Now while People kept in the Love of God, Jude 21. they built up oneando cher in the“ most Holy Faith, and praying in the Holy Ghost, there were great Fruits of it brought forth, and special Care taken, that there was no lack , and one Church fent unto another, and Collections were made, and distributed as every Man had need; and none oppressed, on any hand.

And Glory to God for ever, he hatly gathered a Remnant by his own Reveal ed Arm, and the true Church is in God,

Theff. 1. and 2 Thell. 1. And in him she lives, and loves one another, and injures no Man; and the Law of the Spirit of Life, hath made the Faithful free from the Law of Sin and Death. And what the Law of Moles could not do, Christ hath done, and doth; and fo brings in perfect Love, that casteth out havish Fear of want.. And those that go not in the Love of God, but in the Love of Self, and the High Things that are in this World ; these neither profit their own Souls, nor the Souls of others; nor do thele get Victory over either the World, or Sin; but are carried away of their own Lufts, and enticed; falling into diyers Temptations and Snares, and many hurtful Lufts: And tho' when they


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come at the last Day, which Christ speaks of, and fay, Lord, we have preached and prayed in thy Name, we have eaten and drank in thy Presence, and in thy Name casi out Devils, and done many Wonderful Works; yet I will say, says he, to them, Depart from me, I know ye not, ye Workers of Iniquity.

Oh that all, thạt name the Name of Chrift, may consider these things, and depart from Iniquity, and obey the great God of Heaven and Earth: For it is not every one that saith, Lord, Lord, that al enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doth the Wit of the Father which is in Heaven,

O Lord, thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done, in Earth, as it is in Heaven: So prayeth he, that wisheth well to all the Children of Men,

J. G. Written in the 12tb Montb,

callod February, 1701


Clergy-Man's Pretence

Ô F Divine Right to TITHES,

Examined and Refuted. .

W. W. á

Here is a Book come to my Hands of

thy putting forth, as it seems, con1 caining most part of the Letters thou didit write to T. S. and mine, in Answer to them: I suppose thy Cause, as thou thinkest, is so well pleaded, that thou would'st print them without my Privity or Knowledge, to thew, perhaps, as thou conceitedit, thy Parts and Wisdom, and my Weakness and Ignorance. I did not think, when I wrote those Letters to thee, that thou would'At have published them without making me acquainted; for if I had thought so, I should have been more exact, both as to Argument and Orthography : But however, tho' thou hast endeavoured co Expose me, and the Cause I stand in defence of; yet I see not that any unbyalled Perfon harh just occafion to cry Victory on thy fide : For Solid Answers thou givest' very few, but art full stock'd with Taunts, Evasions, and Flou. rishes; as tho' the things I wrote to thee, were fo easily answered, that thou sportest thy self

. with

with ridiculing both them and me, yea, and my Friends also. But this. I am not very free to let pass, left thou should'st not only boast of Victory before thou hast obrąin'd it; but chiefly, lest Truth, and Honest Enquirers, and Lovers of it, should suffer, by thy Knacks, Tricks, and liulė Arrs, to càrrg on thy Un-Gospel Practice, of taking Tiibes of them that receive nothing from thee af all, not need any thing of thine , and therefore are fore oppress'd by thee...

In my First Letçer, I told thee, No Law of God can be produc'd for. Such Work under the Gospel Dispensation, (viz. for taking of Tithes. ) This thou never disproved'st yet, nor produced'tt any Law of God for it. I also told ihes, That a Clergy-man, I fupposes obou takeft to. bei one called to the Mininistry of the Gospel : If fo, then he is sent of God, gifted, fitted and furnished by the Lord, and as he freely receives, so he is commanded freely to give Mat. 10.8. Buc

find no word from Chrift, in all the Neis Testament, to sell and force payment, whe, ther People will or no. This chou also haft not yet disproved, nor canít, nor all the World to help thee. i. * But thou tellist me in thy Second Letter; Tbat: by oversight thou omitted ft this, and fayeft, I fould explain, my self, what sort of Mission, and what sort of, Gifts I Speak of ; for thou fayest, If I mean Extraordinary Million,' or Supernatural Gifts, such as our Saviour Speaks of in Mar. 10. & 8. tbou must deny, that thou takeft Clergyman ta be one so called of God, and lo


Mat. Gifts such an aordinary Mitin for thou

Gifted : This is thy plain Confession. But dok chou know of none Called of God, Gified, Fitted, Furnished, and Sent of him freely, in his great Love, in these Days ? Then who Sends, thee and thy Brethren? And who Fits and Furnishes you, or Calls you to what you do? The Gifts I mean, are such as come from above, such as God gives to fit Men for the Minifry, of the Gospel, good and perfect Gifts, as. James faith, chap. 1. 17. that come from above, from the Father of Lights; with whom is no variablenefs, neither shadow of change; such as in Epb.4. 11,&c. are fpoken of, some Apostles, fome Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, for the perfecting of the Saints, for the work of the Ministry, for the Edifying of the Body of Christ; till we all come into the Unity of the Faith, and of the Knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfe&t Man; unto the imeasure of the fature of the fulness of Christ : That we benceforth be no more Children, tolled to and fro, and carried about with every Wind of Doctrine, by the right of Men, and cunning Craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive ; but Speaking the Truth in Love, they may groru up in kim in all things, which is the Head, even Cbrift. And these are the Gifts I mean. · Now thou callelt thy self a Paftor, and subscribest thy self T.S's Paftor; bar who made thee fo?

These Gifts are from above, good and perfect, supernatural and divine Gifts, to fit Men for Divine. Services and Worship, And if thou hast nor the Gift of a Pastor given thee from above freely, from the Fa


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