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Pagina 232 - But if this country cannot be saved without giving up that principle, I was about to say I would rather be assassinated on this spot than surrender it.
Pagina 236 - The Congress shall have power to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper to secure to the citizens of each State all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several States, and to all persons in the several States equal protection in the rights of life, liberty, and property.
Pagina 281 - I conjure my friends on no account to make me the subject of any monument, memorial, or testimonial whatever. I rest my claims to the remembrance of my country upon my published works, and to the remembrance of my friends upon their experience of me in addition thereto.
Pagina 145 - I then knew about the position of the book. 144 into general circulation. It is important to the permanent value of the work, that its currency as a leading authority in the country of which it treats, shall be known at home. You may make use of the facts thus communicated, in the manner you may think the most advisable. Of course it is unnecessary to hint that they should not appear as coming from me. At the same time, as I was quite ignorant of them myself, until last week, it is very natural that...
Pagina 124 - I may quarrel with Mr. Dickens's art a thousand and a thousand times, I delight and wonder at his genius ; I recognise in it — I speak with awe and reverence — a commission from that Divine Beneficence, whose blessed task we know it will one day be to wipe every tear from every eye. Thankfully I take my share of the feast of love and kindness which this gentle, and generous, and charitable soul has contributed...
Pagina 68 - Messenger" only because you are connected with it, and I have since that period read and, as a matter of course, admired, very many of your other pieces. The Harpers also entertain, as I...
Pagina 403 - That crown of prosperous fortunes — to be kind. Lay on his breast these English daisies sweet, Good rest to the gray head, and the tired feet, That walked this world for seventy steadfast years ! Bury him with fond blessings, and few tears, Tears only of remembrance, not regret. On his full life the eternal seal is set Unbroken, till the resurrection day. So let his children's children go their way. Go and do likewise, leaving 'neath this sod An honest man — "the noblest work of God.
Pagina 68 - I have no claims upon your attention, not even that of personal acquaintance. But I have reached a crisis of my life in which I sadly stand in need of aid, and without being able to say why, — unless it is that I so earnestly desire your friendship, — I have always felt a half-hope that, if I appealed to you, you would prove my friend. I know that you have unbounded influence with the Harpers, and I know that if you would exert it in my behalf you could procure me the publication I desire.
Pagina 396 - As I am launched upon the literary world here, I find my opportunities of observation extending. Murray's drawingroom is a great resort of first-rate literary characters ; whenever I have a leisure hour I go there, and seldom fail to meet with some interesting personages. The hours of access are from two to five. It is understood to be a matter of privilege, and that you must have a general invitation from Murray.
Pagina 290 - As Connolly waited for the answer, Mr. Jones said: " I don't think the devil will ever make a higher bid for me than that!" Connolly began to plead, and drew a graphic picture of what one could do with five million dollars. He ended by saying: "Why, with that sum you can go to Europe and live like a prince." "Yes,

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