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Selected from an infinite Number in Print and Manufcript, in the Royal,

Cotton, Sion, and other Public, as well as Private Libraries ;

Particularly that of the late Lord SOMMERS,



The Bent and Genius of the Age is best known in a free Country by the Pampblets

and Papers that come daily out, as the sense of Parties, and sometimes the Voice
of the Nation.

Preface to Kennet's Register,
Judex qui aliquid ftatuit, una parte auditâ tantum et inauditâ alterâ, licet æquum
ftatuerit, haud æquus fuerit,

Ld. Cook & Just. Inft.

Printed for F. Cogan, at the Middle-Temple-Gate in Fleet-Streetá..


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LETTER from General Monk Ends, Intents and Purposes, in and by to King Charles, Son of the late the faid Commission specified and exKing Charles of England, deceafed, preffed, 1660.

Page 19 together with King Charles's Answer The Judgment of Sir Orlando Bridgman, thereunto, 1660.

Page 1 declared in his Charge to the Jury, at Alderman Bunce's Speech to the Lord the Arraignment of the Twenty-nine

Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-Coun Regicides ( the Murtherers of King cil of London, touching the King's Re Charles I. of moft glorious Memory solution to accept of honourable Condi began at Hicks-Hall on Tuesday the 9th tions from a free Parliament for his Ad of O&tober 1660, and continued at the mitment, 1660.

6 Seffions in the Old-Bailey until Friday The humble Petition and Address of the the 19th of the same Month 23

General Court fitting at Boston in New The Life and Death of Nebuchadnezzar the England, unto the high and mighty Great, the first Emperor of the ChalPrince Charles II. 1660.

9 deans, who was represented by the golden The Earl of Briftel's Speech in the House Head of that Image, Dan. ii. 32.

of Lords, the 20th Day of July, 1660, nd by the Lion with Eagle's Wings, Dan. upon the Bill of Indemnity

12 vii. 4. whereby much Light is given to The Speech of the Speaker of the House of many of the Prophecies of Ifaiah, Jere

Commons made unto the King in the miah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.' By Samuel House of Lords, at the passing of the Clark, D. D. 1664.

25 Bills therein mentioned, 'the 29th of The Life and Death of Cyrus the Great,

Aug. in the Year of our Lord 1660. 15 the first Founder of the Empire of the His Majesty's gracious Speech to both Medes and Persians, represented by the

Houses of Parliament, the 29th Day Breasts and Arms of Silver in that Image, of August, 1660, at the passing of the Dan. ii. 32. and by a Bear, Dan, vii. 5. Act of free Pardon, Indemnity and Ob and by a Ram with two Horns, Dan, viii.

livion, and several other Acts. 17 3, 20. and the Deliverer of the IsraelHis Majesty's gracious Commission to ites out of Babylon, the seventy Years of

search into and examine the pretended their Captivity being expired; whereby Sales and Purchasers of the Honours, much Light is given

to many of the ProManours, Lands and Hereditaments of phecies of Isaiuh, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and and belonging to his Majesty, his Royal Daniel. By Samuel Clark, D.D. 1664. 39 Mother, the Archbishops, Bishops, Deans London's Lord Have Mercy: upon us : A and Chapters, Prebends, and other Ec true Relation of seven modern Plagues clesiastical Persons; giving such Powers or Vifitations in London, with the Numand Authorities as are necessary for the ber of those that were buričd; of all


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