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Printed for Å, HAMILTON, in Falcon-Couri, fleet-Street.


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DLACKSTONE's Commentaries Concluded": Page .

D Johnson's Shakespeare. Continued
Sieevens's Twenty Plays of Shakespeare
Hutchinfon’s Hiltory of Matlachufet?s. Bay” .
Warburton's Divine Legation of Mores. Continued
Yorick's Sermons, Vol. III.
Pike's Hebrew Lexicon
The Double Mistake
The Plain Dealer. Altered from Wycherly

61 Neve's Animadversions on Phillips's Life of Cardinal Pole 62 The Charters of the Provinces of North America, &c. 66 Pownall's Confiderations on the Parliament's Right of taxing

the Colonies Confiderations on the American Stamp Act, &c.

70 Considerations on the Propriety of imposing Taxes in the Bri

tish colotrids, &c.: Reflections or Representation in Parliament, &c. ibid An Application; of sortie general political Rules, to the present

ftate of Great Britain, Ireland, and America' . . A fuccin&t View of the Origin of our Colonies, &c. ibid Late Occurrences in North America, and Policy of Great Bri. 'tain, considered ***

ibid The true Interest of Great Britain, with respect to her American colonies, &c.

. 70 The Justice and Neceflity of taxing the American colonies 72 An Examination of the rights of the Colonies, upon Principles of Law

ibid Opposition to the Payment of the Stamp-Act considered ibid Account of a Conference on the Occurrences in America 73 Stri&ures on late Occurrences in North America

74 Confiderations on the Power of Parliament to levy Taxes on the North American Colonies

ibid The Crisis, &c. :

. ibid Authority of Parliament, with respect to North-America ibid Ordinary Answer to a very Extraordinary North-Briton 75 Political Epistles on the times

ibid Brown's Letter to Dr. Lowth .

ibid Lowth's Letter to Dr. Brown

77 Address to the Author of the Efrays on the Characteristics 79 A Letter to the Author of Essays on the Characteristics ibid

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