to pay any. First, Be. See Rabbi Ben Mai- caule they wanted their mon in Fad Chazeka. Priesthood and Temple. Tract. de Therumabc.l. & Mikotzi in præcept. Secondly, Because the Law 133. 2Chron.31. Maiz: did restrain the Payment Neb.13. Rambam de de. thereof to Canaan. And cimis,c.9. See Selden in herein the Book afore quotęd

they all agree.

Allo Eusebius agreçes with the Jewish Rabbins, That Tithes were only limited unto the Land of Israel. Demonft. Evang. l. 1. C. 1. i

How things went on, and how they difcontinued, appears in the Scriptures, and part in their great Sanbedrin, or Court of Seventy Elders. But it's clear on all hands, that Tithes only were given to the Levites, and Officers of the Temple and Tabernacle and for the better Ordering of things, they were divided into Parts, as Levites, Kobat bites. Gershonites, Merarites; and these received the Tenths, and gavę to the Priests their part, which belonged to them, according to God's Law in that Covenant. And after the Sons of Aaron grew and multiplied, then there was a Division of Twenty-Four Ranks or Courses, to serve at the Temple..

Is not this imitated by Deans, Prebends, &c. who take their Turns ac Cathedrals, so called; or taken from the Church of Rome, for that's more likely; because I find not the Names amongst the Jews, nor in the Primitive Church, truly so called ? But the Priests of Aaron gave Attendance to do their Office,


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and burnt Incense, as their Turns and Courses came. Hereupon Zacharias is faid to be of the Course of Abia, Luke 1. And the Les vites, that were Singers, were also divided into Twenty-four Ranks or Courses; which, I believe, is imicated by the Queristers, Singe ers, and Surplice-men. But we cannot receive Judaism for Cbristianity, nor their Pra: ctices for Apostolical Ordinances in the Church of God.

But now the Primitive Practice of Chrift, his Apostles and Ministers, and the Churches, planted by them in their Day, is easily seen in the New Testament: So that how it comes to pass, that they who pretend to another Priesthood, and to be Ministers of Chrift, should now receive the Tenibs of all, clean and unclean, Beasts, Pigs, Geese, Eggs, Fowls; Turfs, Wood, &c, All which things we do find mentioned, but some of them forbidden in the Law to be offered, is very strange. But It seems, they distinguish not of Times, -nor Ministrations ; for if so, they would be asham'd to lay claim to Aarons and the Levites Tithes, and yet do none of their Work; which is contrary to all Equity, Truth and Reason. For Tithes were given to them, that had no Portion among their Brethren in the Land : But many of those called Clergyinen, have great shares of Land among their Brethren, besides their Tithes, and great Diocesses and Revenues, a good part of some Counties; yea, Tithes of such things as were never Titheable in the Law. Is not this the Pope's Yoke ? Must this be received for Apoftolical Doctrine and Practice, and enjoyn'd ? Oh let it never be made mention of among them that would be counted Ministers of Christ, nor any that profess them. selves Christians ! Come, trut in the Living God, who is the God of Heaven, and of the whole Earth ; who feeds the Ox, the Spar. row, and cloaths the Lilly, and never fail'd nor forsook the Righteous ; but is the Portion of his people, and brings them in Love to serve one another. So there are no Beggars amongst the Israel of God; tho' there be not many Mighty, Rich, Nable or Great, amongst them, in the Kingdom of God, cause it is so hard for such to enter..

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Now in the Fulness of Time, God rais'd up another Priest, Cbrit Jefus, who was not of the Tribe of Levi, neither made after, a Carpal Commandment, Heb. 7.12,10 18. as the first Priesthood was: For he percain'd to ano. ther Tribe, sprang out of Judah, of which no Man gave attendance at the Altar ; and therefore no Tithes due to them for that Service, which took up their Time: But He (viz. Christ Jesus) haih obrain'd a more Excellent Ministry, and of a Greater and more Perfect Tabernacle; which is tbe true Tabernacle, that God bas pitched, and not Man: Consider this, and see where this Ministry. appears : He is che Sum and Substance of all Shadows


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under the First Covenant, and hath put an end to the First Priesthood, with all its Shadows, and Carnal Ordinances; and changing the Priesthood, which had a Command to Cake Tithes of their Brethren, (mark that) noc of chose that did not own their Worship, there was a necessity also of the change of che Law, and a difannulling also of the Commandment going before: ,

Now after Christ was manifested, the End of the Law for Righteousness to them thar Be. lieve, the End of the First Covenant, First Priesthood, Tabernacle, Temple, Tiches, Offerings, Oblations, buc. In a word, All the Outward and Ceremonial Worship of the Jews, with all their Types, Shadows, Figures, and outward Representations, with all their Sabbaths, Falts, Feafts, and divers Washings, or Baptisms, Purifyings, Circumcision,Passover, &c. Which all were but Shadows of Good Things to come : For he is the Sum and Substance of them all, and was before them all, the Alpha; and so is the Omega, and ends them all : Whosoever will plead a Necesity, of all, or any of the former things, that are mention'd in the First Covenant, that is faul. ty, Christ profits him nothing, and in effect denies the Faith of Chrrít, his Apostles and Ministers. For Circumcision was once commanded of God, and was as real a Type, as any other; and yet they chat would needs hold it up, after the Substance, (viz.) Christ was manifested, the Apostle concludes, that Christ

profits profits them nothing, Gal. 5. 2. Tho' he elfe.' where calls it, A Seal of the Righteousness of Faith unto Abraham, which he had before he was circumcised, Rom. 4. 11. The like I also say of all the former Ordinances, which pertain'd unto the first Priesthood and Cove. nànt, they that hold them up, as of necessity, deny the faith of Christ, and he profits them nothing: So thereby they are Debtors to do the whole Law; and he that fails in the breach of one Commandment, is guilty of all. .

Therefore of how great neceslicy is it, for all that Profess Cbrift, and the Faith once des livered unto the Saints, to ft and faft in the liberty wherewitb Cbrift batb made us free, and not to be entangled again with the Yoke of Bondage ? Gal. 5. 1. Let us keep the Ordinances and Commands of Christ inviolated : For they that claim Tithes, and would force us to pay Tithes; do nor themselves keep the Law, but would constrain us, that they might Glory in our Flesh ? And would confound the Or. dinances of the First and Second Covenani together, without putting a difference to the Time and Ministration, unto which they did belong. · The Apostles and Ministers of Christ were made Partakers of the Divine Nature, and had the Word of Reconciliation to Preach ; did not look back, nor draw People back ço the former Ordinances of the Jews, and their Priesthood, but teftify'd against them : But they


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