Of smallest magnitude close by the moon. 1977 Thither full fraught with mischievous revenge, - Accurs'd, and in a cursed hour he hies., 1055

this passage, understanding that the comes within view of the whole Earch was meant, and yet arguing world, it should still appear in very juftiy that the Earth could comparison with the empyreal Heanot be meant: and Mr. Addison ven no bigger than the smallest has fallen into the like mistake, as ftar, and that star appearing yet appears from his words; “ The smaller by its proximity to the * glimmering light which thot in- moon! and how much more beau« to the Chaos from the utmost tiful and poetical is it to open 66 verge of the creation, with the the scene thus by degrees ! Sacan “ diftant discovery of the Earth at first descries the whole world at

that hung close by the moon, a distance in book the second, and “ are wonderfully beautiful and then in book the third he discovers “ poetical.” But how much more our planetary system and the sun, wonderful is the imagination of and afterwards by the direction of such prodigious distance, that after Uriel the earth and neighbouring Satan had traveled on so far, and moon.

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. The end of the Second Book, : *.."

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God fitting on his throne fees Satan flying towards this

world, then newly created; shows him to the Son who fat at his right hand; foretels the success of Satan in perverting mankind; clears his own justice and wisdom from all imputation, having created Man free and able enough to have withstood his tempter; yet declares his purpose of grace towards him, in regard he fell not of his own malice, as did Satan, but by him seduc'd. The Son of God renders praises to his Father for the manifestation of his gracious purpose towards Man; but God again declares, that Grace cannot be extended towards Man without the fatifaction of divine juftice; Man hath offended the majesty of God by aspiring to Godhead, and therefore with all his progeny devoted to death must die, unless some one can be found sufficient to answer for his offense, and undergo his punishment. The Son of God freely offers himself a ransome for Man: the Father accepts him, ordains his incarnation, pronounces his exaltation above all names in Heaven and Earth; commands all the Angels to adore him ; they obey, and hymning to their harps in full quire, celebrate the Father and the Son. Mean while Satan alights upon the bare convex of this world's outermost orb; where wand'ring he first finds a place, since call'd The Limbo of Vanity; what persons and things fly up thither; thence comes to the gate of Heaven, describ'd ascending by stairs, and the waters above the firmament that flow about it: His passage thence to the orb of the fun; he finds there Uriel the regent of that orb, but first changes himself into the shape of a meaner Angel; and pretending a zealous desire to behold the new creation, and Man whom God had plac'd here, inquires of him the place of his habitation, and is directed; alighos first on mount Niphates.

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