"There are many advantages to be gained by reading books of imagination, IF PROPERLY selected.'-Mrs. H. B. Stowe.

* To warn young people against BAD tales, and to provide them with 200D ones, is real benevolence.'-Mrs. ELTON.

VOLUMES ALREADY PUBLISHED, F.cap 8vo, handsomely printed, each volume illustrated with Frontispiece

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Revised and Edited by the Rev. C. B. TAYLER, M.A., Author of Truth,' "Thankfulness,' • Earnestness,' etc. THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A £5 NOTE. By Mrs. J. B. WEBB,

Author of Naomi, Julamerk,' . Pilgrims of New England,' etc. THE CONFESSOR: a Jesuit Tale of the Times. Founded on Fact.

By an IRISH LADY. Edited with Preface by the Rev. C. B. TAYLER, M.A. JANE RUTHERFORD: or the Miners' Strike. By A FRIEND OP

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and Widow. By the Author of 'Margaret Catchpole.' THE LAMPLIGHTER; or an Orphan Girl's Struggles and

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CATHERINE SINCLAIR. JULAMERK: a tale of the Nestorians. By Mrs. J. B. WEBB,

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BY CATHERINE SINCLAIR. From a great number of TESTIMONIES in favor of the work, the following

are selected : «« Beatrice” must rank as the first of Miss Sinclair's novels. It is written with great care. In scenes of description or emotion Miss Sinclair has taken

rit which we have not recognized befo


TESTIMONIES CONTINUED. It is a work which can never be too often read, or too highly appreciated. I was one of the first to recommend it, and taking the opportunity of your New Edition, again and again I suggest to all Protestants to read the book.'-GAVAZZI.

. We feel no hesitation in predicting for this new production of the acoomplished pen of Miss Catherine Sinclair eager readers and a great run. While the story is one of itself calculated to attract by the romantic nature of its plot, the great variety of its characters, and the high dramatic effect of many of its scenes, it acquires an additional and absorbing interest from the higber object to which the author has made her powers of fiction subservient.'-John Bull.

Will be welcomed not only by all lovers of works of fiction, but by the great body of readers.'-Morning Post.

Miss Sinclair deserves no slight praise for the manner in which she bas performed her task. • • *The recent disclosures made, with regard to Roman Catholic schools and semi-Romish nunneries in this country, make the convent scenes in “ Beatrice "perfectly intelligible as well as perfectly credible. * *. It is the most important fiction which has lately been given to the world on the domestic workings of Popery'- Church of Eng. Quarterly.

"“ Beatrice " is a good book, and worthy of its distinguished author.' From Rev. GARDINER SPRING, D.D. "A book which will have a million of readers.'- New York Independent.

The main objection against it is that those who commence the reading of it forget to eat and sleep till it is finished.'-Mauch Chunk Gazette.

We have already sold nearly 30,000 copies of “Beatrice," although it has been published only about one month, and the edition will undoubtedly reach one hundred thousand copies before the end of the year.'-DEWITT and DAVENPORT, Publishers, New-York.

‘Should be placed upon the shelves of every library, public and private.'Cleveland True Democrat.

Produced a more than ordinary sensation, not only in the United States but even in Canada and Mexico.'- New York Path-Finder.

Endorsed by fifteen clergymen, “ Beatrice” will have a run.'- New York Daily Tribune.

*Read three pages of “ Beatrice,” and we will guarantee your eager perusal of the whole.'-Portsmouth Daily Transcript.

She has woven with much skill into fiction what twenty milli ons of people are eager to read about.'- Manchester Daily Mirror

* Well calculated to carry conviction to the minds of thousands of readers.' --Troy Daily Whig.

Should find its way into every family. We advise all to get it.' – Syracuse Daily Journal.

We should not be surprised if it should become to Popery what “Uncle Tom's Cabin" is to Slavery.'-- Pomeroy Telegraph. . * Recommended by the highest authority in the country.'-Falls Journal.

• The book is a vivid picture of the physical and intellectual jugglery employed by the Jesuits.' - Norwich Telegraph.

Shows impressively that intercourse with Catholicism is to be avoided as you would avoid the plague. The book will be read with the deepest interest by the million.' - Mansgrave Herald.

This great Protestant novel is having a tremendous run. The publishers have issued four editions in the space of ten days from publication.'Nero York Dispatch. • It cannot fail to meet with thousands of readers.'- Meredith Gazette.

The most popular fiction of the day. The story is woven together in the most fascinating style, and is imbued with uncommon beauty, freshness, and purity of sentiment'- Warren Transcript.

• The work is having a great run, and is read with avidity by all, not excepting the clergymen.'- Binghamton Daily Republican.

It comes highly recommended by distinguished names, some of whom are among the leading divines of the day.'- Kenogha Tribune.

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