for Conscience-fake, are briefly described. · In Answer to the Déclaration of their Persecuto's Apologizing for the same, printed anno 1654. Second Part, Being a farther Relation of the cruel and Bloody Sufferings of. the people called Quakers in New-England, continued from anno i660, to anno 1665. beginning with the Sufferings of William Leddra, whom they put to Death: Published by George Bishop in anno 1661. and 1667. and now somewhat Abreviated. With an Appendix, containing the Writings of several of the Sufferers; with some Notes; Thewing the Accomplishment of their Prophecies; and, a Poftfcript of the Judgments of God, that have befallen divers of their persecutors. Also, An Answer to Cotton Mather's Abuses of the said peu. ple, in his late History of New-England, printed anno 1702. The whole being at this time published in the said peoples Vindication, as a Reply to all his Nan. derous Calumnies.

Anguis Flagellatus; or, a Switch for the Snake.. Being an Answer to the Third and Last Edition of the Snake in the Grafs. Wherein the Author's Injustice and Fallhood, both in Quotation and story, are dis.. covered and uhviated ; and the Truth Doctrinally delivered by us, stated and maintained, in opposition to his Misrepresentation and perversion. By Fos. Wyeth. To which is added, A Supplement, by G.W.

Academia Cælestis: The Heavenly University; or, the Highest School, where alone is that Highest Teaching, the Teaching of the Heart. By Francis Roufe, fome. time Provost of Eaton-Colledge. A Treatise written above Threescore Years since : The Third Edition, Revised and Compared with the Latin. price is.

The Saints Travel to Spiritual Canaan; wherein are discovered several false Rests, short of the true Spiritual Coming of Christ in his people. With a brief Discovery of what the Coming of Christ in Spirit is, who is the alone true Rest and Center of Spirits. By. R Wilkinson. First printed in the Year 1655. Price Bound is.

There is in the press, À Treatise of Baptism and the Lord's Supper, with several others, collected in one Volume. Written by Thomas Lawson, Deceased.

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