wisdom and judgment? Then why not appear to point out to them where their errors are, and see the truth cleared up? You say, you do not understand the Books, then why do you exercise yourself in things too high for you? Never judge of a thing you cannot understand.—Now, simple man, you say you are too old to come forward in the work of the Lord; for if her calling be not of God you cannot ba a friend to the Lord, if you do not come forward to oppose it; and if it be of God, you ought to come forward to support it, that you may bring your grey hairs with honour to the grave; for with what confidence can you come before Him, to say you have digged in the earth and hid away your money, and never improved the talents that are given you? Is this the way you wish to appear before Me?

So thus to all is now my call,

Blind shepherds you are come;
When the Good Shepherd do appear.

My Gospel all discern;
I said that I Alone must he

The Shepherd that was Good,
And now my words I bid you see.

Let this be understood ;,
As four here do now appear

Wise shepherds for to be.
And wish the truth in all to clear,

In Spirit drawn by Me;
Then know, from them my word must come

To prove the truth I spoke;
I said the Three a Type of Me,

The fourth you know not,
That now appears the whole to clear.

And joined with the third;
For Pomeroy's letters must appear,

Or from his written word
Call thou to mind he was behind,
. -' • For two did write before;

And so from, he the shadow see.

He did the third appear.
And Eyre did come with him to join—

The mystery there goes deep.
Another day I'll tell my mind,

How Gon and Man must break
In unity iu heart to be*—

AH shadows I place first,


But in the end, you al l will see,

I he substance so will burst.
So thus to Man the shadows come,'

The substance lieth behind.
I know the shepherds that are mine,

And in the end you'll find
They'll burM the same to know my Name,

When I have all went through;
But those that boast of empty fame

They'll never wish to know;
Because their pride will throw aside

The teaching of their God;
Wiser than Me they judge they be,

And so my words are trod
Beneath their feet—the mystery's deep,
* As none do understand

These blind men here, how they appear -. t

To bring all to your land;
Thousands the same, I know they're come

And judge themselves as wise,
And think that knowledge they warn none,

And so thev blind your eyes.
Bat I'll appear to answer here,

'That knowledge men have none;
Tis faith in Me, the wise do see

W hat is before them come:
No; simple maid, the wise have said,

Could bring such mysteries round,
If not from Heaven the lines were given,

Men's learning they'll confound,
That do begin just like the man,

The Woman's folly see,
They'll say—" that Adam so should stand,

"If she condemn'd must be:
♦* If Man at first on her did burst,

"And blam'd his Maker there;
"Then at the last Man might be cast

TM If he this way appear.
"So God is just, and now we trust,

"If he'th began with Man,
"Upon the Serpent now he'll burst,

"And so fulfil his plan;
"Though weakness here doth all appear,

"And sown so at the first,
"The Lord in honour all can clear,

"And raise it at the last."

After meeting with a general refusal among unbelievers, the twenty-four, who at first came forward to

firove Joanna's calling, were then obliged to get the ike number of friends to join with them ; and many of these were such as had come from distant parts of the kingdom to hear her Trial, not knowing but it

Thus, by tHe refusal of the clergy and others, the other twentyfour friends, thus chosen, who came from different parts of the country, obtained an additional opportunity to examine the truth of her mission, by being present as judges at her trial.

The following extract is an additional explanation how this Trial was brought f 01 ward:

"Now pen how many men came, that wish to be clear in every truth, and took their journeys to see the truth of thy visitation cleared up

The Rev. Mr. Eyre, from Bristol.
Mr. Nisbet, from Kent.
Mr. Hirst, from Leeds.
Mr. Senior, from Leeds.
Mr. Grimshaw, from Leeds.
Mr. Laskey, from Devonshire.
Mr. Chanter, from Devonshire.

"Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee: Seven wise men, from different countries, went first to Exeter, to enquire into the truth; and now seven wise men from different countries are come to see the truth cleared up; so now thy seven stars are come to fourteen; and they may stand with the other twentyfour; their labour of love shajl not be in vain. < I have called the great, 1 have called the learned; but my invitation they have all refused ; and now I shaljt come to the simple and unlearned, to fulfil my Gos- pel, that the pride of the great may fall, and be confounded by the simple and foolish, that are so judged, in their eyes: and he that speaketh against this judgment speaketh against the truth of my Gospel. And, now remember what I said—I thank thee, Father, that thou hast concealed these things from the wis© men, from the learned and prudent men, and revealed them unto babes. Now the wise men have been> vrarned, and the learned, and the prudent, all have been warned; the wise men trusted to their wisdom, the learned men trusted to their learning, and the


prudent men trasted to their prudence, thinking, if they kept silence, all would die away, while the simple and foolish men, as the worldly wise men judged them, became as babes, or as little children, teachable, willing to learn what they did not understand: for the mystery of the Fall was never understood by man; so they, like children, are come teachable to learn what they never understood. Now let them see how my Gospel was brought in by poor men and fishermen, men unlearned in the world; and by such my Kingdom will be brought, in: for now is coming the fulfilment of the whole; the meek shall be exalted; the proud shall be abased; and the meek shall inherit the earth. Now weigh the whole with my Gospel: Are not many called? Are there but few chosen? Have not the wise and learned men resigned their crowns to babes and children? For such they are judged by the bishops; but know, such are judged by my Gospel to become as children to possess my Kingdom, or how could my Gospel be fulfilled? How could the wisdom of the wise men perish, if this was brought forward by the wise and learned? How could the understanding of the prudent men be hid, if they had understood all these things; the mystery of the Fall; and the manner my Gospel must be fulfilled, to bring in your redemption?

Now, Joanna, speak the word,

Dost thou my Promise claim,
That T have left upon record, •

The Woman to redeem?

Oh, my God ! with tears of joy, with tears of thanksgiving, with tears of humiliation, if I am now permitted, I claim the Promise, that Satan's head may now be bruised, and his curse be above every living creature, who first seduced the Woman, and by arts betrayed her to fall from that happiness thou created her for, and by his arts to disobey her God; and by the same arts he hath been working in Xnen to this day, to be at enmity against their God. Oh, merciful Lord! let that enemy be destroyed according to thy Promise, that the world might be reconciled unto the Lord. As thy dear Son died for to reconcile the whole world unto God, may I ask and receive that our joys may be full, to see thy blessed Name run and be glorified, Satan confounded and destroyed, and thou be justified in the works of thy hands, by man whom thou hast created, for thy owrj honour and glory. This is my petition, and this is my request, if it be thy blessed will to grant me, Oh, thou Lord God of heaven and earth! then blessing, honour, praise, and power, be unto the Lamb for ever! and all the earth shall praise thy Name!

At the tiaie when the twenty-four persons, including the seven before mentioned, were chosen, meetings were held for several days, according to orders for the regular examination of the different witnesses.

The following extracts are inserted as being further explanatory of Joanna s Mission and Trial.

Tuesday, Dec. 4, 1S04.

A letter was received by Joanna from Mr. Wilson, respecting of words spoken by a woman who is one of those that call themselves the elect, belonging to Orange Street Chapel, where Mr. Townshend preaches—" that the friends of Joanna will give her a dose m order to put her to sleep and deceive the public."

These words provoked Joanna to the highest; snd she said, if she had such wicked, deceitful, artful people around her as that woman, she had not a doubt but they would do it, and be her complete murderers. If they were to mock God in this manner to deceive man, they would soon deceive her, and make her sleep the sleep of death : for if any one was to give her any thing to draw her to sleep, she js convinced they would close her eyes for ever, that she. should never awake more. So when she meditates on all the arts, deceit, and lies, that are in un

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