Criminal Trials ...

C. Knight, 1835

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Pagina 172 - Let his children be vagabonds, and beg their bread : let them seek it also out of desolate places. 10 Let the extortioner consume all that he hath : and let the stranger spoil his labour.
Pagina 32 - a man of great piety, of exemplary temperance, of mild and cheerful demeanour, an enemy of broils and disputes, a faithful friend, and remarkable for his punctual attendance upon religious observances," — in a word, a fanatic, in whose eyes religion justified every deed.
Pagina 164 - Tesmond the Jesuit, and in his confession told him that he was to conceal a very dangerous piece of work that his master Catesby and Thomas Winter had imparted unto him, and...
Pagina 141 - Easter last was twelvemonth beyond the seas, in the low-countries, of the archduke's obeisance, by Thomas Winter, who came thereupon with me into England, and there we imparted our purpose to three other gentlemen more, namely, Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, and John Wright...
Pagina 61 - The letter was as follows: — • my lord out of the love i beare to some of youer frends i have a caer of youer preseryacion therefor i would advyse yowe as yowe tender youer lyf...
Pagina 14 - ... long abused. Her majesty commanded it to the fire, which in her sight by the country folks was quickly done to her content, and unspeakable joy of every one but some one or two who had sucked of the idol's poisoned milk.
Pagina 14 - And, to decypher the gentleman to the full; a piece of plate being missed in the court and searched for in his hay-house, in the hayrick such an .image of our lady was there found, as for greatness, for gayness and workmanship, I did never see a match •, and after a sort of country dances ended, in her majesty's sight the idol was set behind the people, who avoided. She rather seemed a beast raised upon...
Pagina 29 - Parliament-house with gunpowder ; for said he, in that place have they done us all the mischief, and perchance God hath designed that place for their punishment. I wondered at the strangeness of the conceit, and told him that true it was, this struck at the root, and would breed a confusion fit to beget new alterations ; but if it should not take effect, as most of this nature miscarried, the scandal would be so great which the Catholic religion might hereby sustain, as not only our enemies, but...
Pagina 161 - Rookwood started last, but, better mounted, soon overtook the others — overtook Keyes about three miles beyond Highgate, then Catesby and John Wright beyond Brickhill ; then a little farther on Percy and Christopher Wright ; and : they five rode together ; and Percy and John Wright cast off their cloaks and threw them into a hedge to ride the more speedily.
Pagina 152 - Easter 2 as we wrought the third time, opportunity was given to hire the cellar, in which we resolved to lay the powder and leave the mine. "Now by reason that the charge of maintaining us all so long together, besides the number of several houses which for several uses had been hired, and buying of powder, &c., had lain heavy on Mr. Catesby alone to support, it was necessary for to call in some others to ease his charge, and to that end desired leave that he with Mr.

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