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(1.) Eldorado ; or, Adventures in the Path of Empire. By BAYARD TAYLOR.

London : Richard Bentley. 1850. (2.) Personal Adventures in Upper and Lower California, in 1848-9. By W. R.

RYAN. London: William Shoberl.

Blowing bubbles is a remarkably pleasant | appearance of this region in an entirely new pastime. We were all engrossed with it here character, that of a gold-producing country. a few years ago ; and sundry indisputable Astonished, bewildered, elated, with the prosarguments were used for the purpose of pect of gold for the having, it cannot be showing why ours should be exempt from wondered at if many, with the best intentions the fate of bubbles in general—that of burst- in the world to be cool in their judgment and ing. Facts, however—and so much the worse correct in their estimate, have begun by seefor them-have contradicted this ingenious ing double at least. And we must say that theory. Our bubbles have burst; our rock- your sanguine people, who make no allowets have come down sticks. It remains to be ance for fiction, are about as great mischiefseen whether the more dazzling ones that makers as can be. While, if the honest and have attracted so many longing looks to the right-minded may be thus misled, and freother side of the world, are to prove equally quently are so, it must be borne in mind that unsubstantial. Opinions differ widely about there is always another class prepared to this; and to ascertain the precise value of take advantage of this state of mind, and, Upper California to its present owners, and knowingly, to foster extravagance of expectathe world at large, would, at this stage of its tion, from any probable source of gain, in progress, be no easy matter. Men's views order to serve their own selfish ends. We and representations are influenced by their have seen enough of this at home, and our interests and prejudices at all times. But “slang” has been enriched with terms to more especially are these apt to lead them describe such men. It is unpleasant to reastray in times of such extraordinary excite-cognize their existence; but there they are. ment as have been consequent on the recent | What is worse, we are not always in a



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