ZORDIAL thanks are due to the Editors of the

Times,” the “Morning Post,” the “ Athenæum," the “Academy," the “Guardian,” the "Realm," the “Art Journal,” the “ Architectural Review;' to the Open Court Publishing Co. of Chicago, to

the Editor and Publishers of the “Quarterly Review,” to the Editor and Publishers of “Longman's Magazine," to the late Sir Wemys Reid, former editor of the “Speaker,” for permission to reprint the articles or reviews which first appeared in their periodicals. The Editors of the “ Art Journal ” and of the “Architectural Review” have, in addition, lent the blocks for the illustrations to the articles on the Lorenzo Lotto and the Diptych of Richard II at Wilton. His Grace the Duke of Portland has generously allowed the essay prefixed to Mr. Strong's “Catalogue of Letters and Documents at Welbeck” to be separately reproduced here, while Lady Wantage has given a similar permission in the case of Mr. Strong's Preface to her own Catalogue of the pictures at Lockinge House. Mr. Franz Hanfstängl of Munich, the Berlin Photographic Company, Messrs. P. and D. Colnaghi, and the publishers of the present volume have, in the same way, allowed the Prefaces contributed by Mr. Strong to the large publications issued by them of pictures or drawings in English private collections to be reprinted. His Grace the Duke of Devonshire has, with his usual kindness, allowed a selected list of one hundred books from the purchases made by Mr. Strong for the Library at Chatsworth to be given as an Appendix. This short but interesting list has been drawn up by Mr. Alfred W. Pollard of the British Museum from slips prepared by Miss Mary E. Lowndes.

As Mr. Strong never kept a record, and scarcely ever a copy of anything that he wrote, it is to be feared that even important


articles may have escaped the search of the present editor. The majority of the articles, written previous to 1897, have been traced with difficulty, by the help of old proofs, old rough copies, pencilled notes or remarks casually made by Mr. Strong himself. It was only after 1897—the year of his marriage—that any regular record of his writings was kept.

Last, but not least, the Countess Feodora Gleichen, Monsieur Alphonse Legros, and Sir Charles Holroyd, have permitted reproductions of portraits which will, at the same time, serve as records of three of Strong's most valued friendships.

The frontispiece is from one of several admirable photographs taken by Miss Caswall Smith (“Gainsborough Studio "), only three months before Arthur Strong's illness took the fatal turn.

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