Graft in Architecture: Recreating Spaces

Images Publishing, 2013 - 202 pagina's
Focuses on the idea of breathing new life into existing spaces. 'Graft' in architecture refers to any designs added to existing or neglected structures, reinvigorating tired spaces with new life. Instead of dismissing these spaces as simply 'functional', graft in architecture values them for their potential and shows how we can turn negative spaces into opportunities to breathe new life into architecture. Along with the Design Research and Innovation Laboratory (D-Lab), Professor Jin-Ho Park highlights four projects and the process involved in grafting, from conception to fabrication, along with plans, drawings, and photographs detailing every aspect and consideration. Using inventive ideas and experimental approaches, Professor Park demonstrates the benefits graft in architecture can bring to any space. SELLING POINTS: - Focuses on the idea of breathing new life into existing spaces - Preface by Eric Owen Moss, winner of the Jencks Award by the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2011- - Features four projects highlighting the grafting process from conception to fabrication 400 col.

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Preface by Eric Owen Moss
GraftZ 2+4 under the Ceiling 2008to 2009 63
Graft3 Lounging Shed on the Bridge 2010 119
Graft4 Ergonomic Fluidity in the Lounge 201010 2011 159
Acknowledgements 200

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