John Quincy Adams.-Theodore Parker's Eu-
logy. To Mrs. Greene.-To William Sydney
Thayer.- Mr. Theodore Lyman.- Cordial Men-
tion of Mr. Rufus Ellis.-To Edward, after Birth
of his Second Son,



Reminiscences of my Father.- My Mother's Daily
Life.- Characteristic Anecdotes.- Her Embroid-
ery. Her Hospitality.-Style of Living. Read-
ing. Gladness in giving Pleasure to the Young.


- Court Week.- The Judges.- Her Friendli-
ness.- Mrs. Bulfinch.- Shakspeare Readings.
Her Wit.- Anecdotes.- Views on the Educa-
tion of Children.- Their Dress.-"Blue Mortifi-
cation."- Story of the Garters.- Her Freedom
from Resentment.- Letter to Catherine on Moral
Teaching. The Marchioness.- Dislike of Affec-
tation. Her Small Interest in Externals.- Anec-


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My Father's Death.- Disparity of Years.- Her Lack
of Patience.- Ill Health and Overwork tell on
her.- Summer of 1848.- Memoir of Dr. Chan-
ning. Her Friendship for Mrs. Thayer and In-
terest in her Sons.- Note from John G. Whittier.
-Grave of William Sydney Thayer at Alexan-
dria.- Lady Duff Gordon.- Mrs. Ross.― Letter
from Prof. J. B. Thayer.-Chauncey Wright.—
"Goblin Tapestry."- Her Narrow Means and
Rich Heart." Cheeryble Sisters."- Anecdote
of Aunt Howe's Kindness.- Death of Little
Edward.― Marriage of Susan Inches. Mr.
R. W. Emerson lectures at Northampton.—
Her Loneliness.-She leaves Northampton.-



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