the chemist; a monthly journal of chemical philosophy and of chemistry applied to the arts, manufactures, agriculture, and medicine, and record of pharmacy.


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Pagina 356 - THE EXHIBITION of 1851 is to give us a true test and a living picture of the point of development at which the whole of mankind has arrived in this great task, and a new starting point from which all nations will be able to direct their further exertions.
Pagina 356 - So man is approaching a more complete fulfilment of that great and sacred mission which he has to perform in this world. His reason being created after the image of God, he has to use it to discover the laws by which the Almighty governs His creation, and, by making these laws his standard of action, to conquer nature to his use ; himself a divine instrument.
Pagina 321 - ... now become hard and horny, we obtain an equal weight of the most aromatic soup, of such strength as cannot be obtained, even by boiling for hours, from a piece of flesh. When mixed with salt and the other usual additions, by which soup is usually seasoned, and tinged somewhat darker by means of roasted onions or burnt sugar, it forms the very best soup which can in any way be obtained from 1 Ib. of flesh.
Pagina 382 - CYCLOPEDIA OF AGRICULTURE, PRACTICAL AND SCIENTIFIC; in which the Theory, the Art, and the Business of Farming, m all their departments, are thoroughly and practically treated.
Pagina 77 - ... put the mucky liquid to stand, so that they may, after it has rested for a day or two, skim the fluid from the solid particles of filth, pollution, and disease.
Pagina 347 - ... and liberates the oxygen in its gaseous state to sustain the healthy functions of the animal life, at the same time that it feeds on the rejected matter which has fulfilled its purposes in the nourishment of the fish and snail, and preserves the water constantly in a clean and healthy condition.
Pagina 204 - It was further shown that chemical decompositions may be produced by liquid diffusion ; the constituents of a double salt of so much stability as common alum being separated, and the sulphate of potash diffusing in the largest proportion. In fact the diffusive force is one of great energy, and quite as capable of breaking up compounds as the unequal volatility of their constituents.
Pagina 356 - ... we are living at a period of most wonderful transition, which tends rapidly to the accomplishment of that great end to which, indeed, all history points — the realization of the unity of mankind.
Pagina 356 - Not a unity which breaks down the limits, and levels the peculiar characteristics of the different nations of the earth, but rather a unity the result and product of those very national varieties and antagonistic qualities. The distances which separated the different nations and parts of the globe are...
Pagina 356 - Whilst formerly the greatest mental energies strove at universal knowledge, and that knowledge was confined to the few, now they are directed on specialities, and in these, again, even to the minutest points...

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