lickly, did it not give Me an Opportunity to declare to the World, that I have the Honour to be,

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To all true Lovers of the Pro

testant Interest of Ireland.

Countrymen and Friend's,

HE Station in which I have the Honour to serve the Houlo

of LORDS, alloved me to be a. Witness of their Lordihips late En




quiries into..the present State of Pope. ry in this Kingdom, and of the Dangers which their Lordships apprehend may arise from the Infolence of the Popilh Clergy, by the politick and fubtil Methods, which as formerly, lo they now take, in making Apoftates from the Protestant Faith to the Romiil Communion.

Tho' I doubt not but you have been so well educated as to under. stand the grosser Teners of the Apof tatized Roman Church, and look upon them with just Abhorrence; yet, possibly, some of you may not have had Leifure or Opportunity to inspect the Whole of that Mystery of Iniquity, or to know how to answer their Emissaries, when privately they shall seek to undermine your Faith with specious but fallacious Arguments. To give you therefore a full Insight into the Doctrines and Practices of that dangerous Party, that none may be unhappily seduc'd for


want of due Warning; or defensive

Arms, is the Intent of this Undertaking; and as I cannot pretend to extract all that can be said upon this Head, fo my only Aim is, to furnish meaner Capacities with such familiar Arguments, as every judicious Chriftian ought to have at Hand, and which may be enough to guard their Reason, and baffle the Attempts of Jesuitical Assailants..

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'Tis considered, that tho' what this chiefly contains is already in Print ; yet every Man's Purse will not allow him to buy, "nor his Time permit him to read, nor perhaps his Understanding reach to comprehend large and elaborare Treatises This Method is therefore chofen, as most likely to fall into the Hands of People of a middle Rank, and who have fome Times Leisure to rcad fuch short Tracts and more agrecable to their Circumstances, who have more need of such Allistances ; and if any


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shall receive Benefit thereby, I dez fire them to give God all the Glory, and then I shall think my self abundantly recompensed for my Pains in collecting it.


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