Hearings, Reports and Prints of the Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs


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Letter to Walter J Hickel dated
McGray Bruce Committee on the Development of our Natural Resources 137
Letter to Fred Eissler
Murphy Hon George a U S Senator from the State of California
Letter to Senator Jackson
Johnson Hon Harold T Bizz a U S Representative in Congress from
Barrow Thomas D senior vice president and director of Humble Oil
Clyde George H chairman board of supervisors Santa Barbara County
Reinecke Ed Lieutenant Governors Office State of California 419
Sidenberg Mrs George M Jr president Get Oil Out Inc Santa
Slayton William L executive vice president American Institute
Teague Hon Charles M a Representative in Congress from the State
Texaco Inc
Tunney Hon John V a U S Representative in Congress from the State
Letter to Senator Metcalf dated
Tulalip Tribes of Washington No 31716 28
Pagenstecher Alexander resident Santa Barbara 71
Wong Dr ChungMing Director Office of Saline Water 30
H R 18776 33
Alderson George Friends of the Earth Washington D C 113
Congressional Record July 27 1970 54
Gazlay A Gene assistant director Michigan Department of Natural
Uintah and Ouray Agency No 70382 18
Authority of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to transfer to an Indian tribe
Mailliard William S a U S Representative from the State of California 75
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore by Senator Hart from
Hames Everett R president William R Angell Foundation Detroit
Wisler Pat president NFFE local 520 Sells Ariz 115

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Pagina 163 - necessary and proper to provide for the prevention of waste and conservation of the natural resources of the Outer Continental Shell', and the protection of correlative rights therein. Subject to the supervisory authority of the Secretary of the Interior, the regulations in this part
Pagina 173 - these abatement provisions apply to interstate or navigable waters in or adjacent to any State or States, whether the matter causing or contributing to such pollution discharges directly into such waters or reaches such waters after being discharged into the tributaries of such waters. Administrative and judicial enforcement of prohibitions against pollution are contained therein. DANIEL HILL
Pagina 3 - to be appropriated such sums, to remain available until expended, as may be specified in annual appropriation authorization acts." In order to meet Fiscal Year 1970 program requirements, we propose an appropriation of $27 million to enable the Department to conduct a research and development program to meet the program
Pagina 26 - DR. JACK HUNTER, DIRECTOR, OFFICE OF SALINE WATER, US DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, I would like to begin by expressing my pleasure in appearing before this Committee for the third time as Director, Office of Saline Water. I am here today to highlight the FY 1970 Saline Water Program and to bring this Committee
Pagina 113 - A continued effort of OSW in the same vein cannot but assure safeguarding the economical availability of one of our most precious natural resources, ie, usable water. Mr. Chairman, I wish to thank you again for this opportunity to appear before this committee. I would be happy to attempt to answer any question you have. Senator
Pagina 162 - to oil spills or leaks and the lessee's responsibility therefor. It is provided in the Act that any "person who knowingly and willfully violates any rule or regulation prescribed by the Secretary for the prevention of waste, the conservation of the natural resources, or the protection of correlative rights shall
Pagina 171 - accomplished, including the nature and quantities of materials used in plugging and the location and extent (by depths) of casing left in the well: and the volume of mud fluid used. If an attempt was made to part any casing, a description of the methods used and results obtained must be included. §250.94 [Amended] 28. In
Pagina 178 - the policy of the Department of the Interior, whenever practicable, to afford the public an opportunity to participate in the rule-making process. Accordingly, interested parties may submit written comments, suggestions, or objections with respect to the proposed amendments to the Director, US Geological Survey, Washington, DC 20240, within 30 days of the date of publication of this notice in the Federal Register. The
Pagina 174 - supervisor shall inspect and regulate operations under the regulations in this part and shall issue orders and rules necessary, in his judgment, to prevent damage, or waste of any natural resource, or injury to life or property. "(b) Emergency suspensions.—The supervisor is authorized to require a lessee by written notice to
Pagina 162 - to avoid waste or to promote conservation of natural resources", authorize the subsurface storage of oil or gas, whether or not produced from federally owned lands, in lands leased thereunder. Oil and gas regulations thereunder are located in 30 CFR, Part 221. Pollution and waste prevention are specifically covered in §§ 221.32 and 221.35.

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