They found the place of Jesus' hum- Thy bounty has with food in store, ble birth,

My humble table daily spread; Saw bands of Angel-forms descend My body has been all along, on earth,

With food convenient for me, fed. With heaven's eternal day. And when the timely hours of sleep, The song begins--the morning-stars

Did to refreshing rest invite, rejoice,

Thou did'st my peaceful slumbers Mortals so favour'd, join your grate- watch, ful voice!

And safely guard me through each On earth be endless peace !

night. Celestial harbingers proclaim our hope,

When distant friends secure I reach'd, The Saviour's Born, and nature's Thy providence I freely own; mighty prop

Or whilst I travellid on the road,
Bids every sorrow cease.

And lodg'd in towns to me un


Through thy permission every place, A HYNN, WRITTEN ON NEW-YEAR's Did to thy servant health afford;

Safe I went out, and safe return'd, O Lord, in this concluding eve,

For thou wert ever with me, Lord, Thy holy name I will revere, Oh! may thy presence guard me still, Who of thy goodness hath prolong’d, And guide my steps in virtue's My thrcad of life another year.

ways; Nor life alone I did enjoy,

For in the midst of snares I walk, But health and strength, through all

And wander in a dangerous maze.

And whilst my'errors, Lord, and all And perfect peace which is I own, Thy gracious mercies I review, A blessing I esteem most dear.

I wonder and adore the grace,

That hath preserv'd me hitherto.


the year,

OBITUARY. Died, at Arlington, (Ver.) on the 27th Oct. Mrs. Chloe Hard, Æt. 67, consort of Zadok Hard, Esq. of that place, and daughter of Mr. Thomas Nobles, formerly of New-Milford. As a wife, as a mother, as a Christian, and as a member of society, she had but few equals. She passed her life with honour, and finished her course with joy, in the most confident expectation of meeting her Lord in glory. An extensive circle of relations and friends is left to la ment her loss, and to profit by her pious and virtuous example.

Ar Elizabeth-Town, (New-Jersey) on Thursday morning Nov. 6th, 1806, Mrs. Elizabeth C. Dayton, Æt. 42, daughter of the late Rer. Thomas B. Chandler, and wife of Mr. Elias B. Dayton. In her death, her husband laments the loss of a beloved wife ; her children, of a tender and affectionate mother; her sisters, of an endeared companion ; her numerous acquaintance, of an esteeined friend. Her remains were conveyed to the silent tomb on Saturday, when together with the usual service of the Church, a pathetic sermon was delivered on the mournful occasion by the Rev. Mr. Rudd, Rector of St. John's Church, from 1st Samuel xx. 3. There is but a step between me and death. During the delivery of the discourse, the numerous relatives and friends testified with their tears, the high esteem which they entertaired for the amiable person, whose breathless body lay before them.

To enumerate the many virtues that ennobled the character of the deceased, would be unnecessary; for they are so well known as to need no encomium. The gentleness of her manners, the affability of her address, rendered her rcspected and beloved by all who had the honor of her acquaintance.

Consoling to her afflicted relatives and friends will long be the remembrance of those virtues, which blessed by the mercy of her Saviour, have followed her to her eternal rest.

* THE correspondent who sent us a file of papers concerning the Ame. rican Episcopate, will be pleased to accept of our hearty thanks. We shall commence publishing them with the first number of next year, in order that thcy may all appear in one volume.

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