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some ancient river, as Kirkstall; rocky eggs, to say nothing of the constant disbanks, encircled with verdant foliage, as coveries of the savans ; surely, then, if in Fountains; woods and secluded spots, as such trivial matters the human race must Netley; green plots of sward, by some disagree, it cannot be expected they should rocky and romantic stream, as Tintern; be unanimous on weightier affairs. But, shady and silent valleys, as Furness; as a warm adherent to the protestant lovely shores, where the swift brook joins church, I feel it my duty to warn her the sea, as Beaulieu; such were the ministers of the advances of another church homes that Cistercians loved; and the Re- which I believe to be opposed to scripture demptionists of Hanley have not shown to warn them, lest by their own unwise themselves to be one whit behind their conduct in matters which they may well brethren in a refined taste for natural afford to sink, the citadel may fall into the beauties. The new church will probably bands of the enemy as much through the be opened in the month of May next. disagreement of the garrison, as by the There is already a school of between impetuosity of the beleaguerers.-Worcesthirty and forty children here: and when tershire Chronicle. the present chapel is done with, it is to be converted into a school-room. In addition to this monastery there is a

The Gatherer. catholic chapel at Little Malvern, belong. ing to W. Berington, Esq., whose chaplain, the rev. W. Scott, has recently had a James I. – Defoe, in describing this fine ecclesiastical looking dwelling-house monarch's personal habits, says raised there. There is also a convent his diet, apparel, and journeys, he was very at Stanbrook, in the parish of Powick, constant, as, 'by his good will, he would hard by. It belongs to the order of Bene- never change his clothes, till worn out to dictines, and there are about twenty or very rags. His fashion never varied, insothirty religious” resident there. The much that when a person brought him a community removed to their present esta- hat, made on a Spanish block, he would blishment about seven or eight years since çast it from him, sneering, that he never from Salford, in Warwickshire, where, for loved them nor their fashions; another all I know to the contrary, they flourished time one bringing him roses on his shoes, for ages; and I hear it would be worth a he asked if they could make him a ring“ ramble” to the place to see the venerable footed dove-one yard of sixpenny ribbon house that they quitted. Stanbrook, with served his turn.

His diet and journeys its spacious hall and grounds, being con- were so constant, that the best observing sidered an eligible locality, was purchased courtier of our times used to remark, that by the community. The house was con- were he asleep seven years, and then siderably altered and enlarged for the ac- awakened, he would tell where the king commodation of the numerous young ladies had been every day, and every dish he had who are there educated by the nuns.

at his table." Thus the vicinity of the Malvern hills Treachery and Vengeance.-A few years seems in the present day to be as favourite since there was in New Mexico, a celea retreat for the religious as in past and brated chief called Juan José at the head early ages, from the time the Druids wor- of the Apaches tribe, whose cunning and shipped on these heights, to a later, audacity caused his name to be dreaded though still a very distant period, when throughout the country. What contributed Aldwin and a few monks cleared for them- more than anything else to render him a selves an oasis in what was then called dangerous enemy was the fact of his having “the great wild forest,” and from which received a liberal education at Chihuahua, hermitage arose the establishment of the which enabled him, when he afterwards priory, of which we have some interesting rejoined his tribe, to outwit his pursuers, relics left to this day.

and, by robbing the mails, to acquire Now, I have not brought forward the timely information of every expedition set above instances of the rapid strides made on foot against him. The government of by the catholics in this district with any Sonora, desirous to make some efforts to view to disputation as to which is or is not check the depredations of the Apaches, the true church. I will have nothing to issued a proclamation, giving a sort of do with such disputation. Let those who carte blanche patent of "marque and rehave opinions keep firm hold of them. prisal,” and declaring all the booty that Varro reckoned that among the old phi- might be taken from the savages to be the losophers there were no less than eight rightful property of the captors. In the hundred opinions concerning the summum spring of 1837, a party of twenty spurred bonum, and I see it affirmed that in France on by the love of gain, and never doubting (I say it without intentional levity) there but the Indians, after so many years of are no less than 685 methods of cooking successful robberies, must be possessed of


& vast amount of property, set out with an exceedingly annoyed, and, we may admit, American as their commander, who had not without cause, at the claims advanced long resided in the country. In a few on his restoration for services rendered days they reached a rancheria of about himself or family. To answer all in the fifty warriors with their families, among way they expected or desired was obviously whom was the famous Juan José himself, impossible, and he, convinced of that, and three other principal chiefs. On see- seems almost to have adopted the resoluing the Americans advance, the former at tion that he would attend to none. The once gave them to understand that, if they Derby family was among those that had to had come to fight, they were ready to ac- complain of coldness and neglect. Somecommodate them; but on being assured by thing more than a century ago this was the leader that they were merely bent on revenged by the last earl of Derby of the a trading expedition, a friendly interview Stanley family, who caused the following was immediately arranged. The Ameri- inscription to be placed on a building can captain, having determined to put erected near his seat in Lancashire :these obnoxious chiefs to death under any “ James, earl of Derby, lord of Man and circumstances, soon caused a little field- the Isles, grandson of James earl of Derby, piece which had been concealed from the and of Charlotte, daughter of Claude, duke Indians to be loaded with chain and canis- de Tremoiselle, whose husband, James, ter shot, and to be held in readiness for was beheaded at Bolton, October 15, 1652, use. The warriors were then, invited to for strenuously adhering to Charles II, the camp to receive a present of flour, who refused a bill passed unanimously by which was placed within range of the can- both Houses of Parliament, for restoring

While they were occupied in divid- to the family the estate lost by his loyalty ing the contents of the bag they were fired to him, 1734."-Tindal. upon, and a considerable number of their

Mr. Hone and a Welsh Peasant.-Mr. party killed on the spot. The remainder Hone, the noted author of the parodies, in were then attacked with small arms, and the days of his infidelity, was travelling in about twenty slain, including Juan José Wales on foot, and being rather tired and and the other chiefs. Those who escaped thirsty, stopped at the door of a cottage became afterwards their own avengers in a where there was a little girl seated reading, manner which proved terribly disastrous and whom he asked if she would give him to another party of Americans, who hap- a little water. “Oh yes, sir (she said), if pened at the time to be trapping on Rio you will come in, mother will give you Gila not far distant. The enraged savages some milk and water;"

upon which he resolved to take summary vengeance upon went in and partook of that beverage, the these unfortunate trappers, and falling little girl again resuming her seat and her upon them, massacred them every one! book. After a short stay in the cottage They were in all, including several Mexi. he came out and accosted the child at the cans, about fifteen in number.

door-“Well, my little girl, are you getLuther's Sacramental Vase and Wine ting your task?”. “No, sir (she replied), Cup.-- The king of Prussia has purchased I am reading the Bible.” “But (said the wine-vase and cup with which Luther Mr. Hone) you are getting your task out used to administer sacrament; and which of the Bible 3" “Oh no, sir, it is no task to are described as of silver, gilt in the in- ' me to read the Bible—it is a pleasure.” This side. The cup resembles an ordinary gob- circumstance had such an effect upon Mr. let, but inclining in its circle to the oval; Hone that he determined to read the Bible the vase has the form of a jug, is covered too, and became one of the foremost in with subjects representing the Passion, and upholding and defending the great truths is said to be of admirable workmanship. contained in that holy book. ---Carnarvon

Execution of Murat.-When the fatal Herald. moment arrived, Murat walked with a firm step to the place of execution--as calm, not been unaptly compared to a heap of

Social Feelings. The social feelings have as unmoved, as if he had been going to an ordinary review. He would not accept a

embers, which, when separated, soon lanchair, nor suffer his eyes to be bound. «I guish, darken, and expire; but placed tohave braved death (said he) too often to gether, they glow with a ruddy and intense

heat. fear it.” He stood upright, proudly and undauntedly, with his countenance towards Curious Epitaph in Teuin Churchyard, the soldiers; and when all was ready, he

near Hertford. kissed a cornelian on which the head of

“ This world's a city full of streets, his wife was engraved, and gave the word Death is the market-place where all men meel; thus, “ Save my face-aim at my heart- If life were merchandise that men could buy, Fire !!

The rich would always life-the poor must die.” Royal Ingratitude. Charles II was not remarkable for gratitude.' He was A.A. Burstall, Prin'er, 2, Tavistock-street, Strand.


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