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The Water Fiends
A Court Audience
The Elder Brother
The Pilgrims and the Peas
Frank Haman
The Jewess and her Son
The Razor Seller
Moses Mousetrap
Tinker and Glazier
Report of an adjudged Case
The Petit-Maitre and Man on the Wheel
The Press Warrant ..

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Colman 193
Pindar 200
Taylor 202
Pindar 205

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Harrison 211
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Sentimental and pathetic.

The Cast-away

Cowper 217
The Passions

Collins 220
The Statue of the Dying Gladiator, a Prize Poem Chinnery 223

Ditto (not a Prize Poem) Anon. 225
To Sleep

Currie 227

Smyth 228
The cast-away Ship ..

Montgomery 229
The Sequel..

ditto 232
To Delia

Sheridan 233
Lines left in a Grotto

ditto 234

Darwin 236
To Mary in Heaven

Burns ib.

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Pilgrim's Farewell
The Soldier's Dream..
Stanzas, written over the Grave of an Officer
The Mariner
Exile of Erin
Stanzas, written for the Shrine of Bertha

The Butterfly to his Love
Ode to Melancholy
Reflections ..
Shipwreck ...
To Melancholy
Pious Memory
The Fugitive
The Poplars Felled
The Orphan Boy
Thoughts at Midnight
The Orphans
Lines written on the Sea Shore
Pity's Tear..
The Virgin's first Love
The Sigh
Character of the Fair Sex
The Disabled Soldier
The Superanvuated Horse
To Mary
*To Memory
Birth-day Retrospect
The Flower
Song from afar
Moral Stanzas
Peace and Glory


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Lawson 292

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Moore 286

To the Herb Rosemary
The Close of Life
The Wounded Hussar
Lines written on the Grave of a Suicide..
Lines written at Midnight
The Complaint of Colma

White 287
Moore 283

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.. Campbell 291

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Rogers 293
Chatterlon ib.

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WAS dark; from every mountain head
The sunny smile of heaven had fled,
And evening, over hill and dale,
Dropt with the dew, her shadowy veil;
In fabled Tajo's darkning tide
Was quench'd the

golden ray ;
Silent, the silent stream beside,
Three gallant people's hope and pride,

Three gallant arnies lay.
Welcome to them the clouds of night,
That close the fierce and hurried fight ;-
And wearied all, and none elate,
With equal hope and doubt they wait

fiercer bloodier day.

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