This little book has been printed in the hope that it may be useful in refreshing the memories of those visitors to Tong Church who are already in some degree acquainted with its ancient and historic associations; while to the many tourists from neighbouring towns who resort to the village, it may be not only a "guide" to the building, but a reminder of a pleasant holiday.

The compiler is not unconscious of the importance and delicacy of such a task as the description of Tong Church, but hastens to defend its publication as supplying the great want of a handy comprehensive guide to a much-visited edifice.

He has endeavoured to introduce, where possible, comments upon its rich contents by abler hands, completing the remainder with an ordinary notice of things as they are to be seen at present. He hopes that neither such simple language_nor indeed the existence of conflicting opinions upon matters of remote date-will be allowed to detract from the lustre pertaining to the objects themselves.

He has to express his thanks to those strangers and friends who have favoured him with interesting notes.

GEO. GRIFFITHS. Weston Bank, Shifnal,


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Weston, Shifnal, Feby. 6, 1885. MY DEAR SIR-Let me thank you very much for the book you have sent me on Tong Church. I think it is very nicely got up, besides the merits of its contents as a guide to Tong Church and Parish.

I have looked through it, and it appears to me to be full of correct information, given in a popular way. I hope it may prove successful, and will certainly recommend my friends to buy it.

Yrs. very faithfully,

(Signed) BRADFORD.


Weston Park, Shifnal, Sept. 6, 1885. Dear SIR-I am quite delighted with your book, and accept it with much pleasure. I have read a great part of it, and shall study it one day in the Church of Tong. I cannot but think it is a book that will make its mark in the County. I want a copy at once to give away to a friend, and I doubtless shall want several more. With thanks and congratulations on its success.

Believe me,
Yours truly,


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Greatlebell of Tong, and G. Boden; }



Plate on

Page. Charles I.

Frontispiece Tong Church and Vicarage..

viii Plan of District

ix Plan of Church.. Reference to Effigies Plan of Village...........

xii Thong Castle and Merlin... Tong Church from the East, p. 20.

20 Stanley Tomb, p. 65 East window, 3 Screens, and Pulpit..... 26 Seal of Isabella the Foundress, p. 214... Font, Tong Church, p. 27:

27 White Ladies Abbey Ruins and Gate

house, p. 194 Sir F. de Pembruge IV. Tomb, p. 30...... Sir Richard Vernon Tomb, p. 37

30 Sir Harry Vernon Tomb, p. 47 Brass to Sir W. Vernon

42 Sir Harry Vernon's Tong Castle

50 Brass to Sir A. Vernon..

53 Sir Arthur Vernon Effigy, p. 54.... The King's Champion, p. 61 King Charles II. and the Penderels and

54 Yates, p. 180 Tong Church-Choir-Stalls, p. 74 Richard and Margaret Vernon Tomb, 74

p 57 .. Duke of Kingston Deed

82 Crystal Ciborium..

83 Brass to W. Skeffington Brass to Lady Daunsey

86 Tong Castle, as at present

go Vestry Door

95 Brass to Ralph Elcock


Plate on

Great Bell of Tong..

103 Sir Thomas More

114 Tong College

I 22 The Watchman

129 Forge Hammer from a Coin found in

Tong Church during the Restora-
tion, p. 142....

142 Tong Upper Forge Waterfall, p. 142. Hubbal Grange, p 204...

Convent Lodge, Entrance to Tong Ca 156
Dove-house, p. and 160
Tong Church from the West, and Alms. 160

house ruins, p. 160
Lady Mary W. Montague, p. 166..
Venetia, Lady Digby, p. 171
Dorothy Vernon, p. 177
Richard Penderell, p. 180...

166 Charles II. p. 183 “Mrs." Jane Lane, p. 182. Lady Mary, the toast of the Kit-cat Club 167 Mrs. Fitzherbert

169 The Royal Oak, photograph in 1894. Black Ladies, p. 206

179 The Royal Oak, trunk as at present...... 184 Boscobel and the Royal Oak, copy of a photograph in 1879.....

185 The Royal Oak, with brick wall, p. 187 Tong Golden Chapel Roof, p. 53 William Penderell, p. 179

- 187 Sir Kenelm Digby, p 173 White Ladies-slabs, White Ladies-from the S. E. Corner 200

of Ruins White Ladies as a Cart Shed, Tiles, North Doorway, Dame


202 Penderill's Tomb White Ladies—hinge... Plan of Stanley Tomb, Tong..



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A Concise Reference to ye Effigies.

NOTICE that ye little number placed against each illustrious name refers the industrious reader alike to ye Plan of ye Church, and ye

Bodye of ye Boke.

From ye Harcourts of the Blood Royale of Saxony, ye famous De Belmeis familie, and La Zouches descended of ye Dukes of Brittany : came Orabel de Harcourt married to Henry de Pembruge of Pembridge, Co. Hereford ; my faithfull and beloved Henry,” as His Majesty described him: from

whom in very direct descent

Sir Tho:=Elizabeth de Lingen=Sir Fulke de
Ludlow | daughter & heire to Pembruge

Sir Raffe Lingen of 12
Wigmore. She
built ye Churche.


Juliana de=Rich: de Pembruge | Vernon, sister and i from the heire. Vernons off


Benedicta de Ludlow=Sir Richard de Vernon, ye Speaker of Lei'ster 13

13 Parliament, 1426. Sir Will: Vernon=Margaret (Swynfen), heiress of Sir 14

14 Rob: Pype and Spernor.

Sir Harry Vernon=To ye Ladye Anne Talbot, granddaughter 15

15 to ye Great Earl Talbot. Governor & Treasurer to Arthur, Prince of Wales, elder brother to King Henry VIII., a very worthie Prince.


Margaret (Dymock)=Richard Humphrey=Alice de Ludlow, Arthur Vernon, Vernon, 18

Vernon, dau: of Sir Robert | Esq. 17

Esq. 18

co-heire of her Pryst Dymock, ye King's

grandfather Sir 16 champion.

Richd: de Ludlow.
Sir George Vernon, buried at Bakewell, leaving two lovely

daughters co-heires,

Margaret Vernon=At Haddon, to Sir Tho: Dorothy=Sir John Manners, 19 Stanley, son to ye Earle

from whom His of Derbie 19

Grace of Rutland.

Sir Edw: Stanley=Ye Lady Lucie Percie, daughter to ye Duke of 19

Northumberland. 1

nichy, and others.

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