Cambridge Public Library Bulletin, Volume 12

Cambridge Co-operative Society, 1907
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Page 60 - Allen, Alexander Viets Griswold. Freedom in the church ; or, the doctrine of Christ as the Lord hath commanded, and as this church hath received the same according to the commandments of God. NY,
Page 134 - Foord, J. Decorative plant and flower studies, for the use of artists, designers, students, and others ; containing 40 coloured plates printed in facsimile of the original drawings, accompanied by a description and sketch of each plant and 450 studies of growth and detail.
Page 133 - Porter, Mrs, Gene (Stratton). What I have done with birds: character studies of native American birds which, through friendly advances, I induced to pose for me, or succeeded in photographing by good fortune, with the story of my experiences in obtaining their pictures. Indianapolis
Page 110 - Edward Howe. Useful birds and their protection : containing brief descriptions of the more common and useful species of Massachusetts, with accounts of their food habits, and a chapter on the means of attracting and protecting birds. Illus. by the author,
Page 92 - Mass. Proceedings of the celebration of the two hundred and seventy-fifth anniversary of the settlement of Medford, Massachusetts, June, nineteen hundred and five. Prefaced by a brief history of the town and city from the day of settlement, by John H. Hooper. [Medford,
Page 136 - Fiala, Anthony. Fighting the polar ice. With an introduction by WS Champ, and reports by William J. Peters, Russell W. Porter, and Oliver S. Fassig. Illustrations from photographs and sketches by the author, also nine from paintings in colour by Russell W. Porter and J. Knowles Hare.
Page 12 - Northmen, Columbus, and Cabot, 985-1503: The voyages of the Northmen, ed. by Julius E. Olson; The voyages of Columbus and of John Cabot, ed. by Edward Gaylord Bourne. With maps and a facsimile reproduction. NY,
Page 187 - A. Baillie-. The land in the mountains : being an account of the past and present of Tyrol, its people and its castles. With an introduction by Charles Landis. London,
Page 115 - 'That there should ever have been a time when Mazzini ruled Rome and Garibaldi defended her walls, sounds like a poet's dream.' This poet's dream has been related by Mr. Trevelyan in language which elicits all the splendour and all the tragedy of the events which it records
Page 256 - to publish specimens of such documents as would serve to bring out the development of the queen's character and disposition, and to give typical instances of her methods in dealing with political and social matters — to produce, in fact, a book for British citizens and British subjects, rather than a book for students of political

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