he bids them Go, they go; and what he bids them Do, they do it: So, Blessed' be his Name for ever, they have wanted nothing to this day, that hath been meet and convenient for them; tho? deep Sufferings have attended them in several places, with many Troubles, Exercifes, &c. yet all work together for good, to them that love God; and in what Estate soever they are; they have learnt therewith to be content: So that they take joyfully the Spoiling of their Goods, but never spoil any Man's ; and rejoyce they are thought worthy to suffer for Christ's lake, but never make any Body suffer for his ; bat love all Men, and do as they would be done unto; never pretending to have Power over the Faith of any, nor offer to force them unto their Faith ; for they know Faith is the Gift of God, and not of Man; and that it is not only given them from God to Believe, but to Suffer for his fake. So they never offer to be as Lord's over God's Heritage, or anything of that kind : But he that is greatest, is Servant of all; for their Greatness is not in out ward Riches and Worldly Power; for their Master's Kingdom is not of this World: But their Greatness is in their be

ing ing more gifted with Spiritual Gifts, and endow'd with Power from above, to carty them on in the Work of the Ministry; whereby they become ferviceable to all that believe and partake of the Faith and Love of God, who lives and abides for ever. The Fruits of the Spirit, faith the Apostle, are Love, Gal. 5. And a Remnant can fay, it is Fruitful to this Day, praised be our God for ever; amongst and in chem that live and walk in it. And I wishi ţhat all chofe, that fáy they believe, would receive it, being the Invitation is fo large, that every one that will, may come, and take freely, Rev. 22. 19.. * But if Men will not : For the World loves it's own, and if any Man love the World, the Love of God is not in him : I say, If Men will not receive the Ho. ly Ghoit, but feliit, quench,' delpile it. turn from it, and set it at nought; and yet after all, as we may see former Ages did, pretend still to be Sent of God, and be Ministers of Christ, &c. 'tis no wonder that such Men (as Jude and Peter speaks of) are Sensual, Selfij), Worldly, Proud, Covetous, and Vnmerciful; cryingout, not unto God, but to the Great Ones of the Earth,

Help, Help, Give, Give; for here are Men e come abroad, a fort of People, that have Laws

4 4 . diverse

diyerse from all People, neither keep they tkę King's Laws ; so it is not for the King's prom fit to suffer them : Let it be written, that they may be deftroy'd, Esth.3.8,9. Here was that Spirit in Haman, which was for destroying Man, Woman and Child, and has appeared in divers Ages of the World. But what Evil had they done? Why they would not bow the Knee, nor it seems worship proud and haughty Man: For the Humble would not be worshipped, por the Servants of God, tho Angels." But were they Honest, True, and Peaceable Subjects to the King? Yes : And so true, that Mordecai discovered two of Haman's People to be Traitors to the King; and Haman could not charge Mordecai, nor his People, in the least, with any thing of that kind, as appeared afterwards; but all that gave Ofence was, their

Atanding firm in their Obedience to, and Worshipping of theïr God : But they, a Peaceable People, and Quiet in the Land, paid due Allegiance unto the King, were very Honest and Just to all Men, without Respect of Persons; and the Lord shew'd his Care of them, his own People, after all the false' Accusations and Misrepresenta tions of Haman, and so wrought in the Heart of the King, that the King causa che Records to be Tearched, and their


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Loyalty and Honesty appear'd; and the King's Heart turn’d to shew them Favour, and they were presery'd. .

Now God is the same at this Day, and is as All-sufficient as ever ; and nothing shall befall his people, without his Providence: So that all his Servants may trust and confide in him ; who hath delivered, doth, and we hope will deliver all that live in true Obedience unto him, and will give them of his good Spirit, and provide for them : So that neither Food nor Raiment, no, nor Grace, Glory, nor any good thing, will' he with-hold from them thaç walk uprightly; for his Love is an Ever, lasting Love, and his Mercies endure for evermore, ..And they that keep his Commandments, abide in his Love : Where the Love of God is, it will not be said to a Brother or Sister, that wants Raiment, or is destitute of daily Food, Depart in Peace, be ye warmed and filled; and not give them those things they need for the Body ; fee James 2. 15, 16. For, God hath chosen the Poor of this World, Rich in Faith, and Heirs of ine Kingdom, which he hath promised to them that Love him. Verf. 5. "But Rich Men oppress the Poor, and draw them before the Fudg;


mene Seats. Verl. 6. Faith without Works is Dead. Verf. 7. So God is Love: He that dwells in God, dwells in Love; and loves bis Brother, whom he hath seen; 'elle bow can he love God, whom he bath not seen? And here's the true Church, that is cloath'd with the Wedding - Garment : She hath put on Charity, a Beautiful Robe Indeed; and by this she is known to be the Lord's : She loves him better than either Silver or Gold; yea, better than either Husband, Wife, Child, Parents,' or her own Life; or else she would not be worthy of him :" And in this Love she ferves him, and all that are his, yea, all the Sons and Daughters of Men; for they are his both by Creation and Purchase, and gives cheerfully to the Needy; and God loves a cheerful Giver. And this is the Christian Liberty of Love, and it is Glorious, the Heart is enlarged; here's no Force or Compulsion upon any : But those whom Christ sends out, If they will not receive you, when ye depart, Bake off the Dust of your Feet, for 4 Testimony against them : But not a word of Suing them at Law, and making them pay, whether they will hear the Hireling Priests or no.


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