Homoeopathic Journal of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Paedology, Volume 12

A.L. Chatterton and Company, 1890

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Pagina 80 - The whole day was passed by this unhappy mother in a constant struggle between the desire of taking away the life of her infant and the dread of yielding to the impulse. She concealed her agitation until evening, when her confessor, a respectable old man, was the first to receive her confidence. He soothed her feelings, and counselled her to have medical assistance. ' When we arrived at her house,' says Michu, ' she appeared gloomy and depressed, and ashamed of her situation.
Pagina 291 - ... scientific arrangement of principles, as the relation in which the Indians stand towards this government, and those of the States ; but from what I have seen, I have come to the conclusion that it is not the fear to violate any rights of the States which has prevented proper action on the part of Congress, nor apprehension of any clashing...
Pagina 174 - Much of the literature written with a view of meeting this want is mischievious, and fails to serve its purpose. Conjugal onanism, — yea ! conjugal crimes are a dark blot upon our boasted enlightenment and civilization. Every phase of the various and varying manifestations of life confronts the gynaecologist. A specialist must also be a close observer. By deep study into cause and effect, by careful selection of the drug according to the homoeopathic interpretation of the law of Hahnemann, he will...
Pagina 275 - In a large number of cases of supposed or of actual uterine disease which display marked gastric disturbance, if the tongue be clean, the essential disease will be found to be neurotic; and it must be treated so.
Pagina 80 - ... upon it, she was seized with the desire of strangling it. This idea made her shudder ; she carried the infant to its cradle, and went out in order to get rid of so horrid a thought. The cries of the little being, who required nourishment, recalled her to the house : she experienced still more strongly the impulse to destroy it. She hastened away again, haunted by the dread of committing a crime of which she had such horror; she raised her eyes to heaven, and went into a church to pray.
Pagina 80 - she appeared gloomy and depressed, and ashamed of her situation.' Being reminded of the tenderness due from a mother to her child, she replied; 'I know how much a mother ought to love her child; but if I do not love mine, it does not depend upon me.
Pagina 89 - ... fact is, twothirds of the physicians have fallen into this aged groove. We think this tea, gruel, and toast bill of fare, practically a starvation diet, irrational, impracticable, and a positive detriment to the patient. Is not the theory and practice a foolish one, when we consider for a moment that the organs connected with parturition will be more rapidly restored to the normal condition prior to conception; that the tissue changes, which we call involution, will be more quickly and perfectly...
Pagina 275 - In the vast majority of cases in which the woman takes to her bed and stays there indefinitely, from some supposed uterine lesion, she is bed-ridden from her brain and not from her womb.
Pagina 521 - ... and jokes, when, quickly, she bursts into tears. Her manner becomes hurried, so that everything is performed hastily, and hence imperfectly and awkwardly. She is afflicted with intense headaches. These are characterized by a predominance of pressure; the pain goes to the eye, which feels as if pressed out; or, to the root of the nose; or again, it is confined to one small spot, like a nail pressing; hence the name, clavus hystericus.
Pagina 184 - ... special therapeutic value ; and I need merely cite the indisputable success obtained by Professor Trousseau with the powder of cinchona in checking malarial fevers which had resisted even the largest doses of sulphate of quinine. More especially cocaine cannot replace all the active principles and the essential oils of the leaf of erythroxylon coca, as has been proved from the time of the earliest discovery and use of the plant.

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