The Board of Education will issue from time to time, as the interests of the cause committed to their care may seem to require, a series of PERMANENT DocuMENTS relating to the objects of the Institution.

The following documents are now on hand:

I. Thoughts on the Education of Pious and Indigent Candidates for the Ministry. By A. ALEXANDER, D.D.

II. On the Nature of a Call to the Gospel Ministry. By Professor HOPE. IIL. Various Reports on Parochial Schools and Christian Education.

IV. Address to Christian Teachers, on the importance and means for an increase in the number of Gospel Ministers. By JAMES W. ALEXANDER, D.D.

V. The following Addresses, by the Corresponding Secretary of the Board, may also be had on application. Address on Religious Education in Colleges.

An Old-fashioned Education.
The Common School and the College.
The True Organization of a Christian IŅstitution.

Female Education. VI, Call to the Sacred Office. By JAMES WOOD, D.D., Associate Corresponding Secretary of the Board.


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Legacies have been of the most important use in carrying on the educationa operations of the Presbyterian Church. The total amount received from this source for the last twenty-six years has been $47,758 75. Without this aid, there would have been a deficiency in the income of several years.

If any persons wish to leave legacies, either to assist candidates for the ministry or educational institutions, they are requested to insert the right corporate name of the Board.

FORM OF A DEVISE OR BEQUEST. All that the Board deem it necessary to furnish, is their corPORATE NAME, viz., 4 The Trustees of the Board of Education of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America."

The State laws differ so much that no one form will answer in all the States.

The following form may be used in Pennsylvania, and in some of the other States :

“I give and devise to the Trustees of the Board of Education of the Presby. terian Church in the United States of America, the sum of dollars, to and for the uses of the said Board of Education, and under its direction.”

(When real estate or other property is given, let it be particularly described.)

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