me, or thee either ; yet I see not, but whý : I may, in Brotherly Love to T. S. write an Answer to a Letier or Letters for him, either to thee, or any other Man, and no Disparagement to his Measure of Light and Grace neither: For every Man is not Gifted alike for Quantity, though in Quality the Light or Grace is one in all. I hope it is no Hurt to serve one another in Truch and Love, as we are able. Yet, let me tell thee, I question not but he hath thật in him, which is sufficient to carry him through all the Exercises he meets wich, and to help him to Keep a Con science void of Offence, botb towards God and Men: And it is of the Lord's Mercy that he knows it, or else he had till been Servant to Man : The Lord's Strength is manifest in such weak Vessels, as his and mine ; and therefore, through the Riches of his Love to us in Christ Jesus, we can say, as some did of old, Though we cannot Dispute and Reason, like Scholafticks; yet we, by Gud's asistance, can Suffer. And as my Friend knows God's Gift in himself, and abides therein, he knows mine, that is given me of God also, in Measure : So that thy Taunt of a Will with the Wifp, I value not.

Thy next Question is, whether it be the part of a Conscientious Man, to give bimself up to an Implicit Conduct, when thole that lead bim may bave bad Motives.

This I answer'd in part before, and do now fay positively, It is not And therefore it is that

Ť. Si

1. S. refuses thy blind Conduct; for knowing the Lord to be his Teacher, he is become a Follower of him; and thou oughi'lt not to be offended for that. And as for such Men, as take upon them to be Conductors and Leaders of others, but have had Motives, I wish thou may'll look to it ; for certainly those that seek the Fleece more than the Flock, have bad Motives, and as it appears, that in Ages past there have been too many such, so there are still, of which Number it were well if thou could'st acquit thy felf.

But thou makelt a fair flourish, and say'ft, concerning thy self and Brethren, We lead not our People implicitly. It seems thou reckonelt thy self a Leader then; but surely a very dangerous One, as thy own words teftifie; for thou sayest, We do not pretend to an Inf allible Light within us, but are dark Creatures. And though thou pretendest, We Exbort People to bear us, no farther than what we Teach is agreeable to tbe Holy Scriptures; yet suppose fome one of thy Hearers Thould believe, that

thou doft Exhort farther than is agreeable tơ -- the Holy Scriptures, who must be Judge of

thy Exhortation ? He believes thou dost, and therefore leaves off hearing thee any more: Wilt thou quit him of his Tithes, and not force him to help to maintain thee to Lead others, as he truly believes, directly contrary to the Holy Scriptures? Why, let him chule whether he will have any of thy Matter, or Manner of Conduct, or no, he must pay for

ir : it. And he, if he do pay for it willingly looks upon himself to be guilty, and to sin against God, in helping to hold up á False Teacher, a Deceitful Worker, who with good Words and fair Speeches, deceives his Simple Followers; and therefore he chooses rather to suffer, than maintain such a Leader; which was the Case of some of the Holy Martyrs. Yet if the Priels must be their own Judges, and have Law to compel Maintenance from People, against the clear Evidence of their own Faith and Conscience, I think this is an

Unreasonable and Unrighteous Law; and as 1 Babylon rose by that means to her Exorbitant

Power and Grandeur, so cake that away, and in ihe will quickly fall again.

But a little more to that dangerous Tenet of thine, viz. We do not pretend to an Infallible Ligbt within us. What ihen, William? Ye do not, it seems, pretend to God, who is Light,

i John 1. 5. and is Infallible; wirbout Variablei nefs, or Jadori of Change, Jam. 1. 17, and is in

ws, according to his Promise, Levit. 26. 12. &

2 Cor. 6. 16. Ye do not pretend to Christ, i who is the Light of the World, John g. 5. and

who is God over all blesed for ever, Rom.9.5. į and fo Infallible. Again, He is in All, Col. 3: į ít. but more especially in his People; I in i bem, John 19. 23, 26. And therefore the

Apostle Paul puts the Corinthians upon à pat

ticular Search, as to this master ; saying, E i amine your selves, whether we be in the Faith; prove your own selves, know ye not your own



being one wit, yea, Infailight, and you; for

selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except je be Reprobates, 2. Cor. i 3.5. Ye do not pretend to the Spirit of God neither; for the Spirit of Truth is God; and Infallible, and dwelleth in the Hearts of the Faithful: Know ye not, that ge are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelletb in you ? 1 Cor. 3. 16. For ihefe are evident Deductions from thy Assertion : Whereby thóú haft excluded thy self and Brethren from having any thing of God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit, in you; for God is Light, Christ is Light, and the Holy Spirit is Light, ġea, Infallible, and within too, being one with the Father and the Son ; For tbefe Three are One, i John 5.). Now all things that are reproved, are made manifeft by the Ligbt; for whatsoever doth make manifeft, is Light, Epli. 5. 13. And it is God, that searcherh the Heart, and tries the Reins, Jer: 17.10. and declares unto Man what is bis Thought, the Lord, the God of Hofts is his Name, Amos 4. 13. He barb shewed thee, O Man, what is good; and what dotb the Lord require of thee, but to do Fustly, to love Mercy, and to walk Hurbly with thy God? Mic. 6. 8. fee also 2 Cor. 6. 16, 17. and Rom. i. 19. The Lord God and the Lamb are the Light of his Church and People, as 'tis said Rev. 21. 23. The City had no need of the Sun, neitber of tbe Moon, to fine in it : for the Glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the Light tberof. And verf. 24. The Nations of them wbich are saved, shall walk in the Light of it.


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Now here it is clearly prov'd, that the Church and People of God, have an Infallible Light within them : But this thou makelt no Pretence unto, iç is an Unknown Light to thee; and therefore it must needs be very dangerous to follow thee : For they that walk in Darkness, know not whither they go. How should they that follow thee, avoid falling into the Ditch, or thy self either ? Therefore 'lis high time for thee and thy Followers to fee into your States, and curn from Darkness to that Light, wherein the Saved of all Nations do and mall walk ; for it is the True Ligbi, which Zobn faith," Lighteth every Man that cometb into the World, chap. 1.9. And this was - the Mellage which the Apostles heard, and did declare unto others, viz. Tbat God is Light, 1 John 1.5. And Christ preached himself the Light of the World, John 8. 12. And this I defire that T.S. may follow all his Days; for ic is the Light of Life, and the Life is the Light of Men, John 1,4. And nor such Dark Creatures, as confess they have no Infallible Light within them; byt make a Mock at it, saying, We do not pretend to an Infallible Light within us; and tell the People, that what we deliver in the Name of the Lord, they must receive it as a Divine Truth, though we vilifie the Scriptures, and file them Duft and Serpents Meat.

Truly William, if ye do stile the Scriptures so, you would appear bare fac'd Enemies to God indeed; and so would any others, if


F :3

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