: They had a Command from God to receive them ; but what's this to thee? Did not those Commands, as before is said in Levit. 27. 34. only belong to Israel? And were not the Pharisees Ifraelites ? But thou fcram.. bled hard, and layeft hold of that, which cannot support thee, or thy toteering Cause; yet, notwithstanding all thou canst say, 'cis plain, that Christ's Approbation of their Tithing, was before the Law was fulfilled, and the Work done, that Christ came to do in Per, fon; but after that was finished, then that Yoke of Bondage was removed, as the Apostle calls that of Titbes, and other things, as might be shewn at large; and he that was before the Pharisees or Levites Tithes, and all outward Ceremonies, or Typical Things, took place; he is Heir of all things, and hash all Power in Heaven and in Earth ; he is the Alpba and the Omega, who was Dead, but is Alive, and Lives and Reigns for evermore ; being Exalced over all, at the Right Hand of his Father in Glory : Who, when he Commissioned his Mellengers and Minilters, he bad, them tarry at Jerusalem, and wait for the Promise of the Father, saying, Ye fall receive Power from on High, Luke 24. 49. Acts 1.4, 8. as ac.. cordingly they did. And he had said so much before unto them, not to take care for Meat, Drink, or Cloathing, fee Luke 12. that they were unconcern'd about those things: But he said nothing to them of Titheś.


"Bar, Thong 5 Cbrifo (fay't thoa'y be the end of the Levitical Priesthood, it does not follow bat "the Right '10 Titbes dotb." ceale with tbat Prieftbood; and wby? Because, fay'I thou, the Priešbood of Melchisedec continues, p.83. . - This is doing as well as thou canst; and if what thou contendeft for could be granted, as ir cannot, it would then follow, that thou muft prove thy self to be of chat Priefthood of Melcbisedic, or else it would make nothing 10 thee : And when all's donie; thou cantt never prove thar Fiches were ever claimed by Melchisedec, or given by Abraham to him, in Obedience to any written Law of God or Man. Shew me one Tittle of a Law from Chrift, or any of his A poftles, "for Tithes, and then thou would't do fomething : But I have Fully made it appear, that Abrabain Gave free ly, hot Paid, the Tenths of the Spoil, and that but once. d bass; ** Cin c ini

A little before, thou tell’ft me, I cannot but din 4 Maintenance dots belong to the Ministers of the Gospel; and why not Titbes ? Dare I say, That 'in' the Nature of the thing, it is unreasonable * Mould be Titbes'? p. 82. * *** Anfwer; I dare fay, It is unreasonable; that Titbes, as they have been broughe in and imposed in the dark Night'of Popery, and all Men, whether they own that Priesthood they are given unro, or no, as sometimes, one fort, Tometimes, another, Thould be forca to pay them, even yet those that cannot own thai Priesthood or Ministry, noć believe them to


be the Ministers of Jesus Christ, that they are given unto.

I perceive that if the Law gave them to me and my Friends, thou 'would't not pay them to me as a Minister of Cbrift, but count them mif-applied, p. 84. yer, it seems, thou haft thác Latitude, that thou could't pay them, and uphold a Miniltry thou believeft is Palle and Erroneous, and not of God; so that there's no danger of thy Suffering, much, come what will : But we have not so learn'd of Chrift; nor had many of the holy Martyrs of Jesus, that are gone before us, who patiently' suf. fer'd, even as we now do, under chole Laws that compel Payment of those Tithes..?1

But there is a Maintenance that I grant to be Lawful, and have' fhewn thee what it was in the Apostles Days, and a great while after, viz: Free and Voluntary, not Forc'a and Constrain'd: And it is ftrange, char when Paul was speaking fo'exprefly in Heb. . of Mel. ébizédec, and of another Priesthood than the Levitical, that he should fay nothing of Tithes, nor mention one word of them, as continued co the Ministers of the Gospel, if due to them, nor of going any farther than thai Dispensa tion of the Levitical Priesthood ;-bur tells us of another Priesthood, that sprung nor out of Levi, and of the Law being changed also: But Pray, wherein is che Change of it, if Shadows still remain'? It is also very remarkable, that Paul bür the Churches of Christ into another method, way or manner of raising Mainte


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nance, as I have lhewed before, 1 Cor. 16.1,id That every Man fhould lay by, as God enabled or profpered bim, once a week. And this is the way that's pointed out, and it is Free, and in the Liberty that Jesus Christ hath brought us inco; and where the Spirit of the Lord is; there is liberty : And blessed be God, he hath sent it into the Hearts of his Sons and Daughters, and the Fruits of it are brought forth, and we Love one another, our Neighbour as our felves, and all Men : ,Yet of our felves we are not fufficient to think a good Thought; nor without the Lord from Heaven, à Quickning Spirit, can we do any thing well-plealing to God: Nor shall we ever de fire to run into the Dispensation of Moses ; for we know one more. Glorious, thanks be to God for his unspeakable Gift. Nor doft thou need to fear us taking Titbes, if Mens Laws did give them to us, whatever thou Thinkest of us ; for-thou know'ft us, not, though thou speak'lt evil of us : I wish Therefore, both thou and all Men, knew, us throughly, and our Principles better.

But thou askest, It, I would think thee faultlefs, if tbou denieft me any. thing tbas be Lazi gives me a Right to ? p. 84. in

I Answer freely, Yes, and could mention leveral things, that I should not think thee faulty in denying, though the Law give a Right to them : But I forbear now.,

One thing more thou tell’& me, that I said, Levi was a Child, and bad a Twelftb part of tbe Land

7 by Birth; asking, Where I read that? and saying, till in the Holy Scriptures I may read the quite contrary ;

citing Deut. 19.4. Fosh. 13.14.. Where is not onę a word that Levi was not a Child, or must not

have a Child's Part, or be provided for by the

Lord, as he was; besides, I think, the Tenths to being freely given him of God, to receive d from his Brethren, was as good a Parc as the

Twelfth Part of the Land, and better. But in this thou shew'st thy self to an İmpartial Eye.

Again, Thou fay't, I little understand the Scripture; when I say, That Levi baving a Tenth of the Increase, the poor Widows, and Farberless were to phare with bim ; telling me, There was & Second Tithe appoined, with wbich they made their Feasts...

But say I, there was not only a First and Second Tithe, but a Tbird also, as I have Thewn before ; and not only the Poor, the Fatherless and Widows, were relieved therewith, but the Stranger also.

But how many Tithes have the Clergy now in England! It's clear, they have not only the Tithe of the Seed, but of Fruits, Roots, &c. yea, of Lead-Ore, as some of them, and others fain would have ; and of Coal, and Copper too, it's plain of late : Besides, what call they that, which is paid for Calves, Foals, Hens, for Smoke,, Gardens, and for all that are Sixteen Tears Old ; for Lands, Sheep, Hemp, Flax, Hops, Bees, Pidgeons ? &c. And yet the Poor, the Fatherless and Widow



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