Post office directory of the Norfolk counties; viz.: - Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk [afterw.] Post office directory of Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk [afterw.] The Post office directory of Norfolk and Suffolk [afterw.] Kelly's directory of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk


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Pagina 754 - Establishment upon families of rank, aud of every respectable denomination, enables the proprietors or their assistants to at once suggest or supply everything necessary for the occasion, and suited to any grade or condition of the community.
Pagina 185 - Hall, are preserved here ; also a pyramid upon a base, 45 feet square, in which are the remains of John, Earl of Buckinghamshire, and his two wives. Here is one of the finest pieces of Water in the kingdom : its form is that of a crescent...
Pagina 230 - The register dates from the year 1538. The living is a rectory...
Pagina 423 - Great, is a vicarage in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's Cathedral.
Pagina 274 - The living is a vicarage, in the gift of the Bishop of Worcester, and held since 1873 by the Rev.
Pagina 262 - He was a man of a very violent schismatical spirit; he pulled down the rails, and levelled the altar and the whole chancel a foot below the church, as it remains to this day; but being prosecuted for it by Bishop Wren, he fled the kingdom, and went over...
Pagina 205 - This town is memorable in history for the following incident : in the year 1406, James, son of Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, and heir apparent to the crown, being on a voyage to France, was driven by stress of weather on this coast, and detained by the mariners of Cley. When taken to court, Henry...
Pagina 185 - The ground-plan is quadrangular, with two open courts in the centre, having a square turret at each angle of the building, terminated by a vane : the clock tower over the entrance is of more modern erection, but contributes to the importance of the building. The entrance from the court in front, formed by the offices and stables, is over a bridge of two arches, crossing a moat : on either side of the bridge, upon a pedestal, is represented a bull bearing a shield.
Pagina 434 - Charing, and is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the dean and chapter of St.
Pagina 185 - The pleasure garden, about a mile in circumference, is surrounded on three sides by a terrace, commanding a pleasing though confined landscape, of which the adjacent town of Aylsham forms a principal feature. The greenhouse is spacious and elegant ; and the orange trees and other exotics particularly thriving.

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