Aetius: Attila's Nemesis

Pen and Sword, 19 jul. 2012 - 276 pagina's
“The history of Aetius’ life and his dealings with Attila†.†.†. [and] of the (western) Roman Empire throughout the pivotal fifth century.” —Ancient Warfare Magazine

In AD 453, Attila—with a huge force composed of Huns, allies, and vassals drawn from his already-vast empire—was rampaging westward across Gaul (essentially modern France), then still nominally part of the Western Roman Empire. Laying siege to Orleans, he was only a few days march from extending his empire from the Eurasian steppe to the Atlantic. He was brought to battle on the Catalaunian Plain and defeated by a coalition hastily assembled and led by Aetius. Who was this man that saved Western Europe from the Hunnic yoke?

Aetius is one of the major figures in the history of the late Roman Empire and his actions helped maintain the integrity of the West in the declining years of the Empire. During the course of his life he was a hostage, first with Alaric and the Goths, and then with Rugila, king of the Huns. His stay with these two peoples helped to give him an unparalleled insight into the minds and military techniques of these “barbarians” which he was to use in later years to halt the depredations of the Huns.

Ian Hughes assesses Aetius’ fascinating career and campaigns with the same accessible narrative and analysis he brought to bear on Belisarius and Stilicho.

“A lively, often insightful account of the declining years of Roman power in the West which will be of interest to students of Roman history, the onset of the Dark ages and early Byzantine history.” —The New York Military Affairs Symposium

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Academic, but still quite readable biography of Aetius, the last great (Western) Roman general, who defeated Attila the Hun. The sources for this time period are sparse and suspect. Hughes leads us ... Volledige review lezen


The Treaty of 442
The Calm Before the Storm
The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains
Attilas Invasion of Italy

The Late Roman Army
The Barbarians
Magister Militum per Gallias
Magister Militum Praesentalis
Undisputed Leadership
The Fall of Africa
Outline Chronology
Imperial Family Tree
Select Personalities
Notes Bibliography

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Ian Hughes is the author of Belisarius: The Last Roman General (Pen & Sword, 2009) and Stilicho: The Vandal Who Saved Rome (Pen & Sword, 2010). Adrian Goldsworthy said his first book was 'packed with insights...a lively and detailed account'.

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