Sonata in B minor and other works for piano

Courier Corporation, 1924 - 196 pagina's
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Among Franz Liszt's many brilliant compositions for piano, few have been so admired and performed as the Sonata in B Minor, long considered one of the greatest piano compositions of the 19th century. A work of consummate structural ingenuity, it combines and transforms four distinctive themes in one long movement, in the free, rhapsodic development characteristic of the symphonic poem.
A great favorite of pianists and their audiences, this piano masterpiece is reprinted here from the authoritative Franz Liszt-Stiftung edition published by Breitkopf & Hartel. Included with it are a number of other well-known Liszt compositions. Among these are the six beautiful pieces entitled "Consolations"; all ten works in the "Harmonies poetiques et religieuses," including the popular "Funerailles"; the two Ballades, larger-scale works which require considerable technical prowess; and the two "Legendes," "The Sermon to the Birds of St. Francis of Assisi" and "St. Francis of Paola Walking on the Waves."


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Over de auteur (1924)

Composer, conductor, and teacher Franz Liszt (1811-86) was renowned throughout Europe for his skills as a concert pianist. The quintessential romantic, he created an extensive and diverse oeuvre that ranges from influential experiments in musical form to more conventional pieces as well as transcriptions of works by other composers.

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