DR. LANGE's Commentary on Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers was not published till 1874. Dr. SCHROEDER’s Deuteronomy was issued in 1868.

The two corresponding English volumes were begun several years ago. The present volume contains:

1. A general and special Introduction to Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. It unfolds Dr. LANGE's original and ingenious view of the organic unity and trilogy of the three Middle Books of the Pentateuch and their typical import. The translation is by Rev. HOWARD OSGOOD, D. D., Professor in Rochester, N. Y.

2. The Commentary on Exodus by Dr. LANGE, translated, with many additions, by Rev. C. M. MEAD, Ph. D., Professor in the Theological Seminary at Andover, Mass. The Textual and Grammatical notes, some of which are very elaborate (e.g., pp. 72–75), belong wholly to the American Edition, there being no corresponding part in the German of LANGE. The “Doctrinal” and "Homiletical,” which in the German edition are put together at the end of Numbers, have been appended to the Commentary proper.

3. The Commentary on Leviticus by Rev. FREDERIC GARDINER, D.D., Professor in the Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. This part differs in one respect from most of the series. It was already far advanced before the commentary of LANGE appeared, and it then seemed best to complete it on the plan begun, incorporating into it as much as possible of the German work of LANGE. For the general structure and arrangement of this commentary, therefore, Dr. GARDINER is responsible; but the greater part of LANGE, including every thing of importance, and especially every thing in which there is any difference of opinion, has been translated and included in the work. Nearly the whole of LANGE'S “Homiletical,” and a large part of his “Doctrinal,” have been distributed to the several chapters to which they pertain. Every thing from LANGE is carefully indicated by his name and by quotation marks; all matter not so indicated is by the translator, and is not marked by his initials, except in the case of remarks introduced into the midst of quotations from LANGE. A large part of the translation was prepared by Rev. HENRY FERGUson, of Exeter, N. H.

The Commentary on Numbers and Deuteronomy will appear in a separate volume early in autumn. The remaining parts of the Old Testament division are also fast approaching completion.

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