be believed : And there is not any one Article which we believe as neceffary to Salvation, that was not believed in all Ages, and which is not njw believed by all the Chris tians in the World, even those of Rome also. And allthat we reject are Innovations, and most unreasonable and absurd idolatrous Practices and Opinions of later Ages, or of some particular Sect of Christians, fuperinduced in the Times of Ignorance and Superstition. For the Proot of these Doctrines of our Religion, we appeal to Scripture, on which we do not impose a Sense of our own, but by consulting the Originals, and Expofitions of primitive Fathers, by firm Arguments, ard fair and clear Consequences, we endeavour to prove to every Man's Reason and Conscience the Senle we give to be the best. Nor do we deny any Man the Liberty of making use of the best Means he is capable of, to understand our Doctrine, or the Scripture on which it is founded. We do not fly the Light, nor tear the Touch-stone, for no Man can like a Religion of God's prescribing the Worse, for his frequent reading God's Word. Our Cause needs no forged Evidence, nor do we impose our Faith upon any by capital Punishments, for want ot better Arguments. We gain nothing by any oue Article of our Religion, but the Šalva:ion of those who believe them, and live according to them. And whosoever doth so, hach God's Word and Promise, as well as ours, that he shall be everlastingly happy, and obtain eternal Life.

We do enjoy all those Means that God hath appointed to make us knowing and holy here, and happy hereafter ; we have a true and regular Succession of Bishops, Priests and Deacons, (which are all the Orders that the Apostles instituted) folemnly ordained; we have Prayers, Sermons, Sacraments, and not only the essential, but edifying Offices, to the building us up in our holy Faith, duly admi. niftred in a primitive and pious Manner, in our own Mother-Tongue in publick; we neither adore any wooden or breaden God, but worship God only, and that in Spirit and Truth; and we have without any Charge, ghostly Council and Comfort in any of our Needs

from our Clergy, who are the most learned, laborious, and pious, (take them generally) of any Ministers in the Christian


World. We have great Variety of practical Books, for inftru&ting us very plainly and fully in our Duty, and alLiting us in our Devotion, nor can we want any Helps to make us. Wise or Good, if we use that Care and Diligence which is in our Power, and our Proteffion, as Christians, obliges us to.

All which confidered, it ought not to be thought, that we shou'd forsake the Protestant Religion, and chuse that of Rome, wherein there is nothing differing from our Faith, but what is newly invented, evidently false, and urged upon Men by Force, for the vile Ends of Coverousness and Ambition. And all these Reasons which confirm and secure us in our well-chofen Faith, may, we bope, in time, prevail upon all thinking, judicious Chriftians of the Church of Rome, to declare themselves of the fame common Faith, deliver'd to ihe Saints; for as it is plainly and undeniably the clearest and best way to secure their eternal Interest, to it is of the utmost Peril to their Souls, if they refift such Means of Conviction, and coming to the Knowledge of the Truth, as it is Chrif Jefus.

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ERRATUM, Page 118, Line 17. FOR, R, Endeavour three Things, Read,

two Things.

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