Jesus : God, Man, Or Myth?: An Examination of the Evidence

Book Tree, 2000 - 308 pagina's
Did pagan mythologies represent Christs miracles in order to convince them to accept the Christian faith? Beyond these miracles is there enough evidence to prove there was a Jesus? Cutner says no. He also says that the Apostle Paul never portrayed Jesus as a man, but as a spiritual being. To Paul, Christ is found in a spiritual sense within oneself, as opposed to being an actual historical personage. When the Church accepted Paul, this inner reflection was outwardly projected by the Church into an actual mana saviour, according to Cutner. This might be why Paul was almost rejected by the Churchhis views posed a danger to those who might rely on their own spiritual knowledge, rather than the authority of the Church. Whether Jesus lived or not, we still have a lot to learn about ourselves and our true place in the universe. This book, although critical, may be useful in that respect.

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Well done.

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I enjoyed reading this book. Good info. Not the best book I have read on the subject but it is worth the money. Volledige review lezen


Some Preliminary Considerations
Christian Evidences
The Witness of Paul

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