The Author, whose name is prefixed to this Publication, feels it incumbent on him to apprize the Reader, that the shorter Compositions contained in the First Volume, are interspersed with the productions of abler pens than his own : these, having been almost all of them given to the public in former editions of his SALMAGUNDI (the favourable reception of which he is sensible that they have essentially promoted), he has here re-edited them. They will be found in the Table of Contents, to be distinguished with asterisms, and attributed to their proper


For the general contents of these little Volumes, he trusts he shall not incur the charge of presumption in expressing his hopes, that they will meet with a reception no less indulgent, collectively, than that with which they have been honoured, when separately published.

They have undergone a careful revisal, with occasional alterations, and the addition of some original productions.

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