Catholic Church, Independents, Baptists, Presbyteriuns, Unitarians, or other de. scription of the form, rite, or ceremony the parties state it to be their desire to adopt]; and that to the best of my knowledge and belief there is not within the Superintendent Registrar's district in which [ I dwell), or (in which the said Martão Green dwells], any registered building in which marriage is solemnized according to such form, rite, or ceremony; and that the nearest district to my dwelling place), or to (the dwelling place of the said Martha Green], in which a building is registered wherein marriage may be solemnized according to such form, rite, or ceremony, is the There insert the name by which the Superintendent Registrar's district is designuted); and that we intend to solemnize our marriage in the registered building within that district known by the name of here muert the name by which the building has been registered). Witness my hand this teade day of August, one thousand eight hundred and forty.

(Signed) James Smith, [The italics in this schedule to be filled as the case may be.]

An Act to amend the Act for the better Regulation of Ecclesiastical

Courts in England. Privy Council may order Discharge of Persons in Custody under Writ De con

tumace capiendo. Whereas it is expedient to make further regulations for the release of pesons committed to gaol under the writ De contumace capiendo: be it therefore enacted by the Queen's most excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords spiritual and temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, that after the passing of this Act it shall be lawful for the Judicial Committee of her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, or the Judge of any Ecclesiastical Court, if it shall seem meet to the said Judicial Committee or Judge, to make an order upon the gaoler, sheriff, or other officer in whose custody any party is or may be bertafter, under any writ De contumace cipiendo already issued or hereafter to be issued, in consequence of any proceedings before the said Judicial Committee et the Judge of the said Ecclesiastical Court for discharging such party out of custody; and such sheriff, gaoler, or other officer shall on receipt of the said order forth with discharge such party: provided always, that no such order shall be made by the said Judicial Committee or Judge without the consent of the other party or parties to the suit: provided always, that in cases of subtraetion of church rates for an amount pot exceeding five pounds where the party in contempt has suffered imprisonment for six months and upwards, the consent of the other parties to the suit shall not be necessary to enable the Judge 10 discharge such party, so soon as the costs lawfully incurred by reason of the custody and contempt of such party shall have been discharged, and the sum for which he may have been cited into the Ecclesiastical Court shall have been paid into the registry of the said court, there to abide the result of the suit; and the party so discharged shall be released from all further observance of justice in the said suit,

Form of Order. II. And be it enacted, that any such order may be in the form given in the Schedule annexed to this Act.

Act may be amended this Session. III. And be it enacted, that this Act may be amended or repealed by any Act to be passed in this Session of Parliament.


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[ocr errors]
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The Titles of the former are printed in Italics.

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Extracts from Registers to be stamped with the Seal of Office. IX. And be it enacted, that the Registrar General shall certify all extracts which may be granted by him from the registers or records deposited or to be deposited in the said office, and made receivable in evidence by virtue of the provisions herein contained, by causing them to be sealed or stamped with the seal of the office; and all extracts purporting to be stamped with the seal of the said office shall be received in evidence in all civil cases, instead of the production of the original registers or records containing such entries, subject nevertheless to the provisions herein-after contained, Extracts to describe the Register whence taken - Production of Registers shall be

sufficient. X. And be it enacted, that every extract granted by the Registrar Genera from any of the said registers or records shall describe the register or record from which it is taken, and shall express that it is one of the registers or records deposited in the General Register Office under this Act; and the production of any of the said registers or records from the General Register Office, in the custody of the proper officer thereof, or the production of any such certified extract containing such description as aforesaid, and purporting to be stamped with the seal of the said office, shall be sufficient to prove that such register or record is one of the registers and records deposited in the General Register Office under this Act, in all cases in which the register or record, or any certified extract therefrom, is herein respectively declared admissible in evidence. Certified Extracts may be used in Courts of Law and Sessions, upon Notice

given. XI. And be it enacted, that in case any party shall intend to use in evidence on the trial of any cause in any of the courts of common law, or on the bearing of any matter which is not a criminal case at any session of the peace in England or Wales, any extract, certified as herein-before mentioned, from any such register or record, he shall give notice in writing to the opposite party, his attorney or agent, of his intention to use such certified extract in evidence at such trial or hearing, and at the same time shall deliver to him, his attorney or agent, a copy of the extract, and of the certificate thereof; and on proof by affidavit of the service or on admission of the receipt of such notice and copy, such certified extract shall be received in evidence at such trial or hearing, of the Judge or Court shall be of opinion that such service has been made in suffcient time before such trial or hearing to have enabled the opposite party to inspect the original register or record from which such certified extract had been taken, or within such time as shall be directed by any rule to be made as hereinafter provided.

If the Original be used, Notice must nevertheless be given. XII. And be it enacted, that in case any party shall intend to use in evidence on such trial or hearing any original register or record (instead of such certified extract), he shall nevertheless, within a reasonable time, give to the opposite party notice of his intention to use such original register or record in evidence, and deliver to such opposite party a copy of a certified extract of the entry or entries which he shall intend to use in evidence. Certified Extracts may be used in Evidence on Examination of Witnesses, or at

the hearing of the Cause in Courts of Equity, upon Notice, XIII. And be it enacted, that in case any party shall intend to use in evidence on any examination of witnesses, or at the bearing of any cause in any court of equity, any extract, certified as herein-before mentioned, he shall, ten clear days at the least before publication shall pass in any cause where no commission has issued for the examination of the witnesses of the party intending to give such evidence, or where such commission shall issue then seven clear days at the least before the opening of such commission, deliver to the

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