Jus Chrif whom thou bift fent : Increase this knowledge, and confirm this faith in me evermore. let me not rest in a dead faith, but that I may have such a lively faith as will shew itself by love and good works; such a victorious faith, which may enable me to overcome the world, and conform me to the image of thy Son Jesus Christ, in whom I believe. Ogrant me such a due sense of thy infinite mercy, she wed to mankind in so much initery, as may never departout of my mind,

I ftedfastly believe, O blessed Jesus, that thou didft fuffer upon the cross to save me and all the world from the guilt and punishment of our sins. Ogive

that grace, that I may dic to fin, and rile again unto righteousness! Accept my imperfe& forrow, repenrance, faith, and weak resolutions; and let thy piecious merits, O my crucified Saviour, supply all my, wants and imperfe&ions. Thou hast said, Come unto me, all ye that labour, and are weary and beavy laden, and I will nefresh you, O blessed Jelus, I come unto thee in all humility, and deeply fenfible of my great unworthiness ; ( do thou bear this burden of fin for me, and refreth me with comfortable hopes of thy mercy and forgiveness, and the truth of thy falvation, ( gracious Lord ; to whom, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be all honour and glory for ever. Amen. See Plalm xix. lvii. Eph. ii. 6, 11.

A Thankful Remembrance of the Death of Chrilt.



only Son Jesus Christ to suffer Death upon the Crois for our Redemption, « and hast instituted and ordained holy Mysteries, as Pledges of his love, and for a " continual Remembrance of his Death and Paffion, to our great and endlets Com“ fort :” · Behold, I do nost affectionately, and with all the Powers of my Soul and Body, return my most hearty Praise and Thanksgiving for thy great Mercy and tender Compassion to me and all mankind in lending thy only Son into the World to redeem us from Sin and Misery, and by his meritorious Death and Passion, to purchale for lis eternal life. Grant, O Lord, that I may always molt gratefully remeniber this exceeding love of my only Saviour Jesus Christ, thus dying for me, and work in me all such holy and heavenly Affections, as may dispofe iny heart to be a worthy Guest at thy holy Table, prepared for the continual Remembrance of the Sacrifice of the Death of Christ, and of those Benefits which we receive thereby. Praise the Lord, O my Soul, and forget not all bis Benefits; who forgiveth all thy Sins. and bealeth all thine Infirmities ; who saveth thy Life from Destruclion, and crownoth thee with Mercy and Loving-kindness. See Psal. ciii. 2, 3, 4.

A Prayer for the grace of Charity.
Lord, who haft taught us that all our Doings without Charity are nothing

worth ; send thy Holy Ghost, and pour into my Heart that most excellent « Gift of Charity, the very Bond of Peace, and of all Virtucs, without which

« whofuever liveth is counted dead before thee;" more especially when I am go. ing to commemorate the unspeakable Love of my blessed Saviour in dying för me, let not my Heart be deftitute of Love towards my Brethren: Extend thy Mercy , and Forgiveness unto all mine Enemies, Persecutors and Slanderers, and turn their Hearts; which I Es fincerely beg for them, as I hope for Mercy and Forgiveness at thy hands. Possess me with Kindness and Good-will for all Mankind, that my Faith may work by Love, and dispote my Heart according to my Ability, to admi. nister towards the Wants and Necessities of those who are any Ways afflicted or dirtressed in Mind, Body, or Eftare; and to do unto all Men as I would they should do unto me; and give me that Charity which covereth a Multitude of Sins, that by doing Good for Evil, all Men may know that I am thy Disciple Grant this for Jesus's fake, Amen.

See Psalm xv. cxxxiii. xli. cxii. Matth. XXV. 34, 41. Matth. xviii. 21. 1 Cor. xiii.

A Prayer the Morning you intend to communicate.
Moft gracious and eternal Lord God, who bast called all such as are weary

and heavy laden to come unto thee by Faith and Repentance, and thou wilt refresh them : In Affiance of this thy gracious Invitation, I will come to thy heavenly Table, not trusting in my own Righteousness, but in thy manifold and great Mercies; and although I am not worthy so much as to gather up the Crumbs that fall from thy Table, yet since it is thy Property always to have Mercy, I wiil not despair of a kind Reception : Forgive my want of a due Preparation, and accept of my sincere Desire to perform an acceptable Service unto thee: Clothe me with the Wedding Garment, even the Graces of the Gofpel, and then I am sure I shall be a welcome Guest at thy Table, when I shall come thither ia the Likeness of thy Son Jetus Christ, in whom thou art well pleased. Poffefs my Soul with a lively Faith, profound Humility, filial Obedience, inflamed Affection, and universal Charity, that jo I may become a worthy Partaker of these holy Mysteries, to my great and entless Comforr. Grant this, O heavenly Father, if it be thy blessed Will, through Jesus Chrift. Amen.

Our Fatber, &c.
See Psalm xxiï xxv. xxvi.


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Sbort Prayers and Meditations before the Minister at Church begins th:

Communion Service.

At going up to the Altar. N the Multitude of thy tender Mercies, O Lord God, do I now approach thine

Altar ; O pardon my Sins, and look not upon my Unworthiness, (ior I am a fintul Creature, O Lord) but upon those Motives which drew me hither, even my own Miseries; and thy tender Mercies: therefore help me to supply in Humility what I I want in Worthiness, and let my bended Knees and contrite Heart Thew that i durit

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no' have' adventured hither, had not thy Mercy held out the golden Scepter, and faid, Come unta me, all ye tbat labour, and are beavy laden, and I will refresh you.

At giving your Aims. O which I freely offer towards the relief of any of thy puor Members, Mark xii. 42.

Wken the Priest is setting in order the Elements to be confecrated. OOK.down, O Lord God, froin thy holy Habitation, and from the glorious Throne of thy kingdom, and fanctify us.

Wken you receive the Iriad.


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thou giveft unto me the Bread of Life. Evermore give me this Bread, that may cat thereof, and not die eternally. John vi. 34, 50.

After receiving the Biiad.
CT unto us, O Lord, not unto us, lui unto thy Name give the. Praise, for
thy loving Mercy, and for thy Truth’s Saké.

Before receiving the Cup
HAT Reward shall I give unto the Lord for all the Benefits that he hath

done unto me? I will receive the Cup of Salvation, and call upon the Name of the Lord.

After Drinking
LESSED b: God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for his unspeakable

Gift, in whom we have Redemption through his Blood, even the Forgiveness of our Sins.

Hben you retire from the Altar.
Less the Lord, O my Soul, and all that is within me bless his holy Name ;

bless the Lord, O my Soul, and forget not all his Benefits; who forgiveth " all thine Iniquities, and healeth all thy Diseases; who redeemeth thy Life from

Destruction, and crowneth thee with Loving-kindnes and tender Mercies." O let that heavenly Food, which thou haft fo lately fed me with, transfuse new Life and new Vigour into my Soul, and into the Souls of all those who have been Partakers with me of this holy Communion, that our Faith, Hope and Charity, may daily increase, and that we may all grow in Grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jefus Christ. - Amen and Amen.

See Psalm viii. xxiii. Ixvi. ciï.

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Prayers and Meditations which may be joined to the former, where the Communions

are large. P:

Afpirations for a devout Communicant.
Nlighten, O Lord, the Eyes of my Understanding with the Light of Faith and

Wisdoin, that 1 may ever look on thee my Redeemer as the Way, the Truth, and the Life, which leadeth unto eternal. Life.What am I, Lord, and what is my



Father's House, that thou shouldst thus follow me with thy Blessings? I was created by thee and for thee, and mayit thou ever be the Comfort of my Soul. God Jesus, my Hope and only Retuge, 1 here render three heait, Thanks for all thy Sufferings, and I beg that I may find shelter in tliy Wounds against all Enemies, Ghostly, and Bodily: Imprint the Memory of them taft in my Heart, that I may love thee, and in all my Sufferings never want thy divine Affistance, cr torget what thou hast suffered for me. Take from me all Sulf-Love, and give me perfect Love for thee, that I may now be more faithful in my Duty; and let nothing ior the future put me out of my Way : 0 that I could ever remeinber thee, think of thee, and delight in thec alone, and love thee only, who hast loved us, and washed us with ihy most precivus Blood from the Guilt of our Sins. Othat my Senses may ever be shut against all Vanity and Sin, that my mind being free from all fruitless Solicitude and Fear, I may fix my Heart there where true Joys are only to be found. From henceforth I will seek unto thee my only. Good; my Affecticns and Desires shall be fixed on thee, in whose presence there is Fulness of Joy, and at whose right Hand there are pleasures for evermore.--My Will I now resign into thy Hands, defiring that thy Will may be mine, both now and for ever. Be thou my Instructor and Director in all things, that I may never do or speak, defire or think, any thing but what is according to thy good Will.

AM thy Servant, O Lord, O give me Understanding according to thy

Word, that I may learn thy Commandments, and lay aside all Interest, beside that of Heaven. O sweet Jesus, Fountain of all Goodness, guide my Feet in thy Paths, and teach me to do thy Will: Disengage my Heart from all unprofitable Solicitude and vain Desires; and though I live here upon Earth, yet raise my Affections to Things above, How sweet O Lord, is thy Spirit ! how pleasant to my lips are the Words of thy Mouth! () that I could ever be mindful of them, to iulfil thy laws ! Make me to die daily to the World and all its Vanities, and let the Greatness of thy Love make all that is earthly appear as nothing to me. Protect me against mine Enemies, and in all Dangers appear in my Defence : Make haste to help me, O Lord, and say unto my Soul, I am thy Salvation. Remember thou art my Redeemer, and have Compassion on my poor distressed Soul ; clothe it with all Virtue, and feed it with thy Grace, for it belongs to thee to take care of thole whom thou hast redeemed. In thee I live, sweet Jesus, for thy fake I desire to die; both living and dying I will ever profess that thou art good, and that thy Mercy endures for ever.

That I could now give thee, O Lord, all that Praise, Glory and Honour;

with which the Angels and blessed Spirits glorify thee in Heaven ! But because I am unable to do this, accept at least this my Desire and good Will. Deliver me, O God, from every thing that is contrary to thy Will, and be pleared fo to dispose of my Soul as may be for thy Glory and Honour. I surren,



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der myself into thy hands, and entirely resolve to submit to that State of life thou shalt please to appoint me; and if it be more for thy honour that I suffer, I chearfully accept it; not my Will, but thine be done. Let nothing be now my Comfort but thou, Lord Jesu, and nothing afflict me but my Sins, and whatever else is dilpleasing to thy divine Majesty. O blefld Jelus, Life Eternal, by whom I live, and without whom I die, grant that I may now be united to thee, and that in the Embraces of thy holy Love and divine Will, I may rest for ever.

When thall i fc thee, iweet Saviour ; when shall I ampear before thy Face; when thaddl ice thee in the land of the Living ! Till then, I sigh and bewail my Banishment, desir ng to be diffolv:d, and to be with Christ.

in A&t of Thankfulnes and Resolution before the Post-Communion legins PRAISE the Lord, O my Sul, and all that is within me bless bis boly Name; for

now I find the Mercy, the Peace, the Comtort, and the Grace which flows from this Fountain of Spiritual Communion with Christ: Let all the World know what he hath done for my Soul; he hath rescued me, and many of thele my poor Brethren, from the nethermoft Hell : Wherefore I will love thes, O holy Jesú, more than I can express, and live and die in that most holy Religion which theu haft revealed to me. O let me never pollute that Body, s defile that Soul, which the Saviour of the World delights to dwell in. Olet no Oaths or Lyings, Backbitings or Slanderings, profane thote Lips, no Obicenity or Intemperance pollute that Mouth, through which thete holy Symbuls have so lately passed : Por which fresh instance of thy Mercy and Goodness, I will praise thy holy Nime beseeching thce to keep me in this Temper and Resolution of Mind, until D.ath is sw allowed up in Victory. Amen. Upon Christmas Day, and seven Days after, you may add tbele to your other Devotions.


Compassicn upon Mankind in their greatest Misery, and hast provided fo admisable a Remedy, by sending thy only begotten Son to recover our corrupt and digenerate Nature, and by the Purity of his Doctrine, the Example of his life, and the Sacrifice of his Death, to purchase eternal Happiness for us. Grant, O Lord, that through the affistance of thy Grace and heavenly Benediction, I may daily comply with those great things which thou hast done and designed for my salvation. Poffefs my Suul with Purity and Piery, and all other Christian Graces and Virtues ; that living toberly, righteously, and godly in this present World, I may hercafter dwell w th chee, O Father of Merciis, and God ot ail Comforts, in thole Mansions of Bliss and Glory which thou hast prepared for them that love thee. Amen. See Psal. xix. lxxxix. xliv.

Easter-Day, and fever Days after. Teffed Jesus, who haft triumphed over the Powers of Darkness, and conquered Hell and the Grave, and who, by thy glorious Resurrection, haft made

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