Memoirs illustrative of the history and antiquities of Wiltshire and the city of Salisbury, communicated to the annual meeting ... 1849


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Pagina 158 - Imitations produce pain or pleasure, not because they are mistaken for realities, but because they bring realities to mind. When the imagination is recreated by a painted landscape, the trees are not supposed capable to give us...
Pagina 55 - Selsey peninsula. the whole line of coast from Chichester eastward to the marshes of Kent. Five years after the fall of Anderida, the West-Sexe effected their first settlement. ' A. 495. Now came two aldermen into Britain, Cerdic, and Cynric his son, with five ships, at the place which is called Cerdics-Ora, and the same day they fought with the Weals.
Pagina 59 - Around Amesbury the Briton was fighting for all that was dearest to him ; and thus may we account for the desperate resistance which enabled him to maintain a weak frontier for nearly sixty years within little more than twenty miles of Winchester.
Pagina 58 - .... the wall of the Eternal, The quadrangular delight of Peter, The great Choir of the dominion.' I would venture to suggest that this celebrated nawt may have been the Christian monastery instead of the heathen temple, and that the legend which makes Stonehenge the work of Ambrosius (Gwaith Emrys) may have arisen from his having built or re-edified one of the ' Choirs of Britain ' in its immediate neighbourhood. An attempt on the part of the invaders to surprise this monastery — probably during...
Pagina 32 - Gwent, or champaign. There seem to have been several of these Gwents in Britain ; and the Romans obtained their name for the capital towns by turning Gwent into a feminine substantive, and then adding the name of the race which inhabited the particular district, as Venta Belgarum, Venta Icenorum, Venta Silurum, &c.
Pagina 124 - Metonic cycle takes its rise as follows : 235 revolutions of the moon are very nearly 19 revolutions of the sun, and one complete revolution of the moon's node. If these approximations were exact, all the relative phenomena of the sun and moon, particularly those of eclipses, would recommence in the same order, at the end of every nineteen years. There is however an error of some hours in every cycle.
Pagina 223 - a woman truly praiseworthy because she was filled with the fear of God." Gifts for the new work poured in; the canons, glad to leave their bleak hill, gave one-fourth of their income for six years; all the Purbec marble needed for twelve years was offered by Alice Bruer, a noble-minded woman. At the end of five years the eastern portion of the church was solemnly...
Pagina 45 - ... had taken in idolatrous rites. ever, tend to fix its date more closely, and to show that it belongs, most probably, either to the reign of Manasseh, or to the early years of the reign of Josiah. 1. The differences between the laws of Dt. and those of Ex. 21-23 tend to show that the two Codes are separated from each other by a considerable interval of time, in the course of which the social and political organization of the community had materially developed, and the Code of Ex. had ceased to...
Pagina 40 - Bede ; and there are others which may have been written at a time when Hengest and Ambrosius were yet rivals. As to the credit which is due to the chronology of these early records, I think we may rely on the good sense and the good faith both of those who made the original entries, and of those who made the...
Pagina 39 - As to the characters in which these events were recorded, what could they be but the ' runes ' which our ancestors brought with them into the island, and which, even after the Roman letters had been introduced by Christian missionaries, were regarded with so much favour that we often find them' transcribed in our MSS. even as late as the thirteenth century with the title 'Alphabetum Anglicum

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