...ssenger. 76 be je. 78 he] Je. 79 cum. ouin. 81 he and. 83 heme. 93 Qwhen. 99 scho. 100 scho. 98 und 100 in der Hs. vertauscht. 108 ho] he.

28. Nou beith in pes and beith hende,

and distourbith nogt oure place!

For þis oure game schal gin and ende 112 throgh Jesus Cristis swete grace.

Rex vivus incipit sic dicendum : 29. Pes now, je princes, of powere so prowde,

je kinges, je kempes, je knigtes i-korne,

ze barons bolde, þat beith me o-bowte: 116 (sem) schal zu my sawe, swaynis i[s]worne! 30. Sqwieris stoute, stondith now stille,

and lestenith to my hestes, i hote zu now her;

or [i] schal wirch zu wo with werkes of wil, 120 and doun schul je drive, be je never so dere!

King ich am, kinde of kinges i-korne,
al þe worlde wide to welde at my wil;

naþ þer never no man, of woman i-borne, 124 0-gein me with-stonde, þat i nolde him spille. 32. Lordis of lond, beith at my ledinge!

Al men schul a-bow in hal and in bowr;

33. boldlich pou art mi bot,
128 tristilich and ful trewe;

of al mi raste pou art rot,
i nil change for no newe.

Rex. 34. Al in wel ich am bi-went, 132 may no grisful þing me greve;

likyng is wyth me bil(e)nt,

alyng is hit mi beheve.
35. Streynth and Hele, knygtis kete,
136 [doghti and] derist in dede,

lok[ith), þat for no þing je let,
smertlich to me [to] spede!

113 Überschr. incipet. 120 schal. 121 korre. 123 nas. borre. 126 schal. 127 baldli. 128 treu. 130 chong. 132 ne. grou. 134. behou. 135 strent. kyntis. 136 det rift. 137 lok y. 138 smartli.

36. Bringith wyth you brigte brondis,
140 helmis brigt and schene;

for ich am lord ovir al londis,
and þat is wel i-sene.

Primus miles, Fortitudo. 37. Lord, in trupe pou migt trist, 144feyfullich to stonde;

þou migt live as pe list,

for won [of] schildis þou fonde. 38. Ich am Streynthe, stif and strong, 148 no-whar is sich non

in al þis world, brod and long,

imad of blod and bon.
39. Have no dout of no þing,
152 þat evir may befal:

ich am Streynth, þi derling,
flour of knigtis al.

Secundus miles, Sanitas.
40. King of life, þat berist þe croun,
156 as hit is skil and rizte:

ich am Hele, i com to toun,

þi kinde, curteyse knigte. 41. þou art lord of lim and life, 160 and king with-outen ende,

stif and strong and sterne in strife,

in londe wher pou wende.
42. þou nast no nede to sike sore
161 for no thing on lyve;

pou schalt lyve ever more:
who dar with Þe strive ?

Rex. 43. Strive? nay; to me who is so gode? 168 hit were bot folye;

þer is no man, þat me dur bode

any vileynye. 44. Wher-of schuld i drede, 172 when ich am king of live?

140 schend. 141 ofir. 142 uel. 145 þe) je. 147 strent. 148 whar) uar. suc. 153 strenyt. 162 qwher. 166. 167 qwho. 171 qwher. 172 qhwen, life.

ful evil schuld he spede,

to me þat worth [a] strive.
45. I schal lyve ever mo,
176 and croune ber as kinge;

i ne may never wit of wo.
i lyve at my likinge.

46. Sire, pou saist, as þe liste;
180 þou livist at þi wille.

Bot somthing þou (havest) miste,

and þer-for hold þe stille!
47. Thinke, þou haddist beginninge,
184 when þou were i-bore;

and bot þou make god endinge,

þi sowle is forlore.
48. Love God and holy chirche,
188 and have of him som eye;

fonde his werkes for to wirch,
and thinke, þat þou schalt deye!

49. Douce dame, whi seistou so ?
192 þou spekist nogt as þe sleye.

I schal lyve ever mo,

for bohe two þin eye.
50. Woldistou þat i were dede,
196 þat þou migt have a newe?

Hore, pe devil gird of þi hede,
bot þat worde schal þe rewe!

Regina. 51. Dede, sire? Nay, God wote my wil: 200 þat ne kepte i nogte;

hit wolde like me ful ille,

were hit þare-to brojte!
52. (Sir, al-)þeigh þou be kinge,
204 nede schalt[u] have ende;

deth over-comith alle thinge,
hou-so-ever we wende.

184 qwhen. 191 qwhi. 203 þogh. 205 oure.

53. Je, dame, þou hast wordis fale,
208 hit comith þe of kinde:

þis nis bot [a] woman[is] tale,

and þat i wol þe finde. 54. I ne schal never deye, 212 for ich am king of life;

deth is undir myne eye,

and þer-for leve þi strife!
55. þou dost bot make myn herte sore,
216 for hit nel nogt helpe;

i prey þe, spek of him no more!
what woltu of him zelpe ?

56. Jilpe, sire? ney, so mot i the:
220 i sigge hit nogt ther-fore;

bot kinde techid bohe þe and me,

first when we were bore,
57. for dowte of dethis maistri
224 to wepe and make sorowe;

holy writ and prophecye

þer-of i take to borowe.
58. þer-for while ze have mijte :
228 and fal] þe worlde at wille,

i rede, ze serve God almigte

boþe loude and stille.
59. þis world is bot fantasye,
232 and ful of trechurye;

gode sire, for youre curteysye,
take pis for no folye!

60. For God (wot] wel þe sobe,
236 i ne sigge hit for no fabil:

deth wol smyte [also] to þe;
in feith, loke pou be stabil!

61. What prechistou of dethis migt
210 and of his maistrye?

209 women. 218 qwhat. wolte. 220 qwher. 221 techit. 222 qwhen. 227 qwhile. 236 sey. 239 qwhat.

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